More Christianity

More Christianity – a New Apologetic – This article explains the theory behind my book of the same name. Catholicism is not something other than Evangelical Christianity. It is something more. Free article.

Left Behind: Any Link with the Early Church – This article explores Dispensationalism and the ‘end times’ teaching in many Protestant churches. It uses Bl. John Henry Newman’s criteria for the correct development of doctrine to challenge dispensationalism. This is a free article.

Why Don’t Catholics Read the Bible? – A short article which explains how Catholics read the Bible–with a good information box giving historical details. No charge for this article.

Idol Speculation – Do Catholics Worship Idols? – This article explores the history and theory behind the Catholic use of images and compares Catholic devotions in this area to paganism. Is Catholicism pagan worship warmed up and re-served? Check it out.

The Problem with Primitivism – Primitivism is the idea that the Catholic Church became corrupt and had to be ‘restored’. Most Protestant sects begin with Primitivism assumptions. They then begin to create solutions for problems that do not exist. Read the whole article by clicking on the link.

Weird Things Happen – What are we to make of incorrupt bodies, apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the miracles of the sun spinning or Mother Teresa’s face appearing in a bagel? Catholicism offers an answer.

Paganism, Prophecies and Propaganda – This article first published in This Rock magazine answers the common idea that Catholicism is just ancient paganism warmed up and served again.