British Girls Raped By Muslim Gangs

Rebecca Hamilton writes powerfully here about the Islamic sex abuse scandal in Rotherham, England. This is NOT about racism, Islamophobia or any other politically correct battle. This is about the rape, torture and abuse of young women by Muslim men. The politically correct crowd can yak about “racism” and “Islamaphobia” all they want. What we [Read More...]

Does the Quran Command Beheading?


In this post for Aleteia I ask whether the Quran commands the beheading of infidels. Quran 8:12 which says, “When your Lord revealed to the angels: I am with you, therefore make firm those who believe. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off [Read More...]

Angels, Elephants and Aliens


Here is my latest post at ZENIT…it discusses the fallacy that the apparent vast size of the cosmos must mean that there are extraterrestrials. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed a seemingly profound, but ultimately silly discussion which is prevalent within popular culture. It’s called the Fermi Paradox and it goes like this: “There are [Read More...]

Easter and the Atheists


The last few years have seen a shelf load of worthy books de-bunking what is called the New Atheism. I’m sure it is a mighty good thing to explain and expound the five proofs of God’s existence, but it seems to miss the point. I’d rather present the reality of God’s work in the world [Read More...]

Wherefore the Fedora?


Where are all the men in hats? In the midst of so much bad news, here’s a whimsical piece: my column for the Imaginative Conservative this week. Men in Hats – An Endangered Species Who can resist the gritty allure of the gumshoe Bogart tugging at the brim of his hat, or John Wayne glowering [Read More...]

On the Glory of Purgatory


Saved from Sacrifice: A Theology of the Cross by S. Mark Heim is a fascinating exposition of the thought of Rene Girard to the theology of the atonement or “what really happened when Jesus died on the cross. I’m reading it as part of my research for a book I am working on called The Sacred Sacrifice which [Read More...]

Why the Secular Humanists Cannot Cope With Islam

Rotherham, England

In England the liberal left wing ideologues are shaking their heads with shame at the revelations coming from the town of Rotherham. In a huge scandal it has emerged that hundreds of children in state run children’s homes were systematically abused by gangs of Muslim men. More than 1,400 children were sexually abused over a [Read More...]

Prepare for the Rise of the Right


Ordinary people are fuming. Ordinary, decent, down home Mom and Pop types are frightened and fed up. In Britain and France, in the United States and Germany, in Scandinavian and Low Countries, in Spain and Italy ordinary, quiet citizens are angry and afraid. Check out this article reporting on the huge swing towards a new right [Read More...]

Southern Catholicism: Embracing Tradition

Michael Tamara writes here at Crisis Magazine website on the rise of traditional church architecture in the American South: it is still somewhat of a rarity to see a new ecclesiastical project of such delicate care and quality. However, it is not nearly as rare as it was at the turn of the century, and [Read More...]

Old Monk on Death

Keep Death Daily Before Your Eyes [Read more...]

Polygamy, The Feds and the Gas Chambers

Polygamy? Why Not?

A Utah judge has ruled against a legal ban on polygamy. Mark Gordon reports on the case here. The story is not that complicated. Kody Brown, who is a member of a fundamentalist Mormon sect is living with his four wives. The judge observes that if they were not married, but just living together in an [Read More...]

Why Do Muslims Behead People?


Are the brutal beheadings done by ISIS fanatics connected with their religion? Douglas Murray, writing here at the Spectator discusses the reluctance of any of the intelligentsia to discuss the reason for the barbarism of radical Muslims. Murray was on a BBC discussion program with a group of intellectuals who were debating the deteriorating situation [Read More...]

Powerful St Patrick

Powerful St Patrick

Some time ago I had a dream in which I saw a young boy swimming in a river. As he was swimming happily downstream I saw that around the bend was a large crocodile. I watched in terror as the boy swept past the crocodile and the beast slipped out from the undergrowth where he [Read More...]

Mary Alma Parker RIP

Mary Alma Parker RIP

On Tuesday Mrs Longenecker and I traveled to Charleston for the funeral of Mary Alma Parker. Mary Alma was the wife of Fr James Parker–the first Episcopal priest to be ordained under the Pastoral Provision in the early 1980s Jim Parker helped untold numbers of Anglican Christians both lay and clergy to make the journey [Read More...]

Holy, Holy, Holy – How to Build a Beautiful Church


  Here is my latest article for Our Sunday Visitor on God’s blueprint for a beautiful and sacred church. God is not “the Great Architect,” and he doesn’t deal in blueprints and building committees, but did you know God told us how to build a church? It’s in the Bible. If we believe the sacred [Read More...]

O Lord, Make Me Happy, But Not Yet…


Sister Mary Lucy was a Poor Clare nun who suffered greatly. She lost her eyesight and had a degenerative bone disease which caused her spine to crumble. The doctors could do very little to help her. I used to visit her regularly, but never once heard her complain. Instead she had a huge radiant smile. [Read More...]

Gigantic Spanish Food Fight!


August is the silly season… Go here for a gallery of photos from Spain’s annual Tomatina tomato festival which ends in a gigantic food fight with thousands of folks chucking tomatoes at each other. I think Mantilla the Hon may have something to say about this later. [Read more...]

Can You Get Catholicism Gradually?


Here is an article for the editorial stream at Patheos which explores the problem of different religions–all of which make truth claims. Should we merely be tolerant of all religions? Should we seek to amalgamate them all? The Catholic solution is unique: If the modern multicultural world is to be understood, then the world’s religions [Read More...]

Onward Christian Soliders? Not Likely

George Tate

George Tate was in the US Army in World War II. He served in a unit that was establishing communication lines across the Himalayas. George’s son, Sid is a parishioner, he said about his Dad, “His plane was riddled with enemy gunfire going in, and as I understand it his job was conducted in an [Read More...]

Religion–Is It All in Your Head?


Here is my recent article for ZENIT – it is a lengthened version of a blog post from earlier in the year which explains the difference between mere mystical experiences and real religion. Religious experiences of the mystical kind occur throughout human experience and in most every kind of religion. But what is happening when [Read More...]

Why Not Women Patriarchs?

Bishops of the Home Temple pre-Christian Kabbalistic Church

  Here is my article today at National Catholic Register asking why women could not be patriarchs in the church. It goes on to explore the idea of patriarchy and the feminine. When I was a priest in the Church of England 20 years ago, the debate over women’s ordination that has now culminated in [Read More...]

Be of Good Cheer: Elephants Can Dance

dancing elephant

Are you feeling weary and frightened reading about terror in Iraq, droughts and earthquakes in California, riots in St Louis and liturgical abuses by a priest somewhere in Iowa? Are you concerned to read that nun’s habit have been stolen by terrorists intent on blowing up a major city and themselves, fearful for the future [Read More...]