Hey Father Can I Get a Tattoo?

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So I get a text from one of the high school kids, “Father can I call you?” I text back, “Call me now.” I’m wondering if he is in some kind of trouble. We’ll call him Sam. Phone rings, “Father, this is Sam.” “What’s up?” “I want to get a tattoo, but it says in [Read More...]

Selfie Sex and Neo Narcissism

Neo Narcissus

  This vapid article from The Daily Telegraph explains that the “metrosexual” man has evolved into the “spornosexual” man. For those who are not familiar with the terminology, the “metrosexual” was a term coined by a fashion writer Mark Simpson in 1994: How quickly your children grow up. Although it seems only yesterday, I first wrote [Read More...]

Muslims and Catholics: What I Did Not Say…


My post asking whether Muslims and Catholics worship the same God was probably the most mis-understood post I have ever written. I’ve had a good number of comments from people who understood and appreciated it, and a good number of comments from people who did not seem to understand what I was saying at all. [Read More...]

Is Pope Francis a Koran Kisser?

popeand mecca

Is Pope Francis a rabid Muslim love and Koran kisser? My article this week for Aleteia is posted today. In this article I analyze yesterday’s prayer service in the Vatican with Muslims and Jews. Among the non Christian religions we recognize Islam and Judaism as having a special place. Judaism because it is the foundation and [Read More...]

Grappling with Heaven and Hell


Here is my latest article for The Imaginative Conservative website. Pondering on a visit to Belize and the Mayan temples it goes on to consider the need of modern man for a believe in an over world and underworld. The sky temples and cave shrines are evident in the remains of most primitive societies. They [Read More...]

Can Prayer Bring World Peace?


In the wake of yesterday’s prayer meeting with Pope Francis, Mahmoud Abbas, Shimon Peres and leaders of the Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Jewish and Muslim faiths, one wants to ask, “So what?” Really now. What good does it do to bring people together to pray on a nice June day in an Italian garden? It was [Read More...]

A Summary of the Summit


John Allen has his usual concise and smart commentary on things Vatican here. He observes that Pope Francis has managed to bring together the Palestinian and Israeli factions to pray together and tiptoed through the diplomatic minefield not only of the warring states, but the sensitivities of members of Christians, Muslims and Jews about inter [Read More...]

For Pentecost My Favorite Hymn

[Read more...]

How the Archbishop of Canterbury Found Christ in Africa


As readers of this blog will know I have not been a big fan of the last two Archbishops of Canterbury. George Carey seemed like buffoon who was out of his depth and in Rowan Williams they fell off the other side of the horse with a man who was so in depth that he [Read More...]

Legalism and License

Scylla and Charybdis

You should read The Catholic Thing. It’s a website that publishes a good solid Catholic essay each day. Not lots of blog posts. Not lots of comment and opinion. Just a good essay every day. They’ve asked me to contribute one essay a month. Here’s my effort for June–writing about the polar problems of excessive [Read More...]

Do Muslims and Catholics Worship the Same God?

Puzzled Man

Here is an excellent question from the heart which came up in the combox. It’s not only a good question, but it is framed in a polite and honest way by a woman genuinely seeking an answer….unlike the one I will publish later in this post. Fr. Dwight, what can you suggest to someone like [Read More...]

Pro Life Billboard Towers Over Abortion Mill


Love this article at Life Site News: For one glorious day a pro-life billboard towered over Planned Parenthood’s pathetic little abortion feeder with the simple but powerful message, “Choose Life = No Regrets.” [Read more...]

Christians on the Cliff Edge

Beachy Head Chaplaincy Team in Action

Beachy Head is a famous landmark on the South coast of England. It is a high bluff overlooking the sea and it ends in a sheer drop. The cliff is a historic suicide location. In 2004 a group of Christians decided to start the Beachy Head Chaplaincy Team. A group of trained volunteers teamed with [Read More...]

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity – Bah! Humbug!


Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite ou Mort. I’d exchange “ou” for “et” My latest article for Imaginative Conservative explores and exposes the humanistic ideals of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. They’re bogus, and here’s why: My antipathy to the French Revolution was brought into focus by Dom Gregory Pilcher’s observation while I was visiting in his Arkansas parish [Read More...]

Francis Scolds Trendies and Traddies

Kathy Schiffer comments here on overly rigid traditionalists, overly lax cafeteria Catholics and those who use the church for their own gain. Half-hearted Catholics–those who believe only some of the Church’s teachings–aren’t really Catholics at all. “They may call themselves Catholic,” said Pope Francis at his morning Mass at the Domus Sancta Marthae, “but they have [Read More...]

Standing on My Head in the HuffPo

I'm a Francis Fan

So I’m reading this article about the Pope being in poor health in the Huffington Post (while holding my nose) only to find that yours truly is quoted: A story at the conservative website Newsmax on the eve of Francis’ three-day trip to the Holy Land last month claimed the pontiff has gained weight since his [Read More...]

Muslim Prayers in the Vatican…Shock Horror?!!?


A headline is screaming across the internet about Muslim prayer being offered for the first time in the Vatican. If you read no more than the headline you’d think Pope Francis was just about to convert to Islam, become the chief Imam and turn St Peter’s into a mosque. Not so. The article is referring [Read More...]

Solzhenitsyn on the Ukraine Crisis

Alexander Solzhenitsyn and Joseph Pearce

Joseph Pearce, biographer of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, tells the story of how he met the great man. Solzhenitsyn was famous for declining all interview requests. Nevertheless, Pearce wanted to not only write the biography, but meet the man. So Joseph wrote to him and was surprised to get a letter back inviting him to Russia for [Read More...]

More Christianity Radio Show – Randy Hain

Real Radio

I have been procrastinating, forgetting, not starting a new habit, neglecting a job whatever–for a year and a half! That is to link my radio show More Christianity with the blog. It’s already linked to the website, but I have been meaning to post links to the radio show podcast here for blog readers. I [Read More...]

Richard Dawkins is Britain’s Favorite Grumpy Old Git

British Atheist Richard Dawkins

The Daily Telegraph is probably the best paper in the world because it consistently has interesting, intelligent and light hearted opinion pieces. Here Jake Wallis Simons asks whether Richard Dawkins hasn’t become Britain’s ultimate grumpy old man. Isn’t Richard Dawkins wonderful? Not content with debunking religion – all of it – he has now turned [Read More...]

Does Pope Francis Support Conscious Evolution?

Italy Pope Epiphany

Does Pope Francis support the eco-theology of Teilhard de Chardin and Barbara Marx Hubbard? This article suggests that he does: Pierre Teilhard de Chardin was a French Jesuit and paleontologist who died a church outcast in New York City in 1955 at age 74. Vatican officials had suppressed his writings on sequential evolution in the universe. Teilhard [Read More...]

“Patheos is Rotten and Should be Gutted”

Angry Catholic Guy

From the combox today is this juicy morsel: “Patheos is Rotten and Should be Gutted.” What I can’t figure out is whether this angry comment comes from the left wing or the right wing. During my time blogging at Patheos I’ve had the honor to be attacked in the most virulent and vicious manner by [Read More...]