What I Love About the Catholic Church – 4

There’s something in human nature that wants to join and belong. We want to be a part of clubs, institutions, nations, federations, confraternities, fellowships, friendly societies, unions, movements and armies and organizations. We need to belong to a group, a family, an order of like minded brothers and sisters. We want to work together with [Read More...]

St Paul Miki

Do you remember the story of the Kakure Kirishitan? St Francis Xavier went as a missionary to Japan in the 1500s, and the result of the Jesuit mission was very successful. Tens of thousands of souls were converted. The warlords of Japan considered this a kind of alien invasion from the Phillipines and began to [Read More...]

Bread and Circuses

We went to the circus last night with the kids and some friends. I love the circus. There’s something ancient and earthy and common about it. It’s more high tech now, but it’s still the same entertainment that has been around since Roman times: acrobats, lovely ladies, brave men, wild beasts, magicians, clowns, spangly costumes, [Read More...]

Winter Wear

(click to enlarge) It was observed earlier that blogs by Catholic priests really ought to expand their offerings. King Z no longer features just serious comment and ‘slavish translations of prayers’ but now has recipes, camera feeds, forums and pretty pictures of birdies. I thought as a way to compete I would start a fashion page. [Read More...]

Horror Story from Florida

Here’s a charming story from the land of the free and the home of the brave: Florida doctor botches an abortion, the little girl is born alive, but he just cuts the umbilical cord, scoops up all the the ‘product of conception’ and chucks it in the trash. Taking this on another angle, here is [Read More...]

What I Love About the Catholic Church – 3

In the Catholic Church you find what is best from every other religion and denomination. It is syncretistic in practice without being syncretistic in dogma. Do you like the austere asceticism and counter cultural life of the Mennonites and Amish with their odd clothes, old fashioned lifestyle and prophetic and pastoral way of life? We [Read More...]

St Agatha Trivia Quiz

Q: Why was St Agatha claimed as patron of bell founders and bell ringers? A: Dustthouart got it. St Agatha was matyred by having her errmm.. breasts cut off. When pictured with them upside down on a plate (as one does when one is a martyr) ignorant medieval Christians thought they were bells. Some thought [Read More...]

Blogger Awards Update

Fifth place tie with NLM at the moment. I think it’s going to be a long haul to rise much higher. The unstoppable Fr.Z remains the Priest Blogger King. His blog is pretty amazing. It continues to expand. He has cam feeds, forums, recipes for dinner and pictures of birds. What next? A fashion page? [Read More...]

Michael Dubruiel RIP

Amy Welborn’s husband, Mike Dubruiel has died. Amy reports his sudden death here and says you can help by buying his books. I got to know Mike when he was commissioning editor at Our Sunday Visitor. He gave two of my books the green light and welcomed me when I visited OSV in Indiana. I later [Read More...]

Candlemas in Connecticut

Traditional worship in Connecticut for Candlemass.  More pictures at NLM. [Read more...]

What I Love About the Catholic Church – 2

I love the fact that the Catholic Church is both universal and local, and you can see both. The HQ is there in Rome at exactly the place where St Peter was crucified upside down and buried, and just a short distance from St Paul’s burial place. It is there down through history, solid and [Read More...]

Blog Awards

The problem with this contest is that you have to click on the logo, then sign in and create a password and give your email address, and they send you a reply and you then get to vote. A bit tiresome, but I’m in 8th place so far. Take time to vote if you can! [Read More...]

On Blaise and Throat Blessings

I love obscure traditions. Today is St Blaise day and we will Bless Throats with crossed candles. Now I’ve been to church on St Blaise day before and had my throat blessed, but didn’t understand the significance of blessed candles or the point of the blessing. Nobody really explains these things. Neither did they explain [Read More...]

Thoughts on the Presentation of Christ

The Presentation of Christ has always seemed to me a minor feast, a hidden little gem if you like. Isn’t that in keeping with the mystery itself? The Jews, and everyone else for that matter, want their Messiah to come sweeping in on clouds of glory. Corinthian pillars, sweeping searchlights, the sound of trumpets and [Read More...]

Vicars on Parade

Priest Fashion Show – The most popular videos are a click away Now why was it I decided to leave the Church of England?  B/T to Mark Shea [Read more...]

Blogger’s Choice

I’ve been nominated (along with lots of others) for best religion blog in this new competition. We all know who is way out in front–Fr. Z. All thanks to his army of mindless drones. “Vote for me!” he says, and “Yes Father!” they all mutter and scurry off like the lemmings they are… Anyway, far [Read More...]


Prepare your bridal chamber, O Sion, to receive Christ the King: welcome with love Mary, the gate of heaven, for it is she who brings you the King of light and glory. There stands the Virgin, holding in her arms the Son begotten before the morning star, and Simeon, taking him into his arms, proclaims [Read More...]

Podcast – 7 – Christ’s Apostolic Authority

Homily for Fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time: click here for: Christ’s Apostolic Authority [Read more...]

What I Love About the Catholic Church -1

OK, Here goes a whimsical series about what I love about the Catholic Church. Some posts will be one liners. Others long winded. Some serious, others not so. They’re in no particular order, either logically or of priority of importance. I hope you enjoy them. Why not tell others to tune in? I’m trying to [Read More...]

Former Seminarian Michael Steele

Here’s some political good news: committed Catholic Michael Steele is now chairman of the Republican party. Read about it here. [Read more...]

UK Nurse Suspended for Prayer

A committed Christian in England is being disciplined for offering to pray with an elderly patient because this violates her professional conduct and shows insensitivity to ‘equality and diversity’ issues. Read about it here. What was Fr Neuhaus’ famous saying? Something like…”In a country that is merely tolerant of Christianity it is not long before [Read More...]

Anglican Acronyms

I guess I should apologize for my post on TAC, FCA, GAFCON and whatever other Anglican Acronyms are out there. It seems that TAC is not totally AngloCatholic in structure, but has a rump of more low church conservative members. Similarly, FCA (the global fellowship that has come from GAFCON) is not uniformly Evangelical and [Read More...]