Other Bad Stuff

Yes, we’re also not in favor of the death penalty. We think other forms of punishment are to be preferred and it should only be used in the most extreme circumstances. (CCC, 2266-2267) But while we are rightly opposed to the death penalty, it is worth comparing the killing that goes on in our prison [Read More...]

Manchester, England

Holy Name is a beautiful neo Gothic church in the center of Manchester in the heart of the Manchester University inner city campus, and next to the Catholic chaplaincy. Nice to see that they are doing a beautiful liturgy in a suitably beautiful church. Nice too that it is being done in a university church. The young [Read More...]

Stick’ Em Up

My week long appeal for readers to donate or buy books as a way of supporting this blog is now over, and it was extremely successful. I am especially pleased about the several larger donations of over $100,000.00 each. This means I can buy a diamond encrusted cell phone for both my wife and daughter [Read More...]

Other Bad Stuff

One of the criticisms I have had from the hundreds of emails from strangers this week is, “Why do you always keep going on and on about abortion? Why do you never talk about any of the other sins?” Mind you, these are from people who don’t know me, don’t know Fr Newman, never heard [Read More...]

Abortion and Slavery parallel

Cardinal George has drawn a parallel between slavery and abortion here. Slave owners once argued that they had the right to choose to own slaves or not. The federal government, they argued, should not only allow them to choose, but should enshrine in law their ‘freedom of choice.’ The government did this in the Dred [Read More...]

And Now for Something Completely Different

One of the great things about returning to America as a Catholic is that I now share in all the different Catholic ethnic groups. I’ve loved learning about the Maronites and learning to celebrate the Maronite Divine Liturgy. A few months ago I was asked to be chaplain to our local Ancient Order of Hibernians. [Read More...]

Chust for Nice- 2

St Volodyrmyr’s Cathedral, Kiev Artist: Viktor Vasnetsov (click to enlarge) [Read more...]

Chust for Nice

Click picture to enlarge [Read more...]

A Motto for Our Time

“Nec laudibus, nec timore” (Neither praise nor threats will distance me from God) It was the Episcopal motto of this man. [Read more...]

Please read

I am also getting emails from people who say Obama is not in favor of abortion. Please read this article by Robert George for a clear statement of Obama’s record on the abortion issue. [Read more...]

Stick ‘em up…

…I’m not saying it again. I said to myself, “I’ll make that little appeal for donations for just one week.”  Many of you have been very kind in your comments and very generous in your donations and orders for books. Thank you! Just to let you know, I don’t plan on making an appeal like [Read More...]

Abortion and the War in Iraq

I am getting so many emails from people who are justifying their vote for Obama because he would get us out of the war in Iraq and ‘killing people in war is just as bad as abortion.’ I should make it clear that I do not support the war in Iraq. However, the war in [Read More...]

The New Anti Catholicism

An email I have just received: “You people better get a lasso on that South Carolina priest that is terrorizing people with his threats with regards to Obama. I know that you don’t want a media campaign about your segragationist policies and being the richest institution in the world (more gold than anyone) but most [Read More...]

Women’s Ordination and Homosexuality

Radical homosexualist Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson led a retreat some time ago for homosexual Catholic priests. (All of it below the radar course) He’s now boasting about it and he says here (check the last paragraph) that Catholics who want homosexuality to be accepted in their church should first work for women’s ordination. He thinks [Read More...]

No-Compromise Newman

Fr Jay Scott Newman tells his parishioners that if they voted for Obama they have put themselves outside the full communion of the Catholic Church, and that they should head for the confessional and get right with God before coming to receive communion. Read it here. His letter includes this excellent prayer for our new [Read More...]

Mass in Wartime

On Monday I led our annual Senior Retreat. It took place at a Baptist camp in the mountains, and although we used their chapel, it was a bare space, and we had to improvise on some of the details.  I commented to the boys who helped, “I wonder what it is like when priests have [Read More...]

Four Marks

Tonight at RCIA we went through the four marks of the Church. What I am most inspired by in this is that, by becoming a Catholic, not only do I enter the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, but there is also an individual dimension. It then becomes my aim, my goal and my destiny [Read More...]

Dumb Intellectuals

Over on the First Things blog, Nathaniel Peters  points us to this sharp article by Thomas Sowell that notes the crowing of journalists that with the election of Obama we have turned away from the anti intelligent position of America. Now ‘intellectuals’ are going to be valued. Intellectuals (we should explain) are people who are comfortable [Read More...]

Catholic Bishops Step Up for Round One

The American Catholic bishops have vowed to fight President elect Obama’s radical pro abortion agenda. In strong statements criticizing cafeteria Catholic Joe Biden, they said an aggressively pro abortion policy would be read as an attack on the Catholic Church. Read about it here. Fr Neuhaus writes about the Bishops and Obama here. Creative Minority [Read More...]

More on Ad Orientem

Fr Ray in England is priest at an old Catholic Church in Brighton and considers whether to use the high altar and celebrate mass ad orientem. He decides not to because his diocesan authorities would never allow it. Now this confuses me. I am no liturgical scholar, nor I am a canon lawyer, but are there [Read More...]

Racism and Criticism

Charges of racism have been thrown around in the comment box and it caused me to ponder the matter more deeply. Is it possible to criticize our President elect without being racist? Let’s put it the other way around and ask whether it is possible to be pleased with his election without being racist. It [Read More...]

Veteran’s Day

A nice co incidence that Veteran’s Day is also the memoria of St Martin of Tours–a former soldier and the patron of veterans. Born in 315, St Martin was converted when he saw the face of Christ in a naked beggar, and gave the man half of his ample cloak. He went on to renounce [Read More...]