Update on Podcasts

The first podcast was uploaded as a .wav file. I now realize that it needed to be encoded as an MP3 file. This will enable a faster download time and instant access through subscription to iTunes. [Read more...]

Good New Year’s Resolution

St Gregory of Nazianzen wrote this about his brother in Christ, Basil the Great: Our single object and ambition was virtue, and a life of hope in the blessings that are to come; we wanted to withdraw from this world before we departed from it. With this end in view we ordered our lives and [Read More...]

More Convert Clergy

Ruth Gledhill of The Times in London reports here on two former Anglican priests–a father and his son–who have both been ordained as Catholic priests. (b/t to the Curt Jester) [Read more...]

Award Winning Blog

Imagine that! Standing on My Head is a finalist in the Weblog Awards in the Religion category. When I mentioned this to Mrs Longenecker she asked how many finalists there were. “10″ I replied. She looked up from her book, “Twelve nominations?” One of the best arguments for married priests is that a wife is [Read More...]

Podcast 1 – Solemnity of the Mother of God

Here is the first podcast–from the Vigil for the Solemnity of the Mother of God. This was preached at St Mary’s on New Year’s Eve at 5:00. Link here. Please let me know if you have been able to download this or listen to it through this link successfully.  Check out the panel on the [Read More...]

British Missionaries Imprisoned

Here’s an article about a husband and wife Pentecostal missionary team from the UK who have been imprisoned in Muslim Gambia. They were accused of sedition for sending emails that criticize the Islamic regime. Please remember David and Fiona Fulton in your prayers. Pentecostals and Catholics may have their disagreements, but Pentecostal pastor, Richard Wurmbrand, who suffered [Read More...]

Podcast Trial

I got a dandy little digital recorder for Christmas, and have now managed to make and upload this sample podcast recording for you. It tells you how the weekly podcast of my homilies will be managed. Listen in and tell me what you think. [Read more...]

Holy Family

When I was visiting London for the day and had a bit of extra time to kill I would drop by the National Gallery to see this picture. It’s very large and this little reproduction doesn’t do it justice. I love the way the composition shows how the Holy Family reflects the Holiest Family of [Read More...]

The Failure of Socialism

In this article in London’s Daily Telegraph the Anglican bishops attack the failure of British socialism. New Labour was voted into power in 1997 with great promises of making Britain ‘great’ again. The usual socialist manifesto was put into place: rob from the rich and give to the poor. Taxes went up. The nanny state [Read More...]

Wishing You and Yours…

a Very Blessed and Joyous Christmas [Read more...]

Happy Holidays?

The wife came home from a holiday visit to a neighbor, and said that she parted with a cheery English, “Well, Happy Christmas then!” and the other person visiting the home called out, “and a Happy Hanukah to you!” At the door the hostess (a person who seems to be a pleasant non believer) apologized, [Read More...]

The Invitation Heeded

Rob, at Coming Home Network, has sent me a splendid old conversion story written by James Kent Stone, (sometime president of Kenyon and Hobart Colleges) and published in 1869. It is written in a robust and eloquent style, and is full of a bracing kind of Catholic convert triumphalism one doesn’t see much of in [Read More...]

Shea for Today

Mark Shea has a good post on the difficulties of atheism [Read more...]

O Emmanuel

O EMMANUEL, our King and Lawgiver, the Desire of all nations and their salvation: Come and save us O Lord, our God. [Read more...]

Jerry Falwell Catholics

Liberty University is the school started in 1971 by Baptist pastor Jerry Falwell. It is described as an independent fundamentalist Baptist college. I was very pleased, therefore to hear from a student at Liberty telling me about a group he has started called Catholics at Liberty. Chris was good enough to write these few words for [Read More...]

Gregorian Chant

I first encountered Gregorian chant when I visited the Benedictine monastery of Douai in Berkshire in England. I was a second year theology student at Oxford and had been encouraged to visit the monastery by a Catholic friend named June Reynolds, who I had met whilst I was a student at Bob Jones University. I [Read More...]

O Rex Gentium

O KING OF THE NATIONS, and their Desire; the Cornerstone who makest both one: Come, and save mankind, whom thou formedst out of clay. [Read more...]

O Oriens

O DAYSPRING, Brightness of Light everlasting, and Sun of righteousness: Come, and enlighten him that sitteth in darkness, and in the shadow of death. [Read more...]

Techie Question

Things are coming together to post my homilies on my blog or website. I am thinking of making them available free of charge the week after they are preached through my blog.  They will then be archived and packaged and made available through my website for purchase either as podcasts or on disc.  That way [Read More...]

O Clavis

O KEY OF DAVID, and Sceptre of the house of Israel; that openest, and no man shutteth; and shuttest and no man openeth: Come, and bring the prisoner out of the prison house, and him that sitteth in darkness, and the shadow of death. [Read more...]


If you’re interested you can listen to my homily for the third Sunday in Advent. It’s about heaven. Go here. [Read more...]

O Radix

O ROOT OF JESSE, which standest for an ensign of the people, at whom kings shall shut their mouths, to whom the Gentiles shall seek: Come and deliver us, and tarry not. [Read more...]