I missed Signs when it came out in the cinemas, and never got around to watching it on DVD until last night. I was very impressed. Shyamalan’s direction is stylish, tight and perfectly matching the suspenseful storyline. With creative camerawork he manages to convey the ordinaryness of the home life while infusing the whole thing [Read More...]

Domincans Resurgent

The Dominicans in England are enjoying a good number of young vocations. Godzdogz has some great photos of a solemn profession in Oxford and the clothing of some new novices in Cambridge here. I’ve always had a soft spot for the Domincans ever since I was as student and Oxford and used to attend the [Read More...]

Archeology Supports Christian Claims

This article tells us about new archeological evidence from late 2nd century that proves Christians worshipped Jesus as God. A prayer found in mosaics in a Christian worship hall in Israel names a benefactor called Gaianus who is described as a centurion. Another mentions a woman called Akeptous who ‘…offered this table in memorial of [Read More...]

The Play, the Play’s the Thing…

…in which I’ll catch the conscience of the King. What, you mean, dear readers, that you are unaware of the Catholic subtext of Hamlet? The theory goes like this: Shakespeare was secretly a recusant Catholic. Under Elizabeth’s strict penal laws he could lose everything by being openly Catholic. For the full and best argument on [Read More...]

Mel’s Hamlet

I just finished watching Zefferelli’s Hamlet with Mel Gibson in the title role.  It’s actually pretty impressive. The script editors have taken great liberties with the text, not only cutting large chunks, but putting some speeches in other scenes to move things along and make it all more intelligible. I don’t have a problem with this. [Read More...]

Catholic Quiz

Take part in this exciting quiz! Remember, there are points, and points mean prizes…. The clergy in the photograph above are: A: Catholic Charismatics from the Diocese of Los Angeles B: Members of the Society of St Pius X C: English Anglo Catholics D: Members of a Protestant Sect E: C & D F: None [Read More...]

Abortion and the FInancial Crisis

Here’s an observation by a friend that links abortion with the financial crisis: As the baby boomers got rich they invested wildly in housing. Not only did they buy a house to live in. They wanted to buy a beach house, a lake house, and houses to rent to other people. The housing market boomed [Read More...]

The Fall of the Wall

Here is my latest article for InsideCatholic on the current economic crisis. [Read more...]

Pro Life Chain Greenville, South Carolina

[Read more...]

Shameful Sexism

Pornographer and champion of filth (whoops, I was meant to say free speech wasn’t I?) Larry Flynt has filmed a sick dirty movie with a Sarah Palin lookalike as star. Doubtless this will be received by the liberal press with mild approbation if any disapproval at all. But let’s imagine a right wing film maker [Read More...]

More on the Servers of St Mary’s

Our band of servers for the 9:00 Mass at St Mary’s. Our oldest son, Benedict, back left. Second son, Theodore, front left. Ben takes pride in serving as crucifer and MC. Theo is a first year server and holds the book and serves at altar. This picture was taken this morning. We often have two [Read More...]

The Centrality of Sacrifice

Here’s my latest article for National Catholic Register. It describes the history and necessity of sacrifice, and why we should view the Mass as sacrifice. Here’s the link. See what you think. [Read more...]

Palin’s Performance

Sarah Palin delivered a charismatic, exciting and professionally polished speech at the Republican National Convention. Out on the campaign trail she draws tens of thousands and delivers invigorating, fresh speeches with plenty of time away from the teleprompter to respond and ‘go live.’ In the live debate she held her own. She was articulate, polished, [Read More...]

Newman Update

Fr Ray Blake has an interesting update on the re-internment of the remains of soon to be Bl. John Henry Cardinal Newman. [Read more...]

Guardian Angels

I don’t know if I told this one before: My sister met a missionary once who felt called to minister to the tribes of Burma. Burma was then, as now, pretty much a closed country and foreigners were not welcome–especially foreign missionaries. This fellow would cross the border through the jungle and try to meet [Read More...]

Altar Girls

I wasn’t going to opine any further on altar servers, but a reader asked my opinion about what to do with altar girls if you have them. First of all, it is obviously okay to have altar girls. Rome allows it. You don’t have to have them, but you may. If I went to a [Read More...]

Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better

I have had a few fingers wagged at me for being enthusiastic about the candidacy of Sarah ‘Annie Oakley’ Palin, and I have to admit that after Thursday’s debate–and losing the election– maybe I’ll have egg on my face and I’ll have to watch her skulk back North with her tail between her legs. However, [Read More...]

Therese Book Buy

I was sitting in a lecture in Oxford by my friend Fr John Saward when I was thinking of St Therese. I had just re-read the Rule of St Benedict and at the end he says, “I have written a little rule for beginners.” I thought, “Little Rule – Little Way”. I wonder if Benedict [Read More...]

Abortion and Racism

From Valerie Baronkin –South Carolina Upstate Pro-Life Co-ordinator: An interracial couple stopped by the clinic with their baby yesterday to tell us their story from a few years ago.. The girl’s mother brought her to Greenville Women’s Clinic. The girl saw the people outside praying and did not want to have the abortion and refused [Read More...]

St Jerome

“Therefore I will imitate the head of a household who brings out of his storehouse things both new and old…In this way permit me to explain Isaiah, showing that he was not only a prophet, but an evangelist and an apostle as well. For he says about himself and the other evangelists: “How beaautiful are [Read More...]

Fr Blake on the Angels

Fr Blake has a very eloquent little homily on the Holy Angels. I like this bit, “Angels extend the cosmos; they breach the cortex of our world. They slip between the presence of God and man, making God present to man and man to God.”  You can read it here. [Read more...]

St Michael and All Angels

What do I miss about England? Well, when I lived on the Isle of Wight in England I would go to Mont St Michel on retreat. I’d take the night ferry from Portsmouth to St Malo and then hitchhike along the coast to the Abbey. What a fantastic place! At the time there was a [Read More...]