Powerless President?

Ooh dear, the president is powerless to do anything at all about abortion. Isn’t it terrible? So I guess it is okay to vote for a pro abortion guy. Read this. [Read more...]

The Portly Prophet Speaks

” I believe in getting into hot water; it keeps you clean.” “Only a live fish can swim against the current, the dead go with it” “Be careful not to be so open-minded that your brains fall out.” “Moral issues are always terribly complex for someone without principles.” –G.K.Chesterton [Read more...]

Newman in the Lion’s Den

Here is my latest article for InsideCatholic. It summarizes the week’s events and the responses we’ve had at St Mary’s. [Read more...]


This article will inform you about the Freedom of Choice Act–the signing of which our new President has told us will be his first item of business. There has been some specious argument on this blog that a presidential candidate’s abortion stance is immaterial because a president does not have the power to overturn Roe [Read More...]

89% of Abortions…

…take place up to twelve weeks into the pregnancy. At that stage the fetus is just a collection of cells right? Click here for a picture of that 12 week old blob of cells. [Read more...]

Other Bad Stuff

And another thing we’re against is war. Not only unjust wars. We don’t like war at all. War should never be the answer. We should always do everything we can do avoid war and to get out of war whenever possible. An unjust war is even worse. We’re against unjust wars. However, even in an [Read More...]

Thomas Aquinas College Chapel

click to enlarge I posted some months ago about the new chapel being constructed at Thomas Aquinas College in California. Here is a picture of it going up. NLM has more details and links to photos of the chapel, the papal blessing of the cornerstone, the bells etc. [Read more...]

Much Ado

The thespians at St Joseph’s School are attempting their first Shakespearian production this weekend. Y’all come! The cast assembled for a cast Mass before the show this afternoon, and not often having the opportunity to preach on Shakespeare, pointed out that the play is all about love, and so many different types of love. Love [Read More...]

Liturgical Update

Much has been written about the wonderful liturgy at St Mary’s Greenville, so I thought I would post this clip so you can see how things are done at the greatest parish in the Catholic Church. This clip shows our parish worship leader singing the psalm at our Hispanic Mass. Notice the stunning tabernacle on [Read More...]

Requiem at Oxford

My friend Fra Lawrence Lew OP takes splendid photographs of the various events of Catholic renewal of the liturgy that take place in Oxford. Here is a shot from a recent requiem Mass for Cardinal Pole–the last Catholic archbishop of Canterbury before the Elizabethan revolution that outlawed the Catholic faith in England for three hundred [Read More...]

Other Bad Stuff

We don’t like racism either. It’s wrong. People should not judge others based on the color of their skin, their religion or their ethnic background. We should do everything possible to get rid of racism and strive to build a society of racial unity and peace–finding paths of empowerment and equality for all people–especially those [Read More...]

Stafford Speaks Out

I didn’t realize what an eloquent and ‘from the heart’ speaker Cardinal Stafford is. Check out this moving reflection on the terrible summer of 1968 when the American church rose up in dissent against the Holy Father over Humane Vitae. At present I am also trying to find a link to the text of his [Read More...]

Other Bad Stuff

Here’s another thing we’re against: we’re against cruelty to animals. Yes, we think that animals are God’s creatures too. They were created to be our pets and our providers and our companions in life. We were created to be their stewards and overseers, and that we should treat all God’s creatures with compassion and kindness. [Read More...]

Not All Hate Mail…

There are plenty like this too: I am a lurker on your blog (which I very much enjoy reading), but with the recent news about Fr. Newman, I decided to email you to say this: Thank you to both of you for being good shepherds and for not backing down from the teachings of the [Read More...]

Blessed Sacrament Chapel 2

[Read more...]

Blessed Sacrament Chapel

This is the new Blessed Sacrament Chapel at St Joseph’s Catholic School. This is where I say Mass most days. [Read more...]

St Elizabeth of Hungary

Wife, mother, widow, third order Franciscan–she gave her life helping the poor and needy–a Mother Teresa of her day. When we remember saints like her we have to ask ourselves what we have done for the poor. The most troubling gospel passage for me is the judgment of the sheep and goats.  If we have [Read More...]

Hate Mail and Temper Tantrums

Whew! hate mail from last week’s drama at St Mary’s is still trickling in. I am finding it very hard to remain polite, much less charitable. Pray for me please! There are some emails that are right from the pit. They spit with rage and fury. They are riddled with the worst profanity and blaspheme [Read More...]

Cardinal Stafford on Human Life

This links you to an article about Cardinal Stafford’s recent speech at Catholic University of America. Some sharp, prophetic words about President elect Obama and the cultural state of America today. [Read more...]

Win a Car!

My main job is chaplain to St Joseph’s School in Greenville, South Carolina. St Joe’s is a wonderful school. Just sixteen years old, it was started by nine families who felt called by God to start a Catholic school in upstate South Carolina. They started with $800.00 in the bank and nine students in a [Read More...]

Other Bad Stuff

Yes, we’re also not in favor of the death penalty. We think other forms of punishment are to be preferred and it should only be used in the most extreme circumstances. (CCC, 2266-2267) But while we are rightly opposed to the death penalty, it is worth comparing the killing that goes on in our prison [Read More...]

Manchester, England

Holy Name is a beautiful neo Gothic church in the center of Manchester in the heart of the Manchester University inner city campus, and next to the Catholic chaplaincy. Nice to see that they are doing a beautiful liturgy in a suitably beautiful church. Nice too that it is being done in a university church. The young [Read More...]