Sacred Heart

Heart for God is a new ministry started by a former Brethren of Christ minister from Pennsylvania. David Hall maintains a blog and has recently posted about his journey from the Brethren of Christ to the Catholic Church. Like all convert stories, it is absorbing and fascinating. Each convert comes in from a different personal history, [Read More...]

Chesterton Society Address

Here is an excerpt from my address to the Chesterton Society: An English friend delivered a backhand slam some time ago when she said with a snooty smile, ‘The Americans are so quaint! They still think it is possible to be heroes.’ I felt chastened, but I had to admit it: some of us (and [Read More...]

New Blog

Chris Findley is a former Episcopal priest who is now a Catholic. He keeps a good looking and intelligent blog here. The blog is called Home2Rome. He’s got some good posts on the necessity of Evangelism. [Read more...]

Men Marry

Back from the exuberance of the Chesterton Conference, I’m banking up for our mission trip to El Salvador. We leave early on Thursday morning. To tell you the truth, I haven’t got much to say about the homosexual Anglican priests having a big fancy ‘wedding’ in London. In many ways I suppose it’s a positive [Read More...]

Honest Man

This was sent to me in one of those round robin emails: When President Truman retired from office in 1952, his income was substantially a U.S. Army pension reported to have been $13,507.72 a year. Congress, noting that he was paying for his stamps and personally licking them, granted him an ‘allowance’ and, later, a retroactive pension [Read More...]


The Chesterton Conference is a jolly affair. The amazing Dale Ahlquist has brought this conference up from about fifty participants several years ago to over 600 this year. They’ve come from all across the USA, plus England, Norway, Mexico, Canada and Spain. There are plenty of scholarly talks, but each one is loaded with enthusiasm, [Read More...]

Waste of Time

The Daily Telegraph reports that Catholics in England are raising a petition asking for married men and women to be ordained. What amazes and amuses me about these people is that they claim to be Catholics and obviously haven’t got a clue how the Catholic Church works. Do they really think that the Vatican is [Read More...]

More Fat Saints

Joseph Pearce and I flew from Greenville to Minneapolis yesterday to take part in the annual Chesterton Conference at University of St Thomas. This shindig gets bigger each year. Organizer, Dale Ahlquist reckons there will be over 600 people attending from all over the world. Last night those of us who are speakers got together [Read More...]

Two Relics

A few weeks ago I was in our little Blessed Sacrament Chapel at school praying and thinking. Since coming to USA I have developed a devotion to St Elizabeth Ann Seton. She was a married person who became a saint, an Anglican who converted, an American who went to Europe Protestant and came back Catholic, [Read More...]


A reader sent this quotation from his grandmother when he asked why she was a Catholic: “All these sacred texts show quite clearly that Jesus Christ must live in you; that you must not live except in Him; that His life must be your life, and your life must be a continuation and expression of [Read More...]

History of the Biretta

Can anyone out there give us the true history of the biretta? I had read that it had its origins as a kind of crown worn by delegates of the emperor when the church was based in Byzantium. I liked this because the priest stands for Christ the King in the liturgy and as a [Read More...]

Anglican Group to be Received?

The gossip continues about the overtures that the Traditional Anglican Communion have made to the Vatican. David Virtue reports on it here. Some folks say that Rome is putting the finishing touches on an system for the TAC to be received en bloc in the same way that, say, this Assyrian group has recently come [Read More...]

Pray More

Fr Ray has a good short post on St Benedict and chastity. The upshot of it is…pray more. [Read more...]

Sitwell and Monroe

Here’s Marilyn Monroe with Dame Edith Sitwell. I’m always amused when celebrities from different worlds meet. Did you know T.S.Eliot carried on a correspondence with Groucho Marx? They were mutual fans.  When they met in London they discussed cigars, cats and jokes. Evelyn Waugh was also friends with Edith Sitwell, and stood as godfather at [Read More...]

Ups and Downs

Sorry not much blogging this week. School ended and I’ve been sort of coasting. Mind in neutral, a few hours each day at school cleaning my office and desk, then chilling out at the pool. I was tempted to buy a motorcycle this week, justifying it as a necessary extra form of transportation for our [Read More...]

The Dogmatic non Dogmatist

OBAMA: Yeah, although I don’t, I retain from my childhood and my experiences growing up a suspicion of dogma. And I’m not somebody who is always comfortable with language that implies I’ve got a monopoly on the truth, or that my faith is automatically transferable to others. This is so fashionable. So easy. It’s John [Read More...]

Bloggers Meet

Fr Christopher Phillips was here this weekend as the commencement speaker for St Joseph’s Catholic School graduation. He is pastor of the well known Anglican use parish in San Antonio, and blogs for his parish here.  Fr Phillips grew up on a farm in Connecticut as a Methodist, became an Episcopalian at college, heard the [Read More...]

What Lucy Saw

Here’s my latest article for National Catholic Register. It compares Lucy in Narnia to St Therese. [Read more...]

A Catholic Church

Check out the chapel Duncan Stroik is planning for St Thomas Aquinas College in California. No teepee churches here then. [Read more...]

Mass at St Augustine

It was a joy today to celebrate Mass at the Cathedral Basilica of St Augustine with our eighth graders. You can see the still existing altar rail in this church, so I took the opportunity to instruct them how to kneel at an altar rail to receive communion. All of the Catholics (adults too) had [Read More...]

St Augustine

This is the 200 ft cross erected in 1965 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the first Mass said on American soil. The Spanish priest recorded the event in his diary. He came ashore flanked by the soldiers, with banners flying and trumpets playing. From the ships in the bay the cannons were firing a [Read More...]

New Indy Old Indy

Took the kids to see the new Indiana Jones flick over the weekend. I think the best review said it was ‘Indiana Jones by number’. It was pretty formulaic. Kind of like they said around the table, “Right, where are we going to put the creepy crawly scene? How can we put in some snakes, [Read More...]