Ad Orientem Question

Here’s a suggestion and question about the liturgy. I was celebrating Mass on Sunday away from St Mary’s and so I did not celebrate ad orientem. I did, however, go around to the front of the altar, and facing the people, administered the Kiss of Peace. After sharing the Kiss of Peace with the altar [Read More...]

English Atheism and Alcoholism

Another report on drunken Britain. What really tickles me about this article is that the drunken state of Britain is blamed on “stronger drinks and larger glasses”. “Oh deary me!” says the nice English chap down the pub. “I seem to have found myself in the gutter drunk again! Whatever could have happened? Why I believe [Read More...]

Uncle Joe Strikes Again

Whoops, wrong Uncle Joe… Over at Fox News we read, “Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Joe Biden spoke about his views on abortion in an interview with The News Journal of Delaware earlier this month. He told his home state’s newspaper ‘I know that my church has wrestled with this for 2,000 years.’ ” 2,000 years? [Read More...]

Cardinal Keith O’Brien

Cardinal Keith O’Brien of Scotland has attacked the new UK Embryology bill which allows human tissue and cells to be taken without a person’s consent for use in experiments, including the creation of human/animal hybrids. He compares the bill to Nazi experiments and Frankenstein scenarios. Strong stuff. Read about it here. [Read more...]

SS Simon and Jude

Today is the feast of SS Simon and Jude. In some of the list of the apostles they come towards the end just before Judas Iscariot. Peter is listed first, so we can assume that the lists were compiled, according to priority. If so, this confirms what history also tells us, that Simon and Jude [Read More...]


Readers will know of my nostalgia for the chapel of Blackfriars in Oxford. The Dominicans there have an encouraging number of new vocations and these photographs show that they are developing an excellent renewal of the traditional forms of the liturgy as well as a renewal of Dominican religious life. This is a photo by [Read More...]

The Divine Comedy

My post about the the Romance of Religion and the need to be liturgical Lancelots and ceremonial Cyrano de Bergeracs attracted attention at Fr Z’s beautifully bombastic blog. One reader was not sure whether I was mocking or not. Was it mockery? Was it a masquerade? Am I puncturing pomposity with intentionally boorish buffoonery? Not [Read More...]

Weep for a Biretta

A big burly man in his late sixties came up to me at the Knights of Columbus breakfast last month after Mass at St Mary’s. He took me to one side and said conspiratorially, “Father, listen to me.” he said with a strong Bronx accent. “Yes?” I said, fearing that he was about to divulge [Read More...]

Chust for Nice

[Read more...]

San Antimo

Ever since coming across the pictures of San Antimo on Roving Medievalist I’ve been haunted by the beauty of the place. I’ll get there one day. [Read more...]

Blake on Flew on Dawkins

Fr Ray reports a sharp opinion of former atheist philosopher Anthony Flew about the shallow atheist writer Richard Dawkins. Read it here. [Read more...]

Opportunity Knocks

I’m off to Birmingham AL before too long to do some programs for EWTN. I’ll be recording a Living His Life Abundantly program with Johnette Benkovic on Monday November 3 and then appearing on Journeys Home with Marcus Grodi on that evening. Tune in if you can. I’ve been asked today to provide a weekly column for [Read More...]

Psalm 27

One thing I have desired of the Lord,   this is what I seek that I may dwell in the house of the Lord  all the days of my life to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord and to seek him in his temple.  – Psalm 27:4 [Read more...]


Read Robert George’s clear summary of Barack Obama’s extremist pro abortion stance. Pretty chilling stuff. Jeff Miller, a.k.a the Curt Jester, opines here about people who are ‘pro choice’ and say, “But no one is pro abortion. Abortion is not nice, but it is better that it is legal…blah blah blah” Robert George discusses this as [Read More...]

Benedict XVI at Notre Dame

During his recent Apostolic Journey to France, Pope Benedict XVI preached at Vespers within the magnificent cathedral of Notre Dame. God’s word, the Eternal Word, who was with him from the beginning was born of a woman, born a subject of the law, “to redeem those who were under the law, so that we might [Read More...]

The Romance of Religion

Some readers may be familiar with my book Adventures in Orthodoxy. This book is referred to as ‘a Chestertonian romp through the Apostles’ Creed.’ I highly recommend it to all those who would like some theology with the windows open. It is the favorite of my books, but alas, not the favorite of the reading [Read More...]

St Luke

The ancient tradition is that St Luke knew the Blessed Virgin and used her as a source for his gospel. This painting illustrates the tradition. I like the two people on the bridge over the canal in the background. [Read more...]


It’s a busy time of year at school and in the parish. After a full week at school, including homecoming and Spirit Week, I had full duties on Saturday–Mass at the convent at 8:00, confession for one of the Poor Clares at 9:45; homecoming festivities, confessions at 3:30; Mass at 5:00 and then on Sunday, [Read More...]


Tonight at RCIA some interesting details emerged. We were discussing the Blessed Virgin Mary, and I pointed out that the word ‘overshadowed’ in the story of the annunciation was a linguistic reference to the story of Ruth and Boaz in the Old Testament. You may remember that the young widow Ruth presented herself for marriage [Read More...]


I missed Signs when it came out in the cinemas, and never got around to watching it on DVD until last night. I was very impressed. Shyamalan’s direction is stylish, tight and perfectly matching the suspenseful storyline. With creative camerawork he manages to convey the ordinaryness of the home life while infusing the whole thing [Read More...]

Domincans Resurgent

The Dominicans in England are enjoying a good number of young vocations. Godzdogz has some great photos of a solemn profession in Oxford and the clothing of some new novices in Cambridge here. I’ve always had a soft spot for the Domincans ever since I was as student and Oxford and used to attend the [Read More...]

Archeology Supports Christian Claims

This article tells us about new archeological evidence from late 2nd century that proves Christians worshipped Jesus as God. A prayer found in mosaics in a Christian worship hall in Israel names a benefactor called Gaianus who is described as a centurion. Another mentions a woman called Akeptous who ‘…offered this table in memorial of [Read More...]