High Schoolers Facing East

Six high school boys stayed after Thursday’s daily Mass at St Joseph’s Catholic School: “Father, why didn’t you celebrate Mass facing East today?” “I’m doing so on two days of the week, and on the other two the usual way. Do you like the Mass when I celebrate facing East?” “Yes.” “Why?” “It feels more [Read More...]

The Hall and the Side Rooms

In his introduction to Mere Christianity C.S.Lewis says that once you decide to become a Christian it is like coming into the hall of a great house, and off the hall there are lots of side rooms. If becoming a Christian is coming into the great hall, choosing a denomination is deciding which room you want [Read More...]

Spiritual Hero

Spiritual Hero is the name of a new project I’ve got going. When I lived in England, before being moving back to the USA to be ordained as a Catholic priest, I ran a training company called Working Hero. The concept of Working Hero was that the hero’s quest, which makes up the plotline for all [Read More...]

Countering the Performance Culture

I will be in Aiken, South Carolina on Saturday leading a day workshop and lecture on worship. The first session is The Meaning of Sacrifice,  the second, The Meaning of Mystery. Then a workshop session, How Shall We then Worship? It seems to me that within American Catholicism one of the things we need most to [Read More...]

Where Did Jesus Go?


  Several comments on my post on the Ascension pondered on where Christ went. If we went up physically, where did he go? Did he go to some sort of physical/spiritual realm that we cannot conceive of? As it happens, I have just come from a session with our sophomores in High School discussing Nominalism [Read More...]

New Poem

Visit to Chartres I came across it as I took the tour.The tympanum over the Southern doorportrays the judgement with Christ on his throne,demons, angels and human souls carved in stone. It’s not the finest medieval scene.The figures are cramped and small. The layout’s mean,awkward and unrefined; and yet for my part,I find in the [Read More...]

Father Joe

I’ve just finished Fr Joe by Tony Hendra. It’s a brilliant book, one I’ve been meaning to read for some time, as I knew Fr Joe Warrilow and know Quarr Abbey so well. From what I’d heard, I thought Tony Hendra’s book would be a shallow, “Well, I was once a drugged up Hollywood drop [Read More...]

Heaven’s Angel

Honest! I only bought it to save on fuel consumption. I’m trying to reduce my carbon footprint. It’s part of my evangelization work. I’m reaching out the local Hell’s Angels. I’m trying to be more relevant and hip for the teens… Actually it’s a friend’s bike. I’m not really a cool biker priest. Just pretending… [Read more...]

Ascension of Christ


What tickles me about the resurrection and ascension of Christ is the blatantly supernatural element of it all. “Come now,” the modernists say in their measured and rational tones, “must we believe that it was necessarily a crudely physical phenomenon? Surely the resurrection and ascension stories are beautiful tales told so that the dead Lord’s [Read More...]

Interview with Anne Rice

http://youtube.com/v/t8w7b2_ylBE See and hear Anne Rice talk about the Pope’s visit. The last few minutes she talks about whether or not she is a ‘dissenter’. There are some other YouTube videos in which Anne talks to Bill McGarvy about her views. [Read more...]

Mary’s May Altar at St Joseph’s

[Read more...]

Persecution on the Horizon

At InsideCatholic Ronald Rychlak looks at some of the consequences of homosexual ‘marriage’. [Read more...]

We’re on a Mission From God

[Read more...]

St Joseph the Worker

On St Joseph the Worker day all the students from St Joseph’s Catholic School go out into the community and do some sort of manual work. We have ‘households’ at the school. These are extended homeroom groups. Boys and girls are separate, and kids from each year group are together–staying in the household for the [Read More...]

Inquisitions and Imprimaturs

Now here’s a puzzle for you. I’m setting up an interview with Anne Rice for various publications I write for. Some Catholics are worried that she may publicly dissent from Church teachings on matters like homosexuality, abortion and women’s ordination. If an artist dissents from church teachings what should we do with their art? Should [Read More...]

First Things

Over at First Things blog Anthony Sacramone includes some witticisms from the great British sit-com Yes Minister about the Church of England…The Prime Minister is trying to appoint a Church of England bishop (yes they really are appointed by the government) and concludes, “So the ideal candidate would be a cross between a socialite and a [Read More...]

Rotund, Robust and Rollicking

My pal Joseph Pearce says the Annual Chesterton Conference organized by Dale Ahlquist is the one conference he would get to each year if he couldn’t go anywhere else. Over 500 Chestertonians will be gathering in Minnesota for three jolly days in June. Apparently there is plenty of robust hilarity, serious thought, serious food and [Read More...]

Of Pevenseys, Bilboes and Bogles

They’re making a two-film version of The Hobbit, and Ian McKellan is to play Gandalf again. More here. Who’s to play Bilbo I wonder? Isn’t Ian Holm too old? I hope not. He’d be perfect. Meanwhile, I’m re-reading Prince Caspian in order to churn out some articles for the film’s release in a few weeks’ time. [Read More...]

Priests should be like iced tea

The Owl has a nice post here about an ordination taken by the Holy Father. To the new priests: “Be sweet and strong.” [Read more...]

School Sex Abuse Scandal

Here is my latest article for InsideCatholic. [Read more...]

Danny Gospel

Is there any decent fiction being written by Christians today? Notice I’ve said ‘fiction written by Christians’ and not ‘Christian fiction.’ I’d define the first as fiction that stands on its own as a well written piece of literature, and the second as fiction that either appeals only to Christians because it is set in [Read More...]

The Three (Reverend) Tenors

Who says Catholics can’t sing? Here’s a story about three Irish priests who have signed a record contract with Sony. There’s a video link of them singing and discussing the record deal. How can you dislike the Irish? [Read more...]