New Anglican News

I apologize if my posts are all on Anglicanism at the moment, but truly historic things are happening, and it should be of interest to all Catholics. Damian Thompson reports today that one of the traditionalist Anglican bishops, Andrew Burnham, is preparing to lead Anglo Catholics to Rome en masse. He is already in discussions [Read More...]

Future Church of England

There is much talk of the ‘end of Anglo Catholicism’ and the ‘end of the Anglican Communion.’ Nah.  Here’s my prediction: 1. Anglo Catholicism will endure. Some Anglican priests will still do worship in a Catholic way. They’ve been Catholic congregationalists all along anyway. They’ll just pull up the drawbridges even more. They’ll probably be [Read More...]

Church of England to Have Female Bishops

The Church of England General Synod has voted to have women bishops, and surprising to me, it has also voted not to provide formal safeguards for Anglo Catholic traditionalists who are opposed. Instead there will be an unwritten ‘code of practice’ to minister to opponents of the innovation. The Daily Telegraph reports here. Damian Thompson comments [Read More...]

Women Bishops Debate Goes On

Here’s a defense of women bishops in the Church of England. The author, Jane Hedges, was ordained in my diocese when I was an Anglican priest fifteen years ago. Notice the drift of her arguments: they are based on three things: utilitarianism, sentimentality and politics. The utilitarian argument is, “Women priests do a good job. [Read More...]

More Anglican News

Here’s another fascinating news story to come out of England. The Church of England General Synod is meeting at this time. Tomorrow they debate women’s ordination to the Episcopate. Monday they vote. The Daily Telegraph reveals here that a group of senior Church of England bishops has gone to the Vatican to discuss the crisis with [Read More...]

Star Wars

I’ve been reading a book by Chet Raymo called Skeptics and True Believers. As a scientist he tries to pull of a quasi religious sense of awe by invoking the vastness of outer space and the billions and billions of years that the world has been in existence. This one has always baffled me. Who cares [Read More...]


I have a personal policy to at least try to read all books that people give me to read. Reading a book not of my choice,  I reckon, is God’s way of teaching me new things.  As a result I have just finished The Ottaviani Intervention which was given me by a traditionalist Catholic. It’s a [Read More...]

Catholic Combox Thought Police

Now children, fight nice.  Remember in the combox not to threaten anyone. It’s scary.  Remember that anonymous entries are not allowed, and I don’t think it’s very nice manners to use pseudonyms either. It’s like wearing a mask to a party.  Try to keep to the post you are actually commenting on. Great long rants [Read More...]

Pagan Christianity

The insightful Carl Olson posts here on a new (yet wearingly old) attempt to discredit the established churches because their origins are pagan. This time the attack comes not from your polyester suit fundamentalists, but from some hip and groovy ‘emergent church’ types. Think Chick tract in jeans and T-shirt with a iPod. Olson’s post [Read More...]

Lady Bishops?

Here’s a spirited debate by two members of the Church of England on whether or not to have women bishops. If you are opposed to this innovation, take time to read George Pitcher’s arguments in favor. It’s a good exercise in trying to understand the other side’s point of view. Most of all, take time [Read More...]

Get Ready for the End

I grew up in a fundamentalist Bible church, whose pastor was influenced by Dispensationalism. This is a form of Biblical interpretation cooked up in the nineteenth century and promoted by an American preacher called C.I.Schofield. There were lots of similar freelance Protestant preachers doing end time stuff at the time. Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons etc. Like [Read More...]

Pope on Paul

Fr Z.  posts and comments on the Pope’s homily for the Feast of SS Peter and Paul last Sunday. Its well worth a read. [Read more...]


This evening I was in the confessional for an hour and a half. We have the great problem in our parish of not enough priests and too many penitents. While hearing one confession I had this sudden impression of heaven opening up and there being great joy in that small room. Then I remembered the [Read More...]

Captain Hastings’ Question

In the combox James Hastings asks, “if the Catholic denomination is fulfilling the Gospel, why is attendance so low and conversions so few in America/Europe compared to the Evangelicals.” It would be easy to say, “Gee whiz. Numbers are dropping for Catholics. Numbers are going up for Evangelicals. I guess Evangelicals have got it right [Read More...]

The New Ecumenism

The ecumenism from the Vatican II era sought to accomodate Protestantism. It was fuelled by two potent ideas that drove the Vatican II reforms: resourcessement and aggiornomento. The first was a return to the sources of the early church. This was done through shared scholarship with both Catholic and Protestant scholars. The second word means [Read More...]

Transalpine Redemptorists

I had never heard of the Transalpine Redemptorists before, but Fr Ray Blake has this clip about them. They are a traditionalist monastic order established in 1988 on an island in Scotland as part of the SSPX faction. Happily, they have just been reconciled with the Holy See, and before long should be established as [Read More...]

Catholic Church Alive in UK

Melanie McDonagh writes here on how the Catholic Church is thriving in the UK. [Read more...]

The Conservative Evangelical Problem

In the present fuss over homosexualism and women bishops the conservative Evangelicals are upset because the liberal Protestants are overturning Scripture and traditional Christian morality. I’m on their side of course, but the conservative Evangelicals have a more fundamental philosophical problem: They were initially founded by a group of people who, in their day, were [Read More...]

More Anglican Developments

The ABC (Archbishop of Canterbury) has spoken out against the Gafcon group who have now formed a group called FOCA (Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans) The Daily Telegraph reports here. It’s a busy time for the ABC. This week he has the General Synod–the Anglican parliament debating women bishops. In addition to the Conservative Evangelicals rebelling [Read More...]


For those of you who like unusual Catholic finery, processions, relics, vestments and various other traditional outfits, customs and unusual knick knacks, check out NLM’s post on the colorful processions in Malta for the start of the Pauline year.  The picture here shows the canopy called a conopeum in use which is only granted to [Read More...]

SS Peter and Paul in Rome

New Liturgical Movement has great photographs from today’s papal Mass to celebrate SS Peter and Paul. Wonderful to see Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople alongside Pope Benedict. The picture above shows Archbishops from around the world swearing their oath of allegiance to the successor of Peter at Peter’s tomb. They then receive the pallium–the yoke like [Read More...]

Another Anglican first.

Just when you thought the Anglicans didn’t have any more surprises up their sleeve, here’s today’s news: a Church of England bishop has ordained his wife. You can read all about it here. That would be Rt. Rev. Nigel McCullough and Rev. Mrs. McCullough in the photograph.  I wonder if they share clerical shirts. That [Read More...]