Biden for VP

I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging over the last few days. To tell you the truth, I have simply been too excited by the candidacy of Sarah Palin, but because I’m not supposed to be pushing any particular candidate, because I’m a priest and all that, I have been keeping my peace. I realize that [Read More...]

The Cafeteria is Closed

Cardinal Newman on the impossibility of cafeteria Catholicism At the time of the apostles a Christian was bound to take without doubting all that the Apostles declared to be revealed; if the Apostles spoke, he had to yield to an internal assent of his mind…immediate, implicit submission of the mind was the only necessary token [Read More...]

Biblical Caption Competition

“Bodily exercise profiteth little…” I Timothy 4:8 [Read more...]

Steve McCain

Is it my imagination or is there an increasingly striking resemblance between American presidential candidate Steve Martin and the famous comedian Mr John McCain? It is clear that they both like guns and are very funny men.  Is there any chance they are related? I think we should be told. [Read more...]

No Questions Asked

This article tells us that a leading scientist in England has resigned from his post at the Royal Society (a prestigious intellectual club) after an outcry from the scientific establishment. The man suggested that maybe, just maybe it could be okay, in some circumstances, in order to further the educational process, you know, in order [Read More...]

Self sacrificing Dad

Here’s a story from the Washington Post about a committed Catholic Dad who died saving his  son’s life… [Read more...]

Our Lady of Sorrows Magnificat

It’s a beautiful thing that the Memoria of Our Lady of Sorrows follows directly after the Feast of the Triumph of the Cross. Our Lord’s suffering on the cross is magnified through our Lady of Sorrows. That is her role. She magnifies the Lord. When she says, “My soul magnifies the Lord’ of course it [Read More...]

Brits Back Barack

Here’s a ridiculous piece that’s typical of the snobbish Brits. It’s written in their usual lofty, arrogant style–totally misunderstanding Americans and what makes America tick. The tone is basically, “We educated and cultured Europeans call on our backwoods cousins in America to rise above their religion and guns for a moment and vote for Barack [Read More...]

Sorry Charlie

This article tells us that the Church of England is about to issue an apology to Charles Darwin for rejecting evolution. Just when you thought the Church of England couldn’t come up with any further lunacy they cook this one up. What next, an apology to Picasso for not appreciating cubism? An apology to Nietzsche [Read More...]

The Three Reverend Tenors

The Telegraph reports on the success of a ‘Holy Trinity of Singing Priests’. They’ve been signed for a big recording contract. Read about it here. That would be Fr Donald, Fr Ray and Fr Mike. Do, Re and Mi…geddit? [Read more...]

The Triumph of the Cross

On the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross (or Triumph of the Cross) we honor the Holy Cross by which Christ redeemed the world. The public veneration of the Cross of Christ originated in the fourth century, according to early accounts, beginning with the miraculous discovery of the cross on September 14, 326, by [Read More...]

Pay Grade?

Why did the media allow a Presidential candidate to squirm out of an awkward, but crucial question by saying, “That’s above my pay grade.” but a Vice Presidential candidate is mocked, berated and scorned for being slightly confused over the ‘Bush Doctrine’ (something many Americans have never heard of) which has four or five different [Read More...]

Palin the Disney Princess?

In a smart article over at Inside Catholic Mark Shea points out how dumb the Democrats will be if they continue to attack Sarah Palin’s ‘ordinariness.’ Is her winning narrative something out of a ‘bad Disney movie’ as actor Matt Damon has protested? Yes it is. As a matter of fact, it is this same [Read More...]

Palin Interview

I didn’t see the Palin interview, but from the reports I read she sailed through it with flying colors, despite the fact that the interviewer was condescending, tried to trip her up and kept interrupting and quibbling. Here are some of the perceived results: 1. Global Warming – she doesn’t take an extreme view. She [Read More...]

Caption Competition

“Remember dear friends, it is impossible to have both hair and brains…” [Read more...]

Feminism and Paganism

“Are women priests necessarily pagans?” asks a reader. Yes and no.  No, of course they’re not necessarily conscious pagans. Many of the women priests I knew in the Anglican Church were just nice, good, pious Christian ladies who wanted to serve Jesus and his church. They were not all bra burning feminists, men haters or wacky eco-femi-nazis. Their [Read More...]

Dinosaurs and Pyramids

In the combox someone has commented that creationists are loonies who believe that dinosaurs helped build the pyramids 3,000 years ago. I guess nothing gets my goat more than a person who first creates a straw man characature of the beliefs of someone they disagree with, and then knocks it down with disdain. This tendency [Read More...]


Read this article from the Daily Telegraph to learn how Wicca is not only attracting more and more women, but how feminism in the ‘Christian’ Protestant Churches is gradually changing the theology from Christianity to open paganism. Those of us who were opposed to women priests in the Anglican church years ago predicted that it [Read More...]

Bogged Blog

Sometimes the blog gets bogged down. I’m a pretty busy guy and don’t always do the number of blog posts I’d like. However, yesterday I got some encouragement. I went to my mailbox at school and saw a package from Amazon. I hadn’t ordered anything. It turned out to be a beautifully gift wrapped book [Read More...]

Attack of the Killer Bishops

Gerald Warner of London’s Daily Telegraph has this robust article about the US bishops attack on Joe Biden. It’s about time the bishops correct the Kennedy-Pelosi-Biden type of Catholics. Three cheers! [Read more...]

I’ll Ask ‘er

Here’s a nice photo gallery of Sarah and Todd Palin arriving back in Alaska. Reminds me of an old joke,  “Your wife ever been to Fairbanks?”  “Alaska?” “You mean you don’t know?” [Read more...]

Roe v Wade

Some pro-abortion Americans think that the only thing the pro-life cause cares about is the repeal of the Roe v. Wade decision and the criminalization of abortion. They imagine that pro-life advocates will try to lock up every woman who has an abortion and every doctor who performs one. There are two points to be [Read More...]