Teresa of Avila in Biretta

While I was visiting the chapel where Archbishop Romero was murdered I happened to capture what may be the most unusual biretta spotting I have ever come across. This site is proud of the birettas it has spotted, but what about this??!! St Teresa of Avila wearing a biretta. Unfortunately the photograph is from an [Read More...]

Catholics Come Home

Check out this good looking website that helps people come home to the Catholic faith. It gives  my Lassie Come Home satire some months ago a whole new meaning… [Read more...]

Year of St Paul

Amy Welborn has a great introduction to the Year of St Paul which starts today. The picture is from the solemn Vespers at the Basilica of St Paul Outside the Walls. (courtesy NLM) Here is an excerpt from the Pope’s homily at Vespers. Once again Benedict XVI builds the entire Christian experience from a personal [Read More...]

Big Bad Baby Bill

Evidently Bill Clinton is not only a sex pest, a liar and a shameless opportunist, but a poor loser as well. Read it here. [Read more...]

Preests and Catz

I’m afraid I am not a cat lover, my favorite cat poem being the one by Ogden Nash: The bad thing about a kitten is that Eventually it becomes a cat. Yes, you may now hurl your kitty litter at me… Nevertheless, I allowed the children to have two kittens when we moved here. They [Read More...]

Orthodox Anglicanism

My entrance into Anglicanism many years ago, while I was a student at Bob Jones University, was through a little Anglican breakaway church called ‘The Anglican Orthodox Church’. The word ‘orthodoxy’ is used by Anglicans not to indicate an affiliation with the churches of the East, but to claim that they are holding to the [Read More...]

Anglicans in Agony

The Lambeth Conference is approaching. This is the once-a-decade meeting of all the Bishops of the Anglican communion. At least it is supposed to be all the bishops. Instead many bishops are boycotting the conference because of the continuing fisticuffs over homosexuality. The conservatives from the developing world are having an alternative conference in Jerusalem. [Read More...]

Apologia Excerpts

Fr Philips posts here on his re-reading of Newman’s Apologia [Read more...]

Monsenor Oscar Romero

In El Salvador we visited this chapel where Archbishop Romero was assassinated. The words on the wall behind the altar read, “At this altar Archbishop Romero offered his life for the people.” It was a quiet summer morning, and a woman was arranging flowers by the altar. There was a great sense of sadness and holiness [Read More...]

El Salvador Survivors

We’re back from our second St Joseph’s Mission Trip to El Salvador. Last year I led six high schoolers with a parent chaperone, and the trip was very difficult. We lived with the poor, got very sick and endured record heat. Nevertheless, the students were all troopers and the sign that the trip was worthwhile [Read More...]

Boy not healed by faith

Tragic. Read this story of an un-necessary death of a boy who belonged to a faith healing Christian sect called the Followers of Christ. Second death in the same family. The first death was a toddler whose parents didn’t pursue medical treatment for a condition easily cured. Now the toddler’s uncle–a sixteen year old  boy has [Read More...]

EL Salvador

No blogging for a week. We’re off to El Salvador on the St Joseph’s School Mission trip early tomorrow morning. This is one of the children in the ‘stick village’ that we visit, and with whom we work. [Read more...]

Captain Hastings

If you have seen the wonderful Hercule Poirot television series from England you will remember the portrayal of the Belgian sleuth’s sidekick called ‘Hastings’. What a fine fellow he is! He’s the archetypal English twit. He’s arrogant and bigoted, but isn’t even aware of it. He affects a cheerful bonhomie, he’s always there by Poirot’s side, [Read More...]

Reality in Slow Motion

The other day I was celebrating Mass in the school chapel. There were very few people in the congregation and I had time for silence, more time to slow down in the midst of the Mass. As I did, time began to slow down. Everything seemed suspended for a moment. Was it a moment or [Read More...]


More pictures here of the Corpus Christi procession in Oxford beginning at Blackfriars. Blackfriars is one of my most favorite churches. There is something v. beautiful in it simplicity and light. The pictures capture it. [Read more...]

Sacred Heart

Heart for God is a new ministry started by a former Brethren of Christ minister from Pennsylvania. David Hall maintains a blog and has recently posted about his journey from the Brethren of Christ to the Catholic Church. Like all convert stories, it is absorbing and fascinating. Each convert comes in from a different personal history, [Read More...]

Chesterton Society Address

Here is an excerpt from my address to the Chesterton Society: An English friend delivered a backhand slam some time ago when she said with a snooty smile, ‘The Americans are so quaint! They still think it is possible to be heroes.’ I felt chastened, but I had to admit it: some of us (and [Read More...]

New Blog

Chris Findley is a former Episcopal priest who is now a Catholic. He keeps a good looking and intelligent blog here. The blog is called Home2Rome. He’s got some good posts on the necessity of Evangelism. [Read more...]

Men Marry

Back from the exuberance of the Chesterton Conference, I’m banking up for our mission trip to El Salvador. We leave early on Thursday morning. To tell you the truth, I haven’t got much to say about the homosexual Anglican priests having a big fancy ‘wedding’ in London. In many ways I suppose it’s a positive [Read More...]

Honest Man

This was sent to me in one of those round robin emails: When President Truman retired from office in 1952, his income was substantially a U.S. Army pension reported to have been $13,507.72 a year. Congress, noting that he was paying for his stamps and personally licking them, granted him an ‘allowance’ and, later, a retroactive pension [Read More...]


The Chesterton Conference is a jolly affair. The amazing Dale Ahlquist has brought this conference up from about fifty participants several years ago to over 600 this year. They’ve come from all across the USA, plus England, Norway, Mexico, Canada and Spain. There are plenty of scholarly talks, but each one is loaded with enthusiasm, [Read More...]

Waste of Time

The Daily Telegraph reports that Catholics in England are raising a petition asking for married men and women to be ordained. What amazes and amuses me about these people is that they claim to be Catholics and obviously haven’t got a clue how the Catholic Church works. Do they really think that the Vatican is [Read More...]