Palin Hiding?

What’s all the fuss about Sarah Palin ‘hiding’ from reporters? Why should she want to give anything at all to the pirahnas who have, for the first week of her being on the national stage done nothing but throw dirt, attack her personal life, attack her children and spread vicious rumors and lies about her? [Read More...]


Picked up on a news combox: “Will somebody please remind Sarah Palin that Jesus Christ was a community organizer and Pontius Pilate was a governor?” Nice. [Read more...]

War and Abortion

There’s some fuzzy thinking among Catholics on the issue of abortion and war. The argument goes like this: “Vote Democrat and innocent babies get killed through abortion. Vote Republican and innocent people get killed in an unjust war. Since you’re going to end up with killing either way, let’s ignore those issues and focus on [Read More...]

Biden and Pelosi Tag Team

I’m picking up some new arguments from Pelosi and Biden that abortion is immoral, but it shouldn’t be criminalized. Is this really the argument they’re making at this time?  It is true that there are a few things, like sex outside marriage, that are immoral, but are not crimes in civil law, but do we [Read More...]

Sarah Palin Cartoon

[Read more...]

The View from London

The Times of London has one of the most perceptive articles about Palin and the future of politics in the USA. So often it is the British journalists who reveal us to ourselves more than our own writers. Read it here. [Read more...]

Experience and Integrity

Much has been spouted about Sarah Palin’s lack of experience, but do you know what? You can buy experience. You can buy brains. You can buy advice, and every President has the best that money can buy. What you can’t buy is integrity, guts, brains, passion and chutzpah. Sarah Palin seems to have all that [Read More...]

Podcast Sermons?

I’m thinking of putting my sermons from St Mary’s up on a podcast slot on my website. Would any of you out there use this facility? If so, please vote in the combox. It’s going to cost me some money, so I don’t want to do it if no one is going to take advantage [Read More...]

The Centrality of Sacrifice

If you’ve seen Mel Gibson’s film Apocolypto you’ll remember the pretty graphic scenes of human sacrifice. Most primitive religions featured human sacrifice and ritualistic cannibalism in some form or other at some point. The logic was pretty simple: to appease the gods you gave them something valuable. What would they like? Life. How do you give [Read More...]

Hurricane McCain

I’ve had my knuckles rapped in the combox for being political. I’m a priest and I’m not supposed to be political. Well, forgive me, but I guess I can comment on what I think about the election. I’m not telling people in sermons, “Go out and vote for Ron Paul” or anything. I wonder if [Read More...]


Earlier in the summer I saw Sarah Palin’s name suggested as a possible GOP veep on Jay Anderson’s blog. She seemed really interesting, but a total long shot. I never thought she’d make it. McCain must have been reading Jay’s blog. Anyway, today I stopped at the bank on the way home from school and [Read More...]

Jigsaw Puzzle Ecumenism

Here’s my latest article  for InsideCatholic. It’s looking at where and why and how Ecumenism with Anglicans might move forward. See what you think. [Read more...]

Check Out

Why no blogs from Father Longenecker? Here’s where I’ve been: Check out the pictures of our beautiful kids coming back to school. [Read more...]

When Does Human Life Begin?

Just look at Speaker of the House,  Nancy Pelosi the ‘loyal and devoted Catholic’ lying through her teeth about what the church teaches. This clip also has Obama’s infantile answer: “The question of when human life begins is beyond my pay grade…” So this is a smart Harvard educated guy?  The other awful thing about [Read More...]

Not folksy

I’m not really that interested in politics, and I’m certainly far from an expert prognosticator, but I think Obama will lose in November, and here’s why: the Democrats have become the party of the elite, and the majority of ordinary Americans have an instinctive dislike for the elite. Check back through most of the recent [Read More...]

New Poem

Driving Home “Save a half hour,” my host said, “and leave towndriving North ‘cross country on Highway One.”So on a balmy day in May I set offto travel home across the rural South. The road ran past broken farms, peach orchards,Bar BQ joints, quaint old towns and junkyards;trailer parks and dilapidated shacks–the homes of poor [Read More...]

The Amish are Coming

Mark Shea links to this report about the thriving Amish communities. They’ve doubled their population over the last decade or so. They have large families and most of their young people stay with the faith. The Amish and Mennonites are Anabaptists. They’re from the same Reformation branch as Southern Baptists and all other sorts of Baptists, [Read More...]

Newman’s Bones

Christopher Howse writes here on Newman’s relics. The comments reveal much. [Read more...]

Devil Worship at LA Cathedral?

Over the summer when I was blogging pretty consistently on the horrors of present day Anglianism I was chided for ignoring Catholic awful-ness. This blog has had its fair share of Catholic horror stories, but here’s one for the books from Creative Minority Report: a customer in the LA Catholic cathedral bookshop engages in a [Read More...]

Lavender Blue Dilly Dilly…

…Lavender Green If I were the King dilly dilly, You’d be my Queen.’ “Where is ‘Mary Queen of Heaven’ in the Bible?” the Protestant asks. There’s no neat little proof text I’m afraid, but Mary as Queen of Heaven is woven through the whole Bible. From the Old Testament psalms which we sing on the [Read More...]

Queenship of Mary

 Yesterday, on the Memorial of Pope St Pius X, a friend and fellow convert clergyman showed me a relic of St Pius X and said, when he declared his interest in relics and the desire to venerate relics and honor the saints his priest said, “Ahh, we don’t do that stuff anymore after Vatican 2″ [Read More...]

New Poem

The Piano Recital Your skill unlocked a secret on a summer afternoon.As you stepped onto the stage we stepped with youinto a sacred world–we saw the moonshining on a cathedral beneath the turbulent blue.We heard the harmonious ballads of the nightrising like love songs from the depths of light. Something transcendent trembled in your executionof [Read More...]