Hello Mudda Hello Faddah

Here I am at Camp Granada.  Or at least was….and it was Camps Kahdalea and Chosatonga This week I: Said Mass daily for campers and staff Heard a good number of informal, “Could you please hear my confession father…” confessions. It’s always a joy when a young person actually asks for confession. Played Santa Claus [Read More...]

Spiritual Alzheimer’s?

Damian Thompson reports on some sharpish truth telling going on at Lambeth. Only it’s not the Anglicans who are speaking clearly and forthrightly, its one of the Catholic cardinals. He’s said that there is such a thing as spiritual Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and makes a not so subtle hint that the Anglicans suffer from it. [Read More...]

Tough Little Girl

Why is Flannery such a Catholic writer and not just a writer, or not just a writer who’s Catholic? I think it’s the tough little girls in her stories. The tough little girls are the wise ones. They’re survivors. They see the two contradictory elements of truth that sum up the Catholic vision: on the [Read More...]

Off the Chart

Wow! I don’t often comment on the number of hits I’m getting because it sounds like I’m a sad geek checking sitemeter every five minutes, but on Monday I had 3700 hits and Tuesday 2800. Where’s everybody coming from? I checked the referrals page, but there’s nothing special there. [Read more...]

Flannery Favorites

My time as Camp chaplain is part retreat, part vacation and part work. On Monday I went with a van load of kids to take part in a rock climbing competition. Lots of enthusiasm, sweat and skill. I managed to get on the wall myself and it was not a pretty sight. Anyway, we won. [Read More...]

Lambeth Zulu Conference

Damian Thompson has his usual acerbic coverage of Anglican affairs. His blog points out that the Lambeth Conference is going down the drain real quick. Someone has organized the bishops into discussion groups they are calling ‘indabas’ which is some kind of Zulu tribal meeting. First of all, this seems incredibly patronizing to the Africans. It [Read More...]

Accept the Power of the Holy Spirit

In the end, life is not about accumulation. It is much more than success. To be truly alive is to be transformed from within, open to the energy of God’s love. In accepting the power of the Holy Spirit you too can transform your families, communities and nations. Set free the gifts! Let wisdom, courage, [Read More...]

World Youth Day Winds Up

World Youth Day in Sydney wound up with a papal Mass at a racecourse outside the city. Estimated crowd was half a million souls. An aerial shot here records the event. I wonder if these events ever give our Protestant friends pause for thought. Is the Catholic Church that old, decrepit, legalistic dinosaur they pretend [Read More...]

Off to Camp

This morning after celebrating the Maronite Divine Liturgy for Fr Bart who is out of  town, I’m heading off to Camps Kahdalea and Chosatonga near Brevard NC to be camp chaplain for a week. They have a wifi connection, so I should be able to blog. I hope to blog this week on the healing [Read More...]

Catholic Charismatic Conference

Yesterday I spoke at the Regional Catholic Charismatic Conference. I began my talk by admitting to the group that I was not a card carrying charismatic, but went on to thank them for their contribution to the church and shared with them the ways that the renewal movement has influenced my life and ministry for [Read More...]

Man Healed by Becoming Catholic

Went out for dinner with some friends last evening and was told the story of how (we’ll call him Brian) who was an Anglican priest, fell and hurt his head. He was seriously disabled, with inability to do his job, lack of balance, inability to read, amnesia and various other symptoms. His young wife had [Read More...]

The Pope in Sydney

[Read more...]

Knife Crime in UK

Knife crime is at epidemic proportions in Britain’s inner cities, with an attack of some kind taking place every four minutes. In London alone 21 young people have been stabbed to death this year. A church group has come up with a new solution. It’s reported here. The suggestion is that church leaders should move [Read More...]

Biblical Criticism

Some time ago I read a book by a guy who says he lost his Catholic faith when he began to study science and discovered that there was no evidence for the existence of angels. Duuh. Angels are non materialistic beings. Trying to devise a trap for an angel is like trying to make a [Read More...]

Kitty Stands Up for Tradition!

This article from the Daily Telegraph says Mrs Schori will be asking the ABC to stop parishes and diocese defecting from her church because it ‘goes against tradition’. It’s okay, of course, to break with tradition and have female clergy and homosexual bishops. Come along, Mrs. Schori. This is a  “new and fresh direction of [Read More...]

Evangelistic Enterprise

This evening at St Mary’s we’re having a modest event to share the faith with others. Challenging Catholics is an opportunity for the general public to ask questions about the Catholic faith. We have put together a panel of ‘experts’ who will each take an area of questions. An MC will ask the questions and there [Read More...]

Angels in My Hair

Peter Stanford interviews an Irish housewife who sees angels. Read it here. [Read more...]

Something to Cheer About

Damian Thompson moves on from his usual fussy controversial tone to write powerfully and movingly of Pope Benedict’s address to the youth and World Youth Day.  Here are some excerpts: Dear friends, life is not governed by chance; it is not random. Your very existence has been willed by God, blessed and given a purpose (cf. [Read More...]

Benedict Converts Snake Handler

It’s just been revealed that during his recent visit to the USA Pope Benedict XVI took time out to fly to the hills of Tennessee to convert a charismatic Christian who is a member of a snake handling sect. This sect also drinks poison to prove they are holy. After receiving the new convert into [Read More...]

Caption Competition

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Another Hint

Damian Thompson quotes Archbishop Myers (the one who is in charge of the Pastoral Provision) giving another hint that Rome is preparing a way for whole congregations or even whole ‘continuing denominations’ to convert to Rome. It is worth remembering that the Church of England is just one player in the Anglican Communion, and the [Read More...]

Einstein, Insanity and Humane Vitae

The Daily Telegraph reports the record number of teenage pregnancies and abortions in the UK. In response the government wants more contraceptive education, more abortion clinics, more free condoms and more sex education for younger and younger children. This has provoked a conservative response that points out quite rightly that the policy of free contraception, [Read More...]