St Patrick? What Has He Got to Do With a Parade?


My goodness, what a lot of huffing and puffing over the St Patrick’s Day parade in New York City. Some homosexuals want to march in the parade and Cardinal Dolan is the head honcho of the whole big folderol. Some Catholics are therefore up in arms. Cardinal Dolan is a wicked, corrupt bishop in their [Read More...]

This Will Make You Cheer Up!

If there are such wacky and wonderful things in life, then you’d better cheer up and praise God. [Read more...]

St Patrick’s Day Parade: What Would Jesus Do?

Jesus Eats With Sinners

Some Catholics are up in arms over Cardinal Dolan agreeing to be the Grand Marshall of the St Patrick’s Day Parade in New York which has been infiltrated by homosexual activists. Elizabeth Scalia has stirred the pot with this post comparing Dolan to Jesus who ate with sinners, did not condemn the woman taken in adultery, [Read More...]

Come to England With Me!


Are you planning to come on the exciting pilgrimage to England with me and my friend–the author and biographer Joseph Pearce next June? We’re going to have a fantastic time visiting the sites associated with the English Martyrs, celebrating Mass in ancient churches and combining this with visiting the pilgrimage trail of famous English converts and [Read More...]

Jesus’ Ancestors: Murderers, Cheats, Prostitutes, Refugees, Adulterers…

Rahab the Harlot

Today is the birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and at mass this morning I inflicted upon the faithful the long genealogy of Jesus at the beginning of Matthew’s gospel.  It’s here if you want to read it. I did so for a good reason. The genealogy is a very  unusual document. Firstly, it is [Read More...]

Truett Cathy: What If We All Stayed Home On Sunday?

Truett Cathy

Truett Cathy, the founder of Chick-Fil-A has died. Like Colonel Sanders he was a true Southern Christian gentleman. I was somewhat disappointed, however, that Truett Cathy didn’t wear a white linen suit, a ribbon tie and carry an ivory topped cane. He famously decided to keep his restaurants closed on Sundays to give his employees [Read More...]

How Do We Know It’s the True Church?

peterand the keys

Here is an archived article from Catholic Answers. The article examines the different aspects of the church and why Catholicism is the fullness of the Christian faith. I already had read and pretty much accepted the Scriptural support for the Petrine ministry in the Church. I also had come to understand and value the four-fold [Read More...]

Fr DL on Path to Rome

Here is a vintage Path to Rome episode. Marcus had me on the show when I was still living in England and on a trip Stateside. I’m younger, leaner, clean shaven, not ordained a priest yet and I have an awful English accent.       [Read more...]

Church of Nice or Church of Nasty?


Some Catholics talk disparagingly of the “Church of Nice” They are referring to the modernist church where indifferentism, complacency and tolerance replace the truly Christian virtues. They object not to niceness, but to a church that is nothing but nice. I’m with them. I can’t stand watered down religion. Modernist Christianity has eviscerated the gospel, [Read More...]

FaithWorks! – 33

Here is the link to this week’s FaithWorks! free weekly newsletter. Use the sign up button in the right sidebar if you would like to receive it by email each week.   [Read more...]

Pius V – A Prophetic Papacy

Pope St Pius V by El Greco

In this article for Crisis, published over a year ago Jared Staudt comments on the significance of Pope Pius V for the present papacy. On the eve of Francis’ election Staudt’s infant son kept taking down from the bookshelf a biography of Pius V. Staudt re read the book wondering if the conclave would produce [Read More...]

Jesus Says Love Your Enemy….But What If He’s a Muslim Terrorist?


Over bacon and eggs I quizzed the fifteen year old, “So let me ask you.  Our Lord says we must love our enemies. What if that enemy is a fanatical Muslim who is ready to cut off your head?” Slurping the orange juice, “Well, you’re supposed to hate the sin and love the sinner.” “Do [Read More...]

Fasting on Fridays and Spiritual Warfare

Live the Fast Bread Rolls

As a young priest I used to fast on Fridays. This was  a complete fast. Nothing but water from after supper on Thursday until breakfast on Saturday. It took a couple of weeks to get used to it, but once my system was engaged in the new routine it wasn’t so difficult. I took on [Read More...]

Is Dialogue a Dirty Word?


Here is my latest contribution to National Catholic Register. For many Catholics, “dialogue” is a dirty word. In their minds, it’s code for the kinds of ecumenism and interfaith relations that emphasize similarities and dismiss differences. “Dialogue” means “we’re all climbing the same mountain, which is God — but we’re on different paths” or “dogma [Read More...]

Who is the False Prophet of the End Times?

Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

I was brought up in a Protestant church steered by dispensationalist theology. The preachers loved to study the Biblical books of prophecy almost like fortune tellers to try to predict the future. They tried to read the Biblical books of prophecy in one hand and yesterday’s paper in the other. That process never yields very [Read More...]

Little Red Riding Hood in Rotherham


Fairy tales are timeless because they are true. They tell tales of horror, betrayal, violence, rape and human depravity because children of all ages need to confront such horrors. They are timeless because they unlock the hidden truths in everyday life. They apply because they expose every day idiocies and human failures, foibles and foolishness. [Read More...]

Ten Things I Like About St Gregory the Great

Pope St Gregory the Great

Here’s a little list. Ten Things I Like About St Gregory the Great He was a Benedictine monk. I’m a Benedictine oblate and the monk in me will always hanker for the cell, the cloister and the bell. He was a scholar. You got to love a Pope who is brainy. He was a liturgist. [Read More...]

British Girls Raped By Muslim Gangs

Rebecca Hamilton writes powerfully here about the Islamic sex abuse scandal in Rotherham, England. This is NOT about racism, Islamophobia or any other politically correct battle. This is about the rape, torture and abuse of young women by Muslim men. The politically correct crowd can yak about “racism” and “Islamaphobia” all they want. What we [Read More...]

Does the Quran Command Beheading?


In this post for Aleteia I ask whether the Quran commands the beheading of infidels. Quran 8:12 which says, “When your Lord revealed to the angels: I am with you, therefore make firm those who believe. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off [Read More...]

Angels, Elephants and Aliens


Here is my latest post at ZENIT…it discusses the fallacy that the apparent vast size of the cosmos must mean that there are extraterrestrials. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed a seemingly profound, but ultimately silly discussion which is prevalent within popular culture. It’s called the Fermi Paradox and it goes like this: “There are [Read More...]

Easter and the Atheists


The last few years have seen a shelf load of worthy books de-bunking what is called the New Atheism. I’m sure it is a mighty good thing to explain and expound the five proofs of God’s existence, but it seems to miss the point. I’d rather present the reality of God’s work in the world [Read More...]

Wherefore the Fedora?


Where are all the men in hats? In the midst of so much bad news, here’s a whimsical piece: my column for the Imaginative Conservative this week. Men in Hats – An Endangered Species Who can resist the gritty allure of the gumshoe Bogart tugging at the brim of his hat, or John Wayne glowering [Read More...]