Ten Things Every Catholic Should Know About St Peter


If you are involved in a discussion with an Evangelical Christian you can bet they will have John 3:16 memorized. “For God so loved the world that he gave his only son so that whoever believes in his will not perish but have everlasting life.” Sometimes Catholics are embarrassed that Evangelicals have that verse memorized, [Read More...]

A Close Shave in the Vatican

This week sees a new and creative initiative by Pope Francis to help the homeless. Folks who are down on their luck can get a shower, shave and a haircut within the precincts of St Peter’s Square. Catholic News Agency reports here Officially inaugurated on Feb. 16, the facilities provide the opportunity for homeless individuals [Read More...]

The Apocalypse of Modern Martyrdom

crucified lord

After the brutal murder of twenty one Coptic Christians we have to look again at martyrdom. This is not long ago and far away. It is here. It is now. It is on your screen. John Allen’s excellent The Global War on Christians: Dispatches from the Front Lines of Anti-Christian Persecution explores the world wide phenomenon [Read More...]

Want to Understand ISIS?


Graeme Wood writes the best analysis and description of the horror of ISIS here at The Atlantic. He goes into detail about the roots of ISIS, its relationship to mainstream Islam and the ambitions of the Caliphate. He explains how ISIS combines not only a horribly literalistic interpretation of the Koran, but also how it is interlaced [Read More...]

Huge Lent Resource


  Lent is here and I’ll bet you haven’t made any preparations yet. If so, the new media offers instant answers. Much of the material is free If you’re looking for online resources for Lent, Aggie Catholics have their annual Lent mega post here Don’t forget you can still sign up for Dynamic Catholic’s free [Read More...]

ISIS Is Itching for a New Crusade- What Should We Do?

libya jihad

It is time for the West to wake up to the religious dimension of the ISIS horror. The barbarians who have decapitated twenty one prisoners in Libya were completely clear in the religious motivation for their crime. They chose Christians from the ancient Coptic church of Egypt and they murdered the men in cold blood. [Read More...]

Messiaen and Eliot: Music and Poetry in Wartime


This week’s article for the Imaginative Conservative explores two remarkable pieces of art: T.S.Eliot’s Four Quartets and Olivier Messiaen’s Quartet for the End of Time Messiaen’s music, like Eliot’s poetry, requires hard work. At first it is disturbingly modern, distasteful, and difficult. On second and third listening things come clear, and a beauty that was hidden in harshness comes [Read More...]

Benedict and Francis: A Two Headed Papacy

Elizabeth Scalia is very good here in her analysis of Pope Francis. She says Benedict is an anchor to Francis. The two pope complement one another. And ​now, Benedict is very much an anchor for Francis — who would not even be sitting as Peter, had Benedict not read the times and realized that no [Read More...]

Do Christians Believe in Talking Snakes?


You know how the story goes: in the Garden of Eden Adam and Eve have a conversation with the serpent. Does this mean Christians believe in talking snakes? That’s the charge from certain atheists. I think this rather puerile remark comes from the fact that most of the atheists in question have probably experienced a few [Read More...]

Miserable Un Musical Catholics

fingers in ears

Russel Saltzman is another Lutheran coming into the Catholic Church and finding the transition to be painful. Like most of us from the Anglican and Lutheran traditions he is aghast at the poor quality of music in Catholic parishes. Furthermore he looks around and instead of joyfully singing Christians he sees dour expressions, arms crossed [Read More...]

Are You Scared of Friday 13?

fear 2

Paraskevidekatriaphobia: Whatzat?? Driving to the office this morning I witnessed a bad car wreck. Driver came off the road into a power pole, brining it down, ruining the car and ending up in the ditch. I immediately thought, “Yikes. It’s unlucky Friday thirteenth for that guy!” Then I put the thought away. Stupid to be [Read More...]

Pope Francis: Reformer or Renewer?

This week’s article at Aleteia considers the press narrative of Francis the Reformer. They miss his real mission which is renewal not simply reform. Francis is hailed as a “reforming Pope” and he certainly seems intent on carrying through the plans initiated by Pope Benedict. Is it best, however, to regard him as a “reforming [Read More...]

Converting to Catholicism: It Ain’t Easy

folk mass

When pious Protestants want to become Catholics they expect it to be difficult. Unfortunately it is difficult for all the wrong reasons. We wouldn’t mind if the bar was set high and the values were strict. We want our religion to test us. After all, Jesus said we must take up our cross. What is [Read More...]

Twelve Things to Remember If You Keep Falling Into the Same Sin


One of the things that gets people down the most when they are really trying to make spiritual progress is when they keep falling into the same sin over and over again. We’re sorry. We think we’re not going to do it again. Then we do. We’re filled with guilt, regret and shame. It’s easy [Read More...]

Slubgrip on Relativism

Slubgrip-3D Stack

The demon Slubgrip has been demoted to teach Popular Culture 101 at Bowelbages University in hell. Here he is holding forth on the delights of relativism: Chamber 101 Bell clanging. Door slams. Crowd voices and movement. Slubgrip: Grimwort, I rely on you to get these slime worms in line. Instead, I arrive a few minutes [Read More...]

The Pope and the Press–Is the Honeymoon Over?

Pope Francis

Has anybody else noticed the distinct reduction in temperature in the love affair between Pope Francis and the secular press? Could it be that the fervor of the secular press for the man who made TIME magazine’s Person of the Year, made it on to the cover of Rolling Stone and the Gay Magazine, Advocate [Read More...]

Have You Seen This Amazing Video?

I will follow is a powerfully moving ten minute film in which two young priests tell how they ended up hearing and then following Christ’s call. Take ten minutes to watch this video, then share it on YouTube and social media. It deserves to be seen widely. The production values are high. The quality is [Read More...]

Ten Things Every Catholic Should Know About Sola Scriptura


Do you know how to answer a non Catholic Christian who challenges you about the Bible? Knowing how everybody loves lists, here are ten things every Catholic should know about Sola Scriptura: 1. Sola Scriptura means “only Scripture”. It is the Protestant belief that the Bible is the only source for teaching on doctrine and morality. [Read More...]

Pilgrimage to England with Joseph Pearce


Would you like to spend ten days in England with me and my good friend Catholic author and biographer Joseph Pearce? We’ll be conducting a pilgrimage together in June and you can still sign up, but do so  quickly because the deadline is approaching. The tour will focus on Catholic Literary figures and martyrs. Joseph [Read More...]

Catholicism, Sausages and the Roots of Religion


Celebrating daily Mass is a blessing because you can take more time to contemplate and ponder the mysteries before you. On a large Sunday Mass I am too often concerned with all that is going on around me and making sure everything is going smoothly. On Sunday night I had been reading Mircea Eliade’s history [Read More...]

Excerpt from Slubgrip Instructs


In Slubgrip Instructs the demon Slubgrip has been demoted to teach Popular Culture 101 at Bowelbages University. While he bullies and badgers his scrofulous students he is also plotting with his old friend Knobswart to take over the university administration. His daily Luciferian lectures are interspersed with guest lecturers like Zelnick–who lectures on how to [Read More...]

Why Is There Disaster not Disneyland?


The better question is “Why is there anything at all?” New blogger Ben Conroy attacks the problem in his post about English comedian Stephen Fry here. if I was arguing with Fry I might point to the fact that a universe without natural evil wouldn’t have Stephen Fry in it, because the very existence of [Read More...]