Laudato Si….Too Much of a Good Thing?


There’s an amusing scene in the film Amadeus in which Mozart asks the rather dim witted Emperor if he likes the opera Mozart has just performed for the first time. The Emperor ponders for a moment and tries to pin down what he doesn’t like about the work and finally waves his hand dismissively and says, [Read More...]

England and Italy Round Up

Mass at Sant Antimo

Sorry no blogging for the last two weeks, but I’m now back in the USA after an utterly fantastic two weeks in England and Italy. Both weeks were more pilgrimage than vacation, but that’s what a true pilgrimage is: a holy vacation. I’ll be writing more later as it all continues to sink in but [Read More...]

England I Loathe and Love


This latest visit to England has been full of mixed emotions. Visiting as a tourist for the first time has given me a glimpse of a wonderful country where I spent twenty five years of my life through a new lens, and of course I felt nostalgic for England. Who wouldn’t on a perfect June [Read More...]

The Devil Fights Dirty

Jasper Britton as Barabas in  the RSC production of 'The Jew of Malta'

Here in Stratford-on-Avon some of us went to see Christopher Marlowe’s The Jew of Malta at the Swan . It was an excellent performance and one of the delights was to sit opposite a group of English schoolchildren and watch their faces. They were spellbound by the magic of the theater. The play itself reveals Marlowe’s rumbustious [Read More...]

The Clash of Secular and Sacred

The Mission

  My article for Imaginative Conservative this week connects with my visit to England. It is an analysis of two films by Robert Bolt: Man for All Seasons and The Mission When church and state conspire together the state ultimately wins, for the church’s real power can never be of this world, and any true believer who is [Read More...]

English Martyrs Pilgrimage Diary 4

Oxborough Hall

Sometimes on a pilgrimage like this shepherding thirty or forty people and their luggage some stuff goes wrong. You miss a connection or someone gets lost or you could have had some details organized better. On the other hand, sometimes unexpected gifts are given. We’re still talking about the serendipitous Corpus Christi procession at Oxborough [Read More...]

England Pilgrimage Diary 3

The Church of St Etheldreda, Ely

We’ve been away from internet for a few days on our English Martyrs-Literary Pilgrimage of England with Joseph Pearce After a Saturday evening hike around London’s West End with dinner at in Chinatown we left on Sunday morning for the cathedral city of Ely where we visited the little church of St Etheldreda. Sunday morning Mass [Read More...]

England Pilgrimage Diary 2

Celebrating Mass in the Crypt of Canterbury Cathedral

We are having an action packed pilgrimage! After yesterday’s moving and powerful visit to Tyburn and other London churches we boarded the coach today for a trip to Canterbury. We visited the delightful church of St Thomas of Canterbury and met the priest and venerated the relics of St Thomas a Becket and relics of [Read More...]

Catholic Martyrs Pilgrimage Diary


We arrived in London yesterday and went drove immediately to the Tower of  London where we were taken on an excellent tour. On Tower Hill we were shown the exact site where St Thomas More and St John Fisher were executed, then visiting the tower saw the Crown Jewels, the site of Anne Boleyn’s execution [Read More...]

Elastic and Plastic America

Plastic Jesus

Bruce Jenner’s stunning transformation into “Caitlyn” has taken America’s love affair with superficiality and stage effects to a new high. Plastered across the media with nowhere to hide is an image of a sixty five year old grandfather made up as a voluptuous young woman. And we’re expected to bow down to this image and [Read More...]

Bruce Jenner’s New Clothes


You remember the story of the emperor’s new clothes. The tailors charged him loads of money to give him a total make over. He was going to be a totally new emperor. They told him how wonderful he was and they stitched and cut and made him up, and at last he went on public [Read More...]

Vanity Fair? Call Me Confused…


It has been difficult not to have one’s nose pushed into a particular image this week. It is that of a former Olympic athlete dolled up as a woman on the cover of the appropriately named Vanity Fair.  Readers may remember the original Vanity Fair appeared in John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress. Vanity Fair is a place where every [Read More...]

The Dissolving Family and the Bio Tech Revolution


This week’s article for National Catholic Register explores the seismic upheaval that has been the bio tech revolution. We seem blind to the fact that we are living in the midst of the most astounding technological revolution the world has ever seen. Biotechnology is the umbrella term for all the advances we have made in medical know-how, [Read More...]

Cheap Church Cheap Faith


My latest article at Aleteia defends the building of beautiful churches–beginning with the one in our parish for which we are soon to break ground. We are just about to break ground for a beautiful new church in my parish in Greenville, South Carolina. Whenever Catholics plan to lay out a significant sum of money [Read More...]

God? No Ruprecht That’s Not Our Mother


Go here to read more [Read more...]

Twelve Reasons Why You Can’t Call God “Mother”

First CofE Woman Bishop Libby Lane

The feminist Anglicans have unveiled their latest campaign. Now that they’ve succeeded in getting women ordained as priests and bishops they’re pushing for the language of the liturgy to be changed to call God “Mother.” Here are twelve reasons why you can’t call God “Mother” 1. Jesus tells us to call God “Father” - The really big reason [Read More...]

Anglicans Push to Call God “Mother”

Anglican Women Priests

  This article in the Daily Telegraph is old news. It tells us how the feminists in the Church of England want to get rid of the patriarchal language in the Church and call God “Mother.” It is sort of a news item because it comes hard on the heels of the first ordinations of [Read More...]

American Atheistic Materialism


This week’s article at The Imaginative Conservative reveals how our materialistic habits are actually (beneath the surface) a form of atheistic ideology. At depth, materialism is that philosophy that assumes and asserts that there is nothing more than the material world. “What you see is what you get.” The true materialist does not believe in [Read More...]

The Holy Trinity, Feminists and a Nice Cuppa Tea


I’m living in England and the parish priest asks me to take a confirmation class. In the group of eighth graders preparing for confirmation, Jimmy was a not one of the brightest stars. He was a bit like vanilla pudding, sweet but thick. So when it came to discussion of the Holy Trinity I wasn’t [Read More...]

What’s Your Happiness Level?


Fr Robert Spitzer’s new volume Finding True Happiness: Satisfying Our Restless Hearts (Happiness, Suffering, and Transcendence) is excellent. I get umpteen books for review and my policy is, “If the book sits there and I have a desire (not a duty) to read it, then it makes the cut and I’ll read and review it) This [Read More...]

Big Hearted Francis

francis child

My article for Aleteia this week focusses on Pope Francis’ heart of compassion, and how this attractive trait can be both a strength and a seeming weakness. Sick children also draw his compassion, “This breaks my heart.” The pope said, “When I see those creatures I say to the Lord, ‘Why them and not me?’” [Read More...]

More on the Benedict Option

St Benedict - Church of the Atonement, San Antonio

  My latest article for the National Catholic Register explores how the Benedict Option I discussed here might be employed at parish level. A “Benedict Option” would undermine clericalism in a positive and creative way. There would be natural renewal of worship, religious education and service based on the needs of the local community rather [Read More...]