Mary’s May Altar at St Joseph’s

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Persecution on the Horizon

At InsideCatholic Ronald Rychlak looks at some of the consequences of homosexual ‘marriage’. [Read more...]

We’re on a Mission From God

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St Joseph the Worker

On St Joseph the Worker day all the students from St Joseph’s Catholic School go out into the community and do some sort of manual work. We have ‘households’ at the school. These are extended homeroom groups. Boys and girls are separate, and kids from each year group are together–staying in the household for the [Read More...]

Inquisitions and Imprimaturs

Now here’s a puzzle for you. I’m setting up an interview with Anne Rice for various publications I write for. Some Catholics are worried that she may publicly dissent from Church teachings on matters like homosexuality, abortion and women’s ordination. If an artist dissents from church teachings what should we do with their art? Should [Read More...]

First Things

Over at First Things blog Anthony Sacramone includes some witticisms from the great British sit-com Yes Minister about the Church of England…The Prime Minister is trying to appoint a Church of England bishop (yes they really are appointed by the government) and concludes, “So the ideal candidate would be a cross between a socialite and a [Read More...]

Rotund, Robust and Rollicking

My pal Joseph Pearce says the Annual Chesterton Conference organized by Dale Ahlquist is the one conference he would get to each year if he couldn’t go anywhere else. Over 500 Chestertonians will be gathering in Minnesota for three jolly days in June. Apparently there is plenty of robust hilarity, serious thought, serious food and [Read More...]

Of Pevenseys, Bilboes and Bogles

They’re making a two-film version of The Hobbit, and Ian McKellan is to play Gandalf again. More here. Who’s to play Bilbo I wonder? Isn’t Ian Holm too old? I hope not. He’d be perfect. Meanwhile, I’m re-reading Prince Caspian in order to churn out some articles for the film’s release in a few weeks’ time. [Read More...]

Priests should be like iced tea

The Owl has a nice post here about an ordination taken by the Holy Father. To the new priests: “Be sweet and strong.” [Read more...]

School Sex Abuse Scandal

Here is my latest article for InsideCatholic. [Read more...]

Danny Gospel

Is there any decent fiction being written by Christians today? Notice I’ve said ‘fiction written by Christians’ and not ‘Christian fiction.’ I’d define the first as fiction that stands on its own as a well written piece of literature, and the second as fiction that either appeals only to Christians because it is set in [Read More...]

The Three (Reverend) Tenors

Who says Catholics can’t sing? Here’s a story about three Irish priests who have signed a record contract with Sony. There’s a video link of them singing and discussing the record deal. How can you dislike the Irish? [Read more...]

Bad News

It seems that the motu proprio of last July was not sufficient to bring the Society of St Pius X back into full communion with the Holy See. This article reports the decision of their leadership to continue on the path of schism rather than pursue the path of reconciliation. I guess those who opined [Read More...]

Husband of the Year 4

…and the contestant from Poland [Read more...]

Husband of the Year 3

The contestant from the United States of America [Read more...]

Husband of the Year 2

Our contestant from the United Kingdom [Read more...]

Husband of the Year

I’ve had a very funny email about the International Husband of the Year competition. Here is an entry from Serbia… More to follow. [Read more...]

Pope Reaches Out

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Bloggers Meet

Fr Ben Kiely the secretive, English priest blogger,  ‘Owl of the Remove’,  is visiting Greenville this weekend.  We had an excellent dinner together with Joseph Pearce, Fr Newman and Fr Bart. Discussion centered on the reform of the reform, England and America, notable drunkards we have met, the decline of the Old Country and the [Read More...]

Hankies Please

Try to keep your eyes dry on this one.  For American readers a ‘council estate’ is poor government housing for the underclass. h/t Fr Ray [Read more...]

From the Pope’s homily at St Patrick’s

The first has to do with the stained glass windows, which flood the interior with mystic light. From the outside, those windows are dark, heavy, even dreary. But once one enters the church, they suddenly come alive; reflecting the light passing through them, they reveal all their splendor. Many writers – here in America we can [Read More...]


Placido Domingo singing Panis Angelicus at the Papal Mass in Washington. Very moving to see him kneel to kiss the Pope’s ring at the end. [Read more...]