One of the reasons I’m not blogging very much at the moment is because I’m working my way through the TV version of Brideshead Revisited. It really is probably the most perfect screen adaption of any novel ever. The only possible fault is Anthony Andrews’ Sebastian. He’s a bit too spoilt and self pitying. My [Read More...]

Tale of Two Churches

Here is my latest article–published this weekend in the National Catholic Register. It points out that there are two churches within the modern Christian Church: one that is interested in happiness here and the other in happiness hereafter. One tries to make the world a better place and make people feel better. The other is [Read More...]

Didja missme?

Sorry I’ve been absent from the blogosphere recently. I’ve been too busy shopping for new glasses to blog. I’m off on retreat now and will get back to it on my return… [Read more...]

Anglo Islam

The ABC (Archbishop of Canterbury) thinks having Islamic Sharia law in Britain is not such a bad thing. Read the report here. I’m not good with the graphics thing, but can anybody doctor this photograph? He’s got the beard, just add a turban or something… [Read more...]

A Peaceful Religion?

A dear friend of mine, when faced with anti-Catholic bigotry expressed her bewilderment and said quite simply, “I don’t think I hate any religion, but I like Islam the least.” It is hard to remain calm and open minded about Islam. What I find difficult is the stupidity of some Muslims. Some time ago there [Read More...]

Catholic Liturgy Today

We have Curt Jester to thank for these shapshots of Catholic liturgy. A friend and fellow convert called me last week just about at his wits’ end with the music in his parish. Three ancient crones with one guitar squawking out the latest goofy song as a recessional, “We can make a difference…we can make [Read More...]

March for Life 2008

Watch this video to see why the pro life cause will eventually win. Hat tip to Roving Medievalist [Read more...]

PC C of E

Here’s an amusing piece by a Church of England vicar on the idiocy of the church becoming politically correct. [Read more...]

Barack Obama is Pro Abortion

Carl Olson (as usual) neatly parses Barack Obama’s “I’m against abortion but pro-choice” hypocrisy. Let’s translate this into Nazi propaganda: “I don’t know anybody who is in favor of genocide or ethnic cleansing, but I fully uphold the Nazi party’s right to choose this as a political option.” [Read more...]

Notre Dame de la Brune

In 1987, as a young Anglican priest, I had three months free between jobs and decided to hitch hike to Jerusalem from England, staying in monasteries along the way. One day, traveling through France a lift dropped me in the city of Tournus. I hadn’t planned to stop there for any particular reason, but enjoyed [Read More...]

Hundreds of Thousands

This pro-life site claims 225,000 people marched for life this year. [Read more...]

Why No News

The news blackout on the March for Life this year is truly astounding. So far, looking online with Google searches I have found one article that reports that 4,500 people were involved in the protest. 4500!!??!!?? Meanwhile this report from the Associated Press and this report from AFP and this report from the BBC simply [Read More...]


Been to March for Life with two bus loads of high school students. More later. UPDATE: American Papist has the first videos and pictures of this year’s March Amy Welborn also links to this blogger’s slideshow from the march [Read more...]

Kitty Comes Out Swinging

Episcopal Presiding Bishop Kate (Kitty) Jefferts-Schori has come out swinging against those who are against the trend of the Episcopal Church becoming a gay-lesbi-trans religious sect. You can read the whole story here. In response to the Diocese of San Joaquin’s withdrawal from the Protestant denomination, Kitty has inhibited the Diocesan bishop from all priestly [Read More...]

United Methodist Pastor Comes Home

Rev Allen Hunt, pastor of the third largest United Methodist Church in the world is to resign his ministry and be received into full communion with the Catholic Church. You can read his statement here. Welcome home Allen! May your new ministry be blessed abundantly, and as you come, may your Evangelical insights, deep faith [Read More...]

Vote Longenecker for President

All of the pollsters in the current presidential race report the same phenomenon. They like some things about some candidates, but not everything about any candidate. To date, not one candidate pulls together all the great qualities of each candidate. They like Fred Thompson’s star appeal and policies. They like John McCain’s tough guy stance. [Read More...]

Tiresome Preachers

Fr Ray of St Mary Magdalene, Brighton on boring preachers. What I don’t get is this: when you’re up there preaching you can see the people. You can tell if they’re sleeping. You can actually see when they are bored to tears. Why then, do preachers week in and week out continue to preach poorly [Read More...]

Wimmin Priests

A commenter on an earlier post asked me my opinion of the women priests in the Anglican Church as I worked with them. Were they sillier or more radical or more whatever than the male priests? One of the interesting findings about the women priests in the Church of England was that they are more [Read More...]

To Live by Faith or Die Hard

I watched the newest Die Hard movie the other night and realized that the hero, John McCain is running for president. Then I stopped and listened a bit harder: whoops, the Bruce Willis character is John McClane, not McCain. Nevertheless, the comparison is apt. John McCain is campaigning for the Republican nomination as a hard [Read More...]

Read Inside Catholic

Crisis Magazine is not longer a magazine–at least not in the old fashioned “send it to the printers, then send it out by mail” kind of magazine. A few months ago they moved over to a totally electronic form Inside Catholic is the website that is now what Crisis Magazine used to be. Like the [Read More...]

High School Witness

From a junior in high school: “Father, one of the reasons I want to join the Catholic Church is that I have been searching or the truth for a long time. All the other churches have obviously come from the Catholic Church in the first place. They say they have the Bible, but how could [Read More...]

Anglican Women Priests Come Home to Rome

Damian Thompson reports on an article about the Archbishop of Westminster’s ecumenical officer (and famous convert maker) Fr Michael Seed. In passing he mentions the Anglican women priests who have converted to the Catholic faith. They said they were fed up with being treated shabbily by their fellow Anglicans. [Read more...]