Evangelical Art?

Thanks to the Roving Medievalist for a link to an interesting article from Touchstone Magazine asking why Evangelicals don’t produce good literature. The author, who is an Evangelical, asks good questions and appreciates Flannery O’Connor’s insights on faith and art. He also laments the lack of good art or even a theological theory of art [Read More...]

Tragedy in Greenville

A local Catholic girl who had just started at Clemson University collapsed and died this week, and yesterday on the day before his eighteenth birthday another local boy was hit by lightning while on the soccer field. The girl was a member of a local parish and the boy played our kids at St Joseph’s [Read More...]

Can ya believe it?

American Anglicans consecrated in Kenya. Sorry to be such a thicko, but are there any Episcopalians/Anglicans out there who can explain the rationale behind all this? Why tootle off to an African bishop to be consecrated when there are already plenty of Episcopal priests who have got themselves consecrated as bishops and set up their [Read More...]

Holy Water Confiscated

The Daily Telegraph reports Pilgrims to Lourdes have had their holy water confiscated by airport officials who feared that the bottles shaped like the Virgin Mary might contain terrorist bombs. What I liked most about this story is that the Vatican has now got its own airline. This seems far more of a news story [Read More...]

Head of St John the Baptist

In England they call the school principal the ‘Headmistress’ or ‘HeadMaster’ or ‘HeadTeacher’ or ‘Head’ for short. I knew this nun who was Headmistress of the local parish school that was dedicated to St John the Baptist, and she would regularly pick up the phone and say, “Hello, this is the head of St John [Read More...]

More on Hell and Judgement

A comment on my last post questions my words, “Indeed, I wonder if it is really up to God as well. Yes, being the all powerful one, and the Almighty judge, he is the one who consigns souls to hell, but it is also true that we choose Hell.‘ The reader is concerned that I’ve [Read More...]

More on Hell

My post on universalism was pretty black and white because in many ways the best sermon to preach about hell has only two words, “Fear Hell.”However, the whole question is more subtle and interesting than that. I said I wanted there to be a hell for the brutes who abduct, torture and rape children, then [Read More...]

The Old Time Religion

Universalism is the sentimental false doctrine that everybody will be saved. It is widespread not only among the liberal Protestants, but amongst many Catholics. I’ve never understood how anyone with half a brain can subscribe to such a goofy creed. Doesn’t ordinary human decency demand hell for the depraved beast who stalks little girls, abducts [Read More...]


Take time for a little photo visit with Fr Tim to Pluscarden Abbey in Scotland. Suddenly I miss the UK. [Read more...]

St Bartholomew

“Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” Philip replied, “Come and see!” [Read more...]

Poke BahbeQ…

…as they say it here in the South. We had a back to school dance and social at St Joseph’s, complete with a vegetarian dinner. This is the vegetarian we roasted and had for dinner. [Read more...]

Let’s Go to the Movies

The Board at St Joseph’s Catholic School decided to hire a chaplain that does not have a teaching role in the school. Great choice as far as I’m concerned. I like teaching, but a teacher has a different relationship to the students than the chaplain does. Nevertheless, I’ve been asked to teach the Film and [Read More...]

Tee Pee Churches

Fr Ray posts about dreary modern churches. If you’re interested in an article I wrote for Touchstone Magazine on this issue link here. [Read more...]

Emotional Worship

When I was studying script writing I came across a quote from a film script writer that could well apply to worship. He said, “I want to move the audience so much that they leave the cinema thinking.” He understood that emotions are what motivate most of us most of the time. In fact the [Read More...]

Hail Holy Queen

The gospel reading for the Queenship of Mary is the story of the Annunciation, and what struck me at Mass today was the fact that the royal status of Mary was established on earth historically before it was established in heaven. First of all it was established because Mary was the wife of Joseph, who, [Read More...]

Dust to Dust

If you’re interested you can read the whole story of Leona Helmsley–the super rich New Yorker who died the other day. Phew! What a tale! She had it all, but died like everyone else: naked as the day she was born. Reminds me of the story of what the priest said at the billionaire’s funeral. [Read More...]

Captain Canuck and friends

In my recent post of Spiderman, I commented that the superhero is a particularly American phenomenon. I was wrong. A disgruntled Canadian commented politely that there are plenty of Canadian superheroes. Captain Canuck is one, but my favorite after a few moments of quick viewing is Major Mapleleaf–pictured here. I apologize profusely to all spandex [Read More...]

Carl Olson

If you don’t read Carl Olson’s blog Insight Scoop you ought to. He comments on news, popular culture, literature, theology and churchy stuff. His style is always brisk, smart and he spends far more time researching and providing great links in his posts than I could ever do.Carl’s a convert from conservative Evangelicalism. He’s written [Read More...]

A Baptist, Tolkien and the Blessed Virgin

Sheepcat tells a sweet story about how a Baptist scholar helped him toward a devotion to Our Lady, and ultimately into communion with the Catholic Church. [Read more...]

A Spiritual Genius

I’m re-reading The Story of a Soul and I never re-read it without reading The Last Conversations as well. What I find so exciting about Therese is that she is so fantastically subversive. There she is as a little bourgeois French girl traipsing into the convent with little girly girly images of God and being [Read More...]

Time Flies

It is almost a year now since I started this blog. This week a new school year starts at St Joseph’s Catholic School where I serve as chaplain. In addition to these duties, I am the new director of RCIA at St Mary’s. I think there is going to be less and less time for [Read More...]

Good Question

A friend has asked me this question about the Latin Mass: What would you do Father if a group of parishioners at St. Mary’s or St. Joseph’s requested you to offer the Traditional Latin Mass regularly. The motu proprio is quite clear on what the Pope and the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei expects. Would you [Read More...]