Religion in USA

Carl Olson reports on American religious statistics here. Catholics, JWs and Mormons are up. Episcopalians, Liberal Baptists and Presbyterians down. Catholics are the largest single Christian group in USA. [Read more...]

Reform of the Formless

One of the best ways to tell if a parish is up to speed on the reform of the reform is to check out what their altar servers wear. If a bunch of girls show up in with high heels sticking out from below those white garments that look like oversized pillow cases you know [Read More...]

Wake Up Honey….NOW!

The Curt Jester has this story that teaches us that we should yell at our wives more… [Read more...]

Shroud to be Re-tested

The Daily Telegraph reports that the Oxford scientist who dated the Turin Shroud as medieval now has significant doubts, and is open to a new carbon-14 dating test. A BBC documentary to be shown on Easter Saturday will bring forward new archaeological and historical evidence supporting the authenticity of the shroud. I personally am a [Read More...]

Ad Orientem 3

Here’s the third installment of Fr Newman’s catechesis on ad orientem celebration of the Mass. [Read more...]

Holy Russia?

This article from The Daily Telegraph reports that the revival of the Orthodox Church in Putin’s Russia has a shadow side. It raises all sorts of basic questions about the church and the state being in bed together. Can a state church ever be free of corruption? Can a state church ever be free of [Read More...]

Tu es Petrus

[Read more...]

The Chair of Peter

We’re told that Moses ‘sat down’ to deliver the judgments interpreting the law (Exodus 18:13) and Jesus refers to this tradition when he says the Scribes and Pharisees occupy the ‘Seat of Moses’ (Mt.23.2) So from these two Scriptural details we can infer several things: the Jews had not only the written Scriptures, but an [Read More...]

All your Dreams Really Can Come True…

Looks like I was wrong. She’s not Lady McBeth, she’s Ronald McDonald [Read more...]

Inside Liturgy

Here’s my latest article for the Crisis Magazine’s website Inside Catholic. It’s called What in the Liturgy is Going On? [Read more...]

Go To Hell

If you want an easy to read introduction to The Inferno check out Paul Thigpen’s excellent book (with an awful title) My Visit to Hell. It is a fantastic version of The Inferno written as a modern novel. The hero enters hell through a storm sewer in the slums of modern day Atlanta. Dante’s infernal [Read More...]

Some Cool Inferno Stuff

There is a cool interactive, online tour of Dante’s hell at and the University of Texas has an excellent website which allows you to learn your way around hell at A less professional, but fun website that helps you interact with Dante’s whole work is found at [Read more...]

Raging Inferno

Enough of Waugh already. I’m starting to re-read Dante’s Divine Comedy for Lent. I usually start on Ash Wednesday, but got delayed. I hope readers won’t mind some more literary posts. [Read more...]

English Sistine Chapel

You have to love the English. They drive you absolutely crazy, then they come up with some great eccentric like Gary–a self taught sign painter who has done a faithful reproduction of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in the village of Goring-by-Sea in West Sussex. View pictures and learn about Gary here. H/T Auntie [Read More...]

Furry Fish

The Curt Jester has this post about the capybara a South American aquatic rodent that missionaries asked the Pope to classify as a fish so it could be eaten during Lent. Catholics in Michigan eat muskrat during Lent for the same reasons. There’s a fine article about the custom here. I like the final comment [Read More...]

Ad Orientem

During Lent, Fr Newman is writing a series of Sunday bulletins for St Mary’s, Greenville on the reasons why celebration of the Mass ad orientem is consistent with the ancient traditions of the church. Week One is here, and the second installment is here. See what you think. [Read more...]

Charles Ryder


If Lord Marchmain holds in himself all of the Flyte offspring, a friend has pointed out that Charles does as well. Sebastian the degenerate is in Charles. Julia the adulterer is in Charles, Bridey the rational, detached observer is in Charles, and in the end Cordelia, the believer is in Charles too. Charles, coming from [Read More...]

Counter Knowledge

Damian Thompson comments on the conspiracy theories surrounding the death of Diana Princess of Wales, the conspiracy that the US government planned the 9/11 attacks and a new theory that Facebook is a front by CIA to spy on people. Damian’s new book is about what he calls ‘counterknowledge’. It is a study of conspiracy [Read More...]

The Villain of the Piece


Is divorce a crime? One of the greatest aspects of Brideshead Revisited is to observe the results of Lord Marchmain’s abandonment of his family. He claims on his deathbed that ‘We were fighting for freedom. I took my freedom. Was that a crime?’ In a devastating moment Cordelia (as always) speaks the truth. “I think [Read More...]

Demographic Winter

Go here for the trailer of a new documentary film on the coming demographic crisis as the population in developed countries continues to plummet. Demographic Winter looks fantastic. I’ll be getting it to show at school. [Read more...]

Big Bad Bill

Click here to see Big Bad Bill get mad when faced with pro life supporters. Are Bill and Hillary trustworthy? Here’s the man who twice vetoed the ban on partial birth abortion, trying to claim credit for bringing down abortion and teen pregnancy numbers. Go figure. UPDATE: Bill’s tirade happened at Steubenville. There is more [Read More...]

St Methodius

I understand yesterday was the memorial of St Methodius. He’s the founder of the Methodist Church right? [Read more...]