Merry Ole England

Here’s a news story to let you know what modern Britain is like. Read it and weep. [Read more...]

American Religious Shysters

You may have heard the names and adventures of Charles Taze Russell, Judge Rutherford , Mary Baker Eddy, Joseph Smith etc. etc. You can add famous dispensationalist Bible ‘scholar’ C.I. Scofield to the list of religious renegades and ne-er do wells. In a long line of American religious entrepreneurs, Scofield had a reputation as a [Read More...]


What happened to a blog called Catholodoxies by a young searcher called Irenaeus? [Read more...]

Five Things

Sheepcat has tagged me for five thing I love about Jesus. This is totally off the top of my head: 1. He loved children.2. He rebuked religious hypocrites.3. He spent lots of time praying alone.4. He cleansed the temple.5. He didn’t complain and didn’t explain. I tag Archistrategos; Catholic Mom of Ten; Fr Benedict at [Read More...]

The Healing Rosary

Just got news last week that my new book The Healing Rosary has been given the greenlight at Our Sunday Visitor for publication next Spring. Publication is one step. After that we’ve got to get people to 1. Buy the book 2. Read it… Every step in book production is harder than the last. [Read more...]

Jehovah’s Witnesses or Conservative Evangelicals?

Here are two timelines. The first one is a dispensationalist timeline. The outline of world history here is embraced by a huge number of American conservative Evangelicals. They’re the ones who buy into the whole hugely successful Left Behind series of books and films produced by Bob Jones graduate Tim LaHaye (and others) The bottom [Read More...]

Paganism and Catholicism

Over at Shrine of the Holy Whapping Drew was asking if anyone knew the origin of the bishop’s mitre. It reminded me that purveyors of the more wacky anti-Catholic propaganda believe the bishop’s mitre is derived from the ancient pagan religion of Dagon the fish god. (picture to the left) See how the priest’s headgear [Read More...]

The Church is Alive; the Church is Young

On Friday we travelled to Columbia, SC for the ordination of six men to the priesthood to serve for the Diocese of Charleston. Fr. Michael Cassabon is a young man in his twenties who has trained at the North American College in Rome. Michael is a graduate of St Joseph’s Catholic School. He is our [Read More...]


Aaaargh!! After camp my laptop crashed and burned. The hard drive was corrupted and I lost all data. Had I been making regular back ups? Whoops forgot. At camp had I finished two thirds of The Gargoyle Code–my Screwtape Letters take off? Yes I had. Was Slubgrip happy with the book? Probably not. Can devils [Read More...]

Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah,

Remember that one, or am I showing my age again? I’m signing off for a week. I’m going –not to Camp Granada–but to Camp Kahdalea and Camp Chosatonga to be camp chaplain for a week. I also hope to finish my book The Gargoyle Code–which is half done. Over and out. [Read more...]

Doc, I’ve Got this Painful Molar…

Amy offers excerpts from Southern Baptist theologian Albert Mohler’s reaction to the Catholic Church’s recent clarification on what makes up a ‘proper church.’ You can read Dr Mohler’s whole article here. At least Dr. Mohler read the Vatican statement and has the dignity to respond rationally, instead of the sentimental responses from many Protestants. He [Read More...]

Culture of Death

This is a wedding dress made from condoms. All part of a Chinese fashion show to promote the rubber doo dads. Quite apart from China’s one child policy, forced abortions and sterilizations, isn’t a wedding dress made out of condoms the most amazing contradiction in terms? A wedding after all, is about starting a family, [Read More...]

Fishy Friday

My brother converted to the Catholic faith a few years ago, and one of his in laws from Philadelphia tried to dissuade him. A solid Archie Bunker type, he said, “Lemme tellya about dem Catlicks. I grew up wid dem in Philly. Ya know dey all eat fish on Fridays right? Well lemme tellya why. [Read More...]

Rat’s Tale

Here’s a hilarious (and very well written) story from the Phillipines about four guys, a girl and a rat. [Read more...]

The End of Ecumenism?

Ruth Gledhill’s report on the Catholic Church’s recent statement on ecumenism certainly fanned the flames of anti-Catholicism amongst her readers. Does the statement signal the end of ecumenism as we knew it? I think the old fashioned 60s-70s ecumenism has been a dead duck for a long time, and it’s not Rome’s fault. What has [Read More...]

Sleepy Christians

Catholics are sometimes charged with lack of zeal for evangelism. Our Protestant Evangelical brothers sometimes say that our reliance on the sacramental system of the Church leads us to assume that a person is ‘saved’ and leads us to neglect their need for conversion.This is an understandable reaction from those who begin with Evangelical Protestant [Read More...]

The Benedictine Way – 6

Conversion of Life is the wild-eyed and grace filled, unpredictable part of the spiritual way. Conversion of life means ‘change of life’ and real change entails risk, uncertainty and the adventure of going into the unknown. In the spiritual life it means accepting the work of the Holy Spirit–who may be doing things his way [Read More...]

Heaven in You

An observation from Dr.Francis Beckwith, the former Evangelical scholar who recently reverted to the Catholic faith. “Protestants are concerned about how to get you to heaven,” he said. “Catholics are more concerned about getting heaven into you.” H-T – Carl Olson [Read more...]


B16 says in Jesus of Nazareth, “The Scriptures can only rightly be interpreted in the lives of the saints.” Doesn’t that just kick you? Not first and foremost textual criticism. Not redaction criticism. Not the historico-critical method. Not psychological interpretations or feminist interpretations or lesbi gay trans reading. Not the Schofield reference Bible or Mrs [Read More...]


My fourth of July post has stirred up the political side of people. When it comes to politics, I confess to an almost total lack of interest. This dis-interest has been with me as long as I can remember, and I suppose it has its roots in my Mennonite ancestry. Perhaps I should care more [Read More...]

Liberals and Evangelicals

I have been skimming through the work of Donna Schaper–the UCC/Baptist pastor in New York City who has admitted publicly to an abortion and that she considers what she did to be murder. Here’s Donna Schaper preaching at a Good Friday Service. This was a joint service between some of her flock and members of [Read More...]

The Benedictine Way – 5

After the vows of stability and obedience is the third vow of Conversion of Life. This is the part where the spiritual life gets some kick and zing. Obedience and stability seem dull and pedestrian, but conversion of life is what it is all about. Conversion of life is not just that a person seeks [Read More...]