Snoring or Adoring?

What do you do when you go to your local chapel of perpetual adoration in the wee hours of the morning only to find a smelly old tramp snoring in the back row? Onion Boy blogs about it here. [Read more...]

Lutheran Pastor’s Conversion Story

Here’s a blogged converson story/journey of a Lutheran pastor and father of five from Australia [Read more...]

Altar Altered

Check out the Strong Woman for a cool video of an ugly modern altar being transformed before your eyes. [Read more...]

The Theological Pogo Stick

Kendall Harmon over at Titusonenine reports that Andrew Hutchinson, the head of the Canadian Anglican Church has knocked the Archbishop of Canterbury for not providing clear leadership. Geesh, if he wants clear leadership, why’s the guy an Anglican? Doesn’t he geddit? Archbishops of Canterbury are elected because they know how to compromise. As it used [Read More...]

Running the Race

This is one of my favorite religious paintings. It shows Peter and John running to the tomb on Easter morning. One of the striking features of the gospel readings for Eastertide is all the running that is going on. Mary Magdalene runs to tell the apostles about the resurrection. Peter and John run to the [Read More...]

Vatican 2 and the Shortage of Priests

A blog dedicated to promoting vocations in the Catholic Church has this post which chronicles the devastating shrinkage in the Catholic priesthood and religious orders in the USA. The numbers represent a reduction of about 90% since the mid 1960s. What’s up? There are so many different reasons for the seminaries and religious houses reducing [Read More...]

Church of the Nazarene member comes Home to Rome

Among the 154,000 received into the Church at Easter is a former Nazarene minister who blogs here. [Read more...]

Bringing in the Sheaves

…or herding in the sheep, or rescuing the perishing, or exercising the ministry of reconciliation, or soul winning… whatever image you use, the Catholic Church in the United States estimates that about 154,000 adults were baptized or received into the Church at Easter this year. Statistics are slippery things. What do these numbers mean in [Read More...]

Big Brother Britain

From London’s Daily Telegraph: According to recent studies, Britain has 4.2million CCTV cameras – one for every 14 people in the country – which amounts to 20 per cent of the global camera total. It has been calculated that each person is caught on camera an average of 300 times daily. The latest gadget to [Read More...]

Urbi et Orbi

The crowds at the Vatican for the Pope’s Easter message Urbi et Orbi numbered around 100,000. Link here for the text. The beautiful thing about the message is that it is an uncompromising re-affirmation of the resurrection, and as such, is not only for the world’s Catholics, but for all Christians of faith and good [Read More...]

The Holly and Lily Crowd

On observing the larger numbers for Easter one pastor wisecracked, “I have to apologize to all of you about all the lilies in Church. I wanted to get poinsettas, so it would look just like it did last time you were here…” [Read more...]

Easter Coverage

Amy Welborn covers Easter worldwide. She’s got moving photographs from Catholic celebrations of the Triduum from around the world. She’s also posted to Pope’s Easter message to the world as well as his homily at the Easter Vigil. Thanks, Amy for keeping at it while other bloggers were taking time off! [Read more...]

Christ is Risen – Alleluia

The Triduum at St Mary’s Greenville was splendid. I was priviledged to celebrate the Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Thursday. Fr Bart Leon celebrated conducted the Good Friday Liturgy and Fr Chris Smith presided at the Easter Vigil. The priests were supported by the whole team at St Mary’s–choir, our army of splendid altar [Read More...]

Holy Week

I’m signing off for Holy Week, and will be back with the Alleluias. [Read more...]

With This Ring I Thee Wed

A dear friend sent me this link to a story of a Jewish guy who converted to the Catholic faith. The story of his conversion is moving and real, then the story goes sour as he recounts his disappointing experience of Catholicism on the ground. He comes across New Agey kooks leading RCIA, ignorant Catholics, [Read More...]

Episcopal Bishop Comes Home to Rome

Daniel Herzog, The Episcopal Bishop of Albany has been received into full communion with the Catholic Church. Here’s the story. The detail that interests me is that (if I understand correctly) he somehow transferred his suffragan Bishop’s allegiance to an African bishop before resigning and handing over to his Episcopal successor. Can anyone illuminate us [Read More...]

Church Unity in the Liturgical Details

What is “Church unity”? Probably the most shallow concept of church unity is in the ecumenical movement as popularly understood. “Church Unity” in this context means Christians of different denominations should meet together, be more charitable toward one another, find ways to work out their differences, and where possible, work together for the common good. [Read More...]


The discussions on Anglicans converting to Catholicism here and on Fr. Al Kimmel’s blog have been generating a lot of discussion across the blogosphere. Hits to this blog have gone through the roof. If you are reading this and are thinking through the claims of the Catholic faith there are plenty of good books to [Read More...]

A Rejoinder to Dr Grayling

A.C.Grayling is one of London’s chattering class who espouse a shallow secularism and dress it up as philosophy. I commented on his most recent outing the other day. Carl Olson at Ignatius Insight has engaged with Grayling’s thought, and written an excellent counter argument. Take time to read this. Carl’s work is thorough, modest, incisive [Read More...]

Newman Hits the Bull’s Eye

I love this quotation from Cardinal Newman’s Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine;If Christianity is both social and dogmatic, and intended for all ages, it must, humanly speaking, have an infallible expounder, else you will secure unity of form at the loss of unity of doctrine, or unity of doctrine at the loss of [Read More...]

Angel Cake Evangelization

Check out this post to see how an American college student in the Bible Belt used Lady Day, angel cake and pink toenails as an opportunity to evangelize in her college dorm. [Read more...]

Elton John the Divine?

A reader has sent me this link about Elton John’s birthday party. The king of wigs, who recently bashed religion as ‘hateful’ and said organized religion should be banned, celebrated in the Episcopal cathedral of St John the Divine in New York. The cathedral was transformed into a huge party venue for all the bent [Read More...]