Ancient Languages

I am still on a steep learning curve about the attraction of the Latin language in the liturgy. I suggested that the liturgy was originally put into Latin so that more people could understand it, and wondered if the fact that it was in Latin today didn’t rather defeat that original purpose. Someone was good [Read More...]

When I’m Right I’m Wrong

I have always been fascinated not only with religion, but with the games people play with religion. Having been brought up within Protestant fundamentalism I knew some very devout, sincere and holy Christians within that world. They really taught me how to live by faith. They regarded faith as a huge risk, and the greatest [Read More...]


I have deleted a long comment by my friend Jamie Bogle defending the Extraordinary Form of Mass–the Mass of Blessed John XXIII. I have done so for several reasons. First of all, comment boxes are for just that: comments. They are not the places to conduct long online debates. The place to do this online [Read More...]

Pope Re-Popes

Episcopal bishop Clarence Pope became a Catholic in 1994 then went back to the Episcopal Church. The Holy Whappers report his reversion to Catholicism here. The question of Anglican clergymen coming over to Rome and then going back to Anglicanism was one we faced from time to time in England working with the St Barnabas [Read More...]

Doctor’s Hat

I keep telling you Catholics have the best hats… [Read more...]

Via Crucis This video of the persecution of the Church in China reminds me of my dear adopted England. The Church there endured similar persecution. For decades priests were hunted down, tortured and killed, and for hundreds of years Catholics were persecuted, deprived of property and all civil rights. Now the same church is threatened by [Read More...]

British Links

Fr Ray posts about the upcoming ordination of Matthew Goddard here in the USA. He is studying at the FSSP seminary along with a couple of other British guys. Matthew is the son of a married former Anglican priest. Fr Goddard is parish priest at West Grinstead–a little parish in West Sussex. At this amazing [Read More...]

Peter the Steward

I never noticed the full meaning of this passage in Luke’s gospel: “Then Peter said, “Lord, is this parable meant for us or for everyone?”And the Lord replied, “Who, then, is the faithful and prudent steward whom the master will put in charge of his servants to distribute the food allowance at the proper time?Blessed [Read More...]


Sorry no blogging recently. Very busy with the preparations for school start up. In addition to my school duties I will be leading the RCIA course at St Mary’s Church. Prayers please to find some extra hours in the day for all that I need to do. [Read more...]

Catholic Church in UK ‘Powerless’

This article from the Daily Telegraph reports a situation in England where the headmaster of a Catholic elementary school has entered a gay marriage, but he can’t be removed from his post in charge of influencing Catholic children. The Catholic Archbishop said pitifully that ‘lawyers had been consulted’ and ‘employment law would be violated’ and [Read More...]

Koontz Ultimatum

I just finished my first book by Dean Koontz. Called Life Expectancy, it is a book about a family stalked by a psychopath, but beneath the storyline it is really about marriage, faithfulness and an abundant life. Koontz was first brought to my attention in an interview in National Catholic Register with Tim Drake. Koontz [Read More...]


Following my post on Monday about mountaintops, and not wanting to be all theory and no action….Joseph Pearce and I went up to Jones Gap in the mountains of North Carolina for a hike. Joseph is very fit, and younger than me, but I made it, and it was worth it…supposedly one of the finest [Read More...]

Mountain Top

One of the things I love about the story of the Transfiguration is that it is crammed with so much meaning. The fulfillment of the law and the prophets in Jesus Christ; the call to glory for the apostles and subsequently for each of us; the poignant truth that the glory Moses beheld at Sinai [Read More...]

For a Baptism

For a Baptism All the waters of the world are here.In this small bowl the rain falls, the dew rests, the strong river flows. Here the sea surges and sighs— opens the way to life and closes over in death. This bowl holds all the tears of joy and sorrow, all the sweat of work [Read More...]

Spiritual White Water

Our full time hospital chaplain was away for a few days, so I got the call to the intensive care unit of the hospital. A man on vacation fell from a waterfall up in the hills of North Carolina and had extensive head injuries. They only gave him a few more hours to live. They [Read More...]

The Magic Cookie?

My brother in law Jim said recently, “I find it hard to believe that the Catholics are the only ones with the magic cookie.” Overlooking the frivolity of the language, he expresses a common misunderstanding amongst non-Catholics. I guess what he means by his statement is that he thinks that the Lord is also really [Read More...]

The Altar Call

How well I remember the fundamentalist altar call. The preachers were clear: human beings were sinners separated from the love of God. Jesus died to forgive our sins. All we had to do was repent and believe the gospel. Then, “Every head bowed, every eye closed, nobody looking around.” The old hymn, “Just as I [Read More...]


How does one put hyperlinks into blogger comments? [Read more...]

Graven Images

Wal-Mart is selling religious statues. They are in the toy section, and are designed to help kids learn their Bible stories by playing with action figures. That’s Daniel in the lion’s den. Check out the pictures galleries here to see them all… So nice to see the Protestants starting to accept the need for religious [Read More...]

Merry Ole England

Here’s a news story to let you know what modern Britain is like. Read it and weep. [Read more...]

American Religious Shysters

You may have heard the names and adventures of Charles Taze Russell, Judge Rutherford , Mary Baker Eddy, Joseph Smith etc. etc. You can add famous dispensationalist Bible ‘scholar’ C.I. Scofield to the list of religious renegades and ne-er do wells. In a long line of American religious entrepreneurs, Scofield had a reputation as a [Read More...]


What happened to a blog called Catholodoxies by a young searcher called Irenaeus? [Read more...]