Get in the Habit

In the photograph on the post below this you can spot a couple of the famous London phone boxes. These friars are in London, and it reminds me of a little story… I was travelling across London a few years ago with a friend who was a lapsed Catholic. We spotted a couple of Hare [Read More...]

Friars of the Renewal

Check out Amy Welborn’s article about the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal clipped from the NY Times. [Read more...]

The Fullness of Faith

Check a convert from Evangelicalism’s thrill at discovering the richness of Catholicism in the final comment on this post. [Read more...]

Resurrection Stories

I mentioned in an earlier post about the readings from Acts of the Apostles after Easter being crammed with ‘mini resurrections’. The little resurrections aren’t just Bible stories. They happen today. There was a knock on my door. A young woman in her twenties stood on the doorstep. She looked distressed, and was holding her [Read More...]

An Evangelical Catholic Speaks

There has been a fair bit of traffic on this blog about the concept of Evangelical Catholicism. There seems to be an opinion out there that Evangelicals who convert to the Catholic faith want the Catholic faith to be like their former denomination. This is exactly what they do not want, but the misunderstanding is [Read More...]

Amy’s Take

Amy Welborn has (as usual) an intelligent and insightful comment on the conversations going on here and elsewhere about Evangelical Catholicism. Stop by. [Read more...]

St Mark the Roman Catholic

Sometimes non-Catholic Christians question whether St Peter was ever in Rome. The New Testament itself offers pretty slim evidence. All we have is the verse at the end of the first epistle of Peter which says he is in Babylon with Mark. (1 Pt. 5:13) However, when the rest of the documentary evidence is compliled [Read More...]

St Mark the Evangelist

I couldn’t sleep last night thinking about today’s post. Did I dare to call St Mark an ‘evangelist’? After all, Protestants have Evangelists! Would I be accused of selling out to Billy Graham, Ernest Angely, Jimmy and Tammy and Jimmy Swaggart? If I used the word ‘evangelist’ would I be accused of being a 60′s [Read More...]

Catholics and Charismatics

I recently commented on the desire of Catholic Charismatics to welcome the new liberties for the Latin Mass to be celebrated. Within the post I joked about what a Charismatic Tridentine Mass might be like…a tambourine instead of the sanctus bell etc. Well, all the way from Wales comes a most bizarre post. It seems [Read More...]

Saints Meme

Brad tags me for this meme: The assigned task is to list my four favorite saints, one favorite blessed, and one person I think should have been a saint. Here goes. Four favorite saints: St Joseph, St Therese of Lisieux, St Benedict, St Elizabeth Ann Seton. Favorite Blessed: Bl. Teresa of Calcutta The last category [Read More...]

The Mystery of Psalm 46

St George’s Day is also the anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare. Do you know the mystery of Psalm 46? It goes like this: William Shakespeare was 46 years old the year the King James Version of the Bible was published. Get out your KJV (you good Catholics who don’t own one will have [Read More...]

Catherine of Siena Institute

The folks over at the Catherine of Siena Institute are the people behind the brilliant ‘Called and Gifted’ workshops. They have posts about the kerfuffle on this blog about the term ‘Evangelical Catholicism’. If you would like to get away from the snap judgements, bias and name calling and get some sober professional and learned [Read More...]

For England

St George–what a perfect patron for England. That noble land where chivalry and gentle manners prevailed! St George– a knight on a white charger! A knight prepared to lance the dragon to defend purity and the fair maiden! St George–more mythical and mystical than any other saint for a country more mythical and mystical than [Read More...]

Comment from Sante Croce

Some time ago I posted about the relics of the true cross. Going through comments this morning I was delighted to find that one of the monks who serves at the Church of Sante Croce reads my blog, and took the time to leave a comment on his experiences of living with the relics and [Read More...]

Abortion and Infanticide in Britain

British priest Fr Ray Blake posts here on the increasing incidence of babies surviving late term abortions in Britain. This is not for those with a weak stomach. [Read more...]

Honey, Vinegar and a JW

Many years ago I had a neighbor who was a Jehovah’s Witness. This guy would always try to pull me into arguments about the Bible and the end times. He was a particularly joyless individual who always had a frown on his face, and never had anything good to say about anybody. After enduring yet [Read More...]

Charismatic Tridentine Mass

My visit last weekend to the Evangelical Catholic Institute’s conference in Madison WI seems to have put the cat among the pigeons. It engendered my largest (and most passionate) thread of comments yet. My own opinion is that all this blather has generated more heat than light, but there it is…we’ve all had our say, [Read More...]

Surprised by Joy

I think I have met a good number of saints in my life. Some I can name: One was Mother Teresa. Two was an old lady named June. Three was her daughter. Four was an old priest named Richard and Five was a priest named John. Six was a young priest named James. When I [Read More...]

Hot Air

The parish priest got new hot air hand dryers installed in the rest rooms in the parish hall, but they were gone after two weeks. When asked why he said, “Someone using the men’s room kept putting a sign up over the new dryer that said, “Push the button for next week’s homily.” [Read more...]

He’s in the Jailhouse Now (not)

I love the fact that the fathers of the Church load the daily Mass readings after Easter with the events at the beginning of the Acts of the Apostles. Have you noticed how many of the stories are like symbolic little ‘resurrections’? When the apostles heal the lame man in the Beautiful Gate the whole [Read More...]


A student asked me today how I knew that I had a vocation to the priesthood. Maybe it would help others to hear the story too; I was a student at Bob Jones University. In my sophomore year I had found my way to the Anglican Church, and I was praying about what I should [Read More...]

Evangelical Catholicism

The Evangelical Catholic Institute in Wisconsin invited me to their annual conference last week. Their mission is: The EC’s vision is that the Catholic Church be experienced as a vibrant, evangelical movement. We work towards the renewal of individuals, campus ministries, and parishes through an emphasis on interior conversion, devotion to the Scriptures, formation in [Read More...]