El Salvador

Old Baldy is signing off for a week. I’m off to El Salvador with six kids from St Joseph’s Catholic School on a mission trip. We’re working in a community called CIDECO. The community consists of modest housing, a clinic, school, church and market square. The founders provide the whole package for the poorest of [Read More...]

The Maronites and Me

The news has leaked. Someone who reads this blog saw me training to celebrate the Maronite Divine liturgy. Now everyone knows that I’m shifting over to the Maronites. Fed up with the sloppy liturgy at St Mary’s Greenville, (singing Kumbaya every week was bad enough, but having the Sisters of Groove come in for that [Read More...]

Interview with Beckwith

The reversion of noted Evangelical theologian Francis Beckwith to the Catholic faith made for much discussion in the blogosphere some weeks back. About the same time a mini storm was going on here about ‘Evangelical Catholicism’. If you would like to understand why a cradle Catholic left to become Evangelical, and why he has now [Read More...]

Men’s Conference in Greenville

Steve Wood used to be a Prebyterian pastor. He’s now a Catholic and runs Family Life Center, has the Faith and Family show on EWTN, started St Joseph’s Covenant Keepers–an apostolate that supports men in their vocation as husbands and fathers. Steve and his family are also members of St Mary’s, Greenville. He’s running a [Read More...]


H/T Holy Whapping [Read more...]

My Perfect Hermitage

The Roving Medievalist has done me the service of finding the perfect property for my final retirement into the eremitical life. [Read more...]

With a Grain of Salt

Convert Peter has a great little post about the Pope. Like that song from Oklahoma! “With me it’s all or nuthin’, is it all or nuthin’ with you…” Peter says you have to choose about the Pope: is he the anti-Christ or is he who is says he is: the successor of Peter and the [Read More...]

Book Meme

John at Prodigal’s Rest has tagged me for this meme: Books I am reading now:1. Confessions by St Augustine2. The Third Secret – Steve Berry (an airport novel)3. Helena – Evelyn Waugh4. Cacique – a novel of Florida’s heroic Mission History – Bishop Robert Baker and Tony Sands5. The Jesus Inquest – Charles Foster6. Marking [Read More...]

Fit to be Thai’d

Andrew has gone to Bangkok, Thailand, and posts some great photos of the Catholic Churches there. This is my favorite, but have a look here at the others. Some are pretty conventional modern Catholic Churches. Others are traditional in a Western style. The most interesting ones combine oriental idiom in architecture with Christian tradition. What [Read More...]

The First Mega Church

[Read more...]


Summer vacation has arrived and I’ve got loads to do. After tidying up from the loose ends at school, I’m heading for El Salvador on Saturday for a week. I’m leading a school mission trip to help at the CIDECO community. CIDECO is a village built with help from the papal foundation. The poorest of [Read More...]

St Philip Neri and the Holy Spirit

For Pentecost, link here to read Fr Nicholas’ account of St Philip Neri’s experience of the Holy Spirit. St Philip founded the congregation of the Oratorians. Readers will know about the wonderful Brompton Oratory in London, but Fr Tim has been to preach at the just as fine Birmingham Oratory for the feast of St [Read More...]

First Holy communion

This is our youngest son Elias at his first Holy Communion a few weeks ago. [Read more...]

Gang of Four

Have you noticed how the most aggressive of the new atheists are all British? Left to Right are teh four most famous Christophobes: Scientist Richard Dawkins, Philosopher A.C.Grayling, Journalist Christopher Hitchens and children’s author Philip Pullman. Do authors create a trend in thought or express one that already exists in their society? I think it [Read More...]

Hitchen’s Book

I haven’t read Christopher Hitchen’s (photo of the charming chap to the right) intolerant rant, and enough other people have stood up to defend religion and demolish his sophomoric tirade. Carl Olson does a good job of rounding up the reviews here.There’s something else about it all that troubles me.Books matter. Ideas matter. Popular propaganda [Read More...]

Mass Among the Ruins

Joee Blogs posts some great photos of a recent Mass held in the ruins of St Augustine’s Abbey, in Canterbury, England. They could pull down the churches, but they can’t destroy the Church. [Read more...]

Mountain Mass

More photos here of Mass being said in France. [Read more...]

Cocktails and Canapes on the Titanic

The Owl of the Remove–tucked away in a little Northern Vermont town named for a Royalist loyalist (code for American traitor)–has avoided all skunks to write this interesting post on the gathering forces of darkness in our world. [Read more...]

A Philipino Student…

…writes what is getting to be one of my favorite blogs… [Read more...]

Escape Needed

After a year of the American lifestyle, I’m exhausted. I don’t want an American vacation because that simply seems to be more exhausting. Vacation? Great let’s go water skiing, camping, rock climbing, white water rafting, and after that we’ll go to a theme park, the beach and have a complete social schedule of cook outs [Read More...]

Happy Catholic

I’ve had a very nice email from a hermit in Maine who tells me he likes reading my blog because I’m happy and not always grousing about the terrible state of the Church. He’s right. I am happy to be a Catholic, and I think the chuch is going to be just fine. So we [Read More...]

Snazzy Header

I’ve managed to add the new ‘layout’ gadget from Blogger, which is cool. This allowed me to add a picture to my header, but can I move the picture around and keep text there too? If so, how? If your blog disappeared in the re-shuffle don’t be offended or take it personally. I still love [Read More...]