Ordaining Relativism

You can read my article in the National Catholic Register this week here. It’s about the arguments for women’s ordination in the Anglican Church, and why they were flawed. Do Catholics evangelize? This article reports on Catholic missionary work in Mexico. Over 50,000 young Catholics out doing door-to-door visiting among the poor. The Mexicans were [Read More...]

Mysterious New Blog

Owl of the Remove is a curious and eccentric new blog with a mysterious name by an anonymous English priest who lives in USA. Does he go in my blogroll as a UK blog or a USA blog? I think he should cultivate his mystery man status. He should also learn how to post photos. [Read more...]

Catholic London

Mulier Fortis blogs about her walk around Catholic London recently, while Fr Newman discusses liturgy at two of London’s finest churches: Westminster Cathedral and the Brompton Oratory.Is this how you start a meme? Here are my top five places in Catholic England:1. The Shrine of St Etheldreda in Ely 2. Westminster Cathedral3. Quarr Abbey4. Downside [Read More...]

LOTR Musical–a Big Myth-take?

London’s Daily Telegraph reports the success of Lord of the Rings–the Musical. I can hear the purists moaning already, and wading in with wisecracks. Will we have tap dancing hobbits? Orcs doing a soft shoe number? Will there be a romantic duet between Aragorn and Arwen? Will Pippin and Merry provide the light relief and [Read More...]

Bl. Damien of Molokai

Is there anyone who doubts if the Catholic Church has heroic missionaries? Today is the Memorial of Blessed Damien of Molokai. Tomorrow at our school mass I will tell the students about his life.Lepers Adoring the Hidden Face of ChristIt is a little known fact that Father Damien laboured to established perpetual adoration of the [Read More...]

Transubstantiation across the Ether?

London’s Daily Telegraph reports the idea that Brazilian bishops want Mass to be able to be celebrated online. Can somebody explain what this is all about? Shorely there is shome mishtake? It reminds me of how the TV Evangelist Ernest Angeley used to scream, “Heal! Heal!” at the TV cameras and invite the listeners at [Read More...]

Sola Kevin

Some time ago an acquaintance from my Protestant fundamentalist days was in touch by email. Kevin is now a Baptist pastor working on his PhD. He wished to engage me in conversation to help me see my way out of the murky waters of Catholicism into the pure clear light of his religion. I had [Read More...]

Habitual Witness

A conversation: Bob: Father, did you wear your black clerical gear to that family wedding on the weekend. Fr. Dwight: No Bob: What! Why not? Fr. Dwight: I didn’t want to scare the horses. Bob: V. funny. Okay, so most of the family are Protestants of various stripes. You were worried about offending them? Fr. [Read More...]

Podcasts from St Mary’s

My homilies from St Mary’s Greenville for Easter 3, Easter 4 and Easter 5 are available here as podcasts…if anybody has trouble sleeping they could tune in and I guarantee they’ll be snoring in no time. [Read more...]

The Great Tradition and GKC

Francis Beckwith’s resignation as a leading Evangelical theologian is chronicled here among other places. The thing that interests me most about this event is that some Evangelical theologians are recognizing that they must discuss ‘the Great Tradition’. If they want to remain Protestants they had better watch their step. What C.S.Lewis said about atheists applies [Read More...]

Our Lady of Glastonbury

Bare ruined choir of Glastonbury–one of the largest and most ancient monasteries in England. It’s last Abbot, Richard Whiting, defied wicked King Henry and (although he was in his eighties) was taken to the top of Glastonbury Tor and hung, drawn and quartered. Read more about his martyrdom here. Glastonbury was also the home of [Read More...]


The Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham was one of the most heavily visited shrines in the Middle Ages. Peasants and Kings made the pilgrimage to the little Norfolk valley to venerate the ancient image of the Blessed Virgin. The shrine was destroyed by England’s Stalin (Henry VIII) but a shrine has been restored in [Read More...]

Leading Evangelical Becomes Catholic

Amy Welborn posts here about leading Evangelical scholar Francis Beckwith returning to the Catholic Church. There are good comments and links. [Read more...]

Wimmin Down Under

In Australia Peter posts about the foolishness of the feminist theologian’s penchant for the gnostic gospels. They must have trouble with the following snippet from the gnostic Gospel of Thomas 114. Simon Peter says to them: Let Mary depart from among us, for women are not worthy of the life. Yeshua says: Behold, I shall [Read More...]

Aggressive Atheism

Atheists’ Mockery at ABC’s “Face Off” on God’s Existence NEW YORK, May 7, 2007 — A 100-year-old Baptist church in the heart of New York was the venue Saturday for an ABC debate on the existence of God. Actor Kirk Cameron and best-selling author Ray Comfort “faced off” against two atheists from the “Rational Response [Read More...]

By Gerard Manley Hopkins SJ

MAY is Mary’s month, and IMuse at that and wonder why:Her feasts follow reason,Dated due to season-Candlemas, Lady Day;But the Lady Month, May,Why fasten that upon her,With a feasting in her honour?Is it only its being brighterThan the most are must delight her?Is it opportunestAnd flowers finds soonest?Ask of her, the mighty mother:Her reply puts [Read More...]

The Traditional Latino Mass

This link predicts the future of Catholic worship in America. For many years Catholics who have disliked the new liturgy have been pushing for a wider use of the Traditional Latino Mass. Now in New York and in many places the Latino Mass is growing ever popular. Cubans in traditional Latino costumes–the men in tight [Read More...]

Pray for Madeleine

I have been very busy the last week, so very little time for blogging, however, please glance at this article about a beautiful English child who was snatched from her family while on holiday in Portugal. They’re Catholic. Prayers please. [Read more...]

Rapture and the Motu Proprio

My more traditionalist friends will forgive me for poking just a little bit of fun at the increasing mania over the motu proprio that is expected from Rome. If anyone is still ignorant about this, it is the rumour that Pope Benedict will soon grant universal freedom for the Tridentine Rite of the Catholic liturgy [Read More...]

Karen Armstrong–defender of Islam

Daily Telegraph journalist Damian Thompson is often a bit too effete for my liking, but his writing is more robust lately, and I’m on his side as he attacks an awful British ex-nun Karen Armstrong. Armstrong is a darling of the atheistic chattering classes in Britain. She’s written a series of predictably dull books on [Read More...]

Roses for May

Some time ago I posted about the relics of the true cross at the church of Sante Croce in Gerusalemme in Rome. A comment was posted by one of the Cistercians who lives and works there. Brother Marco has a blog and hey, have a look at the rose garden they have in the gardens [Read More...]

Mary’s Month

Here is an excerpt from the chapter of my book Adventures in Orthodoxy on the Blessed Virgin: As I gazed on that luminous Madonna I made contact not only with something beautiful, but with Beauty. It was also an astoundingly intimate experience of purity and power. For a moment I caught a glimpse of a [Read More...]