Catholic BJU Grad in Greenville

The Greenville News covers the story of my ordination and pulls in the Bob Jones University link. The comments add local color. [Read more...]

In This Sign Conquer

Mulier Fortis has a sweet post on the beauty of making the sign of the cross with reverence and love. Here ’tis [Read more...]

About Times

The Times in London ran an article of mine about the unusual circumstances of my ordination. You can read it here [Read more...]

Katie’s Big Bus Ride

Do you remember the apostate bishop on the bus ride from hell to heaven in C.S.Lewis’ masterpiece The Great Divorce? He wallows in a sentimental spirituality mixed with a pompous intellectual vagueness that values ‘the spirit of inquiry’ instead of following Truth. In reply to the friend who asks him to repent and come to [Read More...]

Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick

In viewing some of the photos from my ordination I’ve had several questions about my peculiar clerical garb. For those interested in questions of clerical haberdashery, I wear an Anglican style cassock as a reminder of my former incarnation in that most venerable, but now faded and jaded denomination. With that I wear a Roman [Read More...]

The ‘Dark’ Ages?

Roving Medievalist is one of my favorite blogs. Who would have thought that someone in Toledo, Ohio of all places would have such a delightful and eccentric enthusiasm, and would create such a good looking blog for gandering at all things medieval. Check in for a daily dose of all things gothic and ecclesiastical. Saxon [Read More...]

British Blog Humor Cont’d

I told you the English had a good sense of humor…click here to get your own aristocratic title: My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:The Most Honourable Reverend Father Dwight in the Middle of Frome Valley Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title [Read more...]

British Catholic Blogs

Eric Scheske of The Daily Eudemon writes a regular column about Catholic blogging for the excellent National Catholic Register. This week he comments on the lack of humor in Catholic blogs. The humor, he remarks, is either banal (pictures of people with silly hats on or babies with bowls os spaghetti upside down on their [Read More...]

Whinder Whinder Everywhere

Fr Whinder was recognized in Rome as he walked down the Pio Borgo! Read all about it here. It also turns out that the excellent and ubiquitous priest is the curate (assistant priest) at Auntie Joanna’s parish in London. The Catholic Church is the true global village. [Read more...]

Auntie Joanna’s Famous Feminist Joke

My friend Joanna Bogle is famous in England for getting a spoof article published in a loony (wants to be) Catholic feminist journal in England. Read the story here on here post ‘That Women’s Circle.’ Joanna, could we read the full article sometime? [Read more...]

Tiber Tide

David Hartline’s book The Tide is Turning Towards Catholicism is a good tonic for the doom and gloom we often hear about the church. The basic theme echoes Pope Benedict’s famous words, “The church is alive, the Church is young.” Hartline chronicles the surge in new vocations, the youthful and enthusiastic faith of the JP2 [Read More...]

O Felix Culpa

One of the good things about Netflix is that you can get minor movies that are only a few years old to watch again. I don’t think Pleasantville was too hot at the box office, but like Groundhog Day, it is a fascinating fantasy film with strong theological themes. The plot involves two contemporary teenagers [Read More...]

Moral Morass

A friend recently said that his brother, who is training to be a Baptist pastor, has got engaged to his soon to be third wife. The second marriage only lasted two years. It brought to mind a conversation with another former Anglican priest friend a few years back who had just exited the Anglican Church. [Read More...]

Great and Whinderous

More about the curious case of the blogged, but not blogging English priest, the increasingly famous Fr Whinder. Yes, that’s him on the left just last Sunday with a priest friend after Mass outside a church in London. He was spotted by Dunadan. Try to resist the temptation to compare these two reverend gentlemen to [Read More...]

Indy Rides Again

The news that Indiana Jones is to ride again makes me wonder if others have picked up on the ‘Christian quest’ reading of the famous film trilogy. To understand this sub theme you have to put the films in chronological story order…not in the order in which they were made. First of all we see [Read More...]

Most Important Belief

Today I was interviewed by a newspaper reporter who, it turned out, was a fellow Bob Jones University graduate. Among other set questions she asked, “What is your most important belief?” My reply: For God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son, so that whoever believes in him shall not perish, [Read More...]


I hadn’t read a Graham Greene novel in years, but remembering the tale of the ‘whiskey priest’ in The Power and the Glory I got it down and re-read it last week. I can remember reading Greene as an Anglican student and asking my Catholic friend, June Reynolds what she thought of him. She chuckled [Read More...]

I Whinder as I Whinder

To learn more about the mysterious English priest pictured below link over to Fr Finigan and on to Cally’s Kitchen. [Read more...]

For All the Saints

C.S.Lewis once observed, “How monotonously alike all the great tyrants and conquerors have been: how gloriously different are the saints!” Therese of Lisieux wrote, ” All the saints will be indebted to each other…Who knows the joy we shall experience in beholding the glory of the great saints and knowing that by a secret disposition [Read More...]

Ebenezer Cromwell Grinch

You’ve heard of Scrooge and the Grinch.The Puritants were the first to be down on Christmas festivities. Jay, over at Pro Ecclesia has an amusing take on how the Puritans stole Christmas. Its in the form of a Twelfth Night poem. Enjoy! [Read more...]

The Silent Scream

Google have made available online the classic anti abortion film The Silent ScreamIt makes for pretty grim viewing. If you’ve never seen it, take the time to watch and be reminded just what goes on in our infanticide clinics. If you have a blog post the link and pass it on to others. [Read more...]

St Elizabeth Ann Seton

St Elizabeth Ann Seton proves that the following types of people can be saints: Mothers Wives Schoolteachers Americans Americans who go to live in Europe Americans who go to live in Europe and move back to America Anglican converts. Five out of seven…. I’m starting to feel uncomfortable…. [Read more...]