You’re It

I’m still not quite sure what the point of ‘memes’ are, but it seems I’ve been tagged by the Strong Woman to put down Five Random Facts About Me Alright then… 1. My big brag is that I met Mel Gibson and contributed a scene to The Passion2. I once wrote and performed a one [Read More...]

Another Catholic Sinner

Roman Miscellany has a curious story. Catholic priest waiting to bury the dead discovers that the only famous Catholic in the cemetery was a prostitute who was Jack the Ripper’s last victim. He happily says a prayer for the poor soul….very sweet. It could only happen in the Catholic Church, and only happen in England. [Read more...]

The Apostolic Succession

Timothy and Titus–the twin witnesses to apostolic succession. Is there such a thing as Apostolic Succession? Did the apostles intend to hand on their Christ-given authority to the next generation? Does it matter? The first indication that the apostles intended to hand on their authority occurs within a few days of the resurrection. In Acts [Read More...]

Episcopal Slug Fest

No, not that kind of slug. I mean pugilists. I mean dukin’ it out. I mean fisticuffs. I mean thrust and counter thrust. I mean bitter warfare. An insider at The Falls Church reports to me that Bishop Peter Lee, the Episcopal Bishop of Virginia, has “inhibited” the clergy of the Falls Church and the [Read More...]

Catholic Devotions

Frank at And Also With You tagged me for this meme…I’m only now getting around to it. 1 .Favorite devotion or prayer to Jesus. Jesus Prayer 2. Favorite Marian devotion or prayer. Joyful Mysteries3. Do you wear a scapular or medal? I wear a full Benedictine scapular with my clerical dress4. Do you have holy [Read More...]

Roving Medievalist has interesting things to say about English Cottages and Quarr Abbey He’s top of my blog lists right now. Plenty of pithy comment, wry humour, curmudgeonly grumbles and a delightful and knowledgeable enthusiasm about all thing gargoylishly gothic. Drop in. [Read more...]

Curt Jester Still Like It

The Curt Jester still loves Adventures in Orthodoxy. Well, at least somebody does. It’s very discouraging when your favorite book isn’t really the favorite book of many others. Maybe its a sleeper. Click here to check it out, and drop me a line if you’d like me to email you a sample chapter! [Read more...]

March for Life

Wow! What a weekend. I attended my first March for Life in Washington DC. Fifteen students from St Joseph’s Catholic School joined others from the diocese and huge numbers from all over America to protest our country’s abortion laws. Highlights of the trip were the prayer vigil at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception [Read More...]

Colonel Sanders God?

David Palmer has an interesting post about life after death which got me thinking. It is imagined by naive unbelievers that religious people sign up because they get to have pie in the sky. It’s thought that we poor ignorant folk follow our faith because we have been promised eternal life and happiness forever, and [Read More...]

Gollum – the Mirror of Man

It’s theology my precious… Gollum shows us the Catholic understanding of humanity’s problem with sin. Peter Jackson’s film portrayal faithfully reveals Tolkien’s deep understanding of the tangled web that humanity has fallen into. First notice that Gollum has been twisted and hideously deformed by sin. Smeagol was good once, just like the other happy hobbits, [Read More...]

Quarr Abbey and Father Joe

When I was an Anglican priest on the Isle of Wight I spent a lot of time at Quarr (pronounced ‘core’) Abbey. Quarr is built just a few hundred yards from the ruins of a medieval abbey. The architect was Dom Bellot–one of the monks who came to the Isle of Wight from Solemses during [Read More...]

Joee Monk

Jaunty London blogger, Joee Blogs has a sweet post about a retreat to Pluscarden Abbey in Scotland. Nice pictures and an encouraging report that Pluscarden is full. I was at Quarr Abbey once on retreat and a seventeen year old kid was standing outside the church looking sullen. I engaged him in conversation and asked [Read More...]

I Don’t Know About Agnosticism

Not knowing about agnosticism is like saying, ‘Deja vu? Haven’t I met you somehwere before?’ When you think about it agnosticism is really a no man’s land. It is a country you pass through, a stage on a journey, and never a destination. The human heart hates a vacuum, and the emptiness of agnosticism cannot [Read More...]

Catholic BJU Grad in Greenville

The Greenville News covers the story of my ordination and pulls in the Bob Jones University link. The comments add local color. [Read more...]

In This Sign Conquer

Mulier Fortis has a sweet post on the beauty of making the sign of the cross with reverence and love. Here ’tis [Read more...]

About Times

The Times in London ran an article of mine about the unusual circumstances of my ordination. You can read it here [Read more...]

Katie’s Big Bus Ride

Do you remember the apostate bishop on the bus ride from hell to heaven in C.S.Lewis’ masterpiece The Great Divorce? He wallows in a sentimental spirituality mixed with a pompous intellectual vagueness that values ‘the spirit of inquiry’ instead of following Truth. In reply to the friend who asks him to repent and come to [Read More...]

Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick

In viewing some of the photos from my ordination I’ve had several questions about my peculiar clerical garb. For those interested in questions of clerical haberdashery, I wear an Anglican style cassock as a reminder of my former incarnation in that most venerable, but now faded and jaded denomination. With that I wear a Roman [Read More...]

The ‘Dark’ Ages?

Roving Medievalist is one of my favorite blogs. Who would have thought that someone in Toledo, Ohio of all places would have such a delightful and eccentric enthusiasm, and would create such a good looking blog for gandering at all things medieval. Check in for a daily dose of all things gothic and ecclesiastical. Saxon [Read More...]

British Blog Humor Cont’d

I told you the English had a good sense of humor…click here to get your own aristocratic title: My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:The Most Honourable Reverend Father Dwight in the Middle of Frome Valley Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title [Read more...]

British Catholic Blogs

Eric Scheske of The Daily Eudemon writes a regular column about Catholic blogging for the excellent National Catholic Register. This week he comments on the lack of humor in Catholic blogs. The humor, he remarks, is either banal (pictures of people with silly hats on or babies with bowls os spaghetti upside down on their [Read More...]

Whinder Whinder Everywhere

Fr Whinder was recognized in Rome as he walked down the Pio Borgo! Read all about it here. It also turns out that the excellent and ubiquitous priest is the curate (assistant priest) at Auntie Joanna’s parish in London. The Catholic Church is the true global village. [Read more...]