Comment from Sante Croce

Some time ago I posted about the relics of the true cross. Going through comments this morning I was delighted to find that one of the monks who serves at the Church of Sante Croce reads my blog, and took the time to leave a comment on his experiences of living with the relics and [Read More...]

Abortion and Infanticide in Britain

British priest Fr Ray Blake posts here on the increasing incidence of babies surviving late term abortions in Britain. This is not for those with a weak stomach. [Read more...]

Honey, Vinegar and a JW

Many years ago I had a neighbor who was a Jehovah’s Witness. This guy would always try to pull me into arguments about the Bible and the end times. He was a particularly joyless individual who always had a frown on his face, and never had anything good to say about anybody. After enduring yet [Read More...]

Charismatic Tridentine Mass

My visit last weekend to the Evangelical Catholic Institute’s conference in Madison WI seems to have put the cat among the pigeons. It engendered my largest (and most passionate) thread of comments yet. My own opinion is that all this blather has generated more heat than light, but there it is…we’ve all had our say, [Read More...]

Surprised by Joy

I think I have met a good number of saints in my life. Some I can name: One was Mother Teresa. Two was an old lady named June. Three was her daughter. Four was an old priest named Richard and Five was a priest named John. Six was a young priest named James. When I [Read More...]

Hot Air

The parish priest got new hot air hand dryers installed in the rest rooms in the parish hall, but they were gone after two weeks. When asked why he said, “Someone using the men’s room kept putting a sign up over the new dryer that said, “Push the button for next week’s homily.” [Read more...]

He’s in the Jailhouse Now (not)

I love the fact that the fathers of the Church load the daily Mass readings after Easter with the events at the beginning of the Acts of the Apostles. Have you noticed how many of the stories are like symbolic little ‘resurrections’? When the apostles heal the lame man in the Beautiful Gate the whole [Read More...]


A student asked me today how I knew that I had a vocation to the priesthood. Maybe it would help others to hear the story too; I was a student at Bob Jones University. In my sophomore year I had found my way to the Anglican Church, and I was praying about what I should [Read More...]

Evangelical Catholicism

The Evangelical Catholic Institute in Wisconsin invited me to their annual conference last week. Their mission is: The EC’s vision is that the Catholic Church be experienced as a vibrant, evangelical movement. We work towards the renewal of individuals, campus ministries, and parishes through an emphasis on interior conversion, devotion to the Scriptures, formation in [Read More...]

Where Were You on Thursday Night?

Here is the grandest altar of repose ever created. This comes from a super blog from Manila in the Phillipines. In my opinion we need more of this sort of thing. It helps us scare off all purveyors of Greeting Card religion. [Read more...]

Memes, Magicians and Manichees

Here’s an excerpt from the chapter from my book Adventures in Orthodoxy on the resurrection. If you like it you can buy the book through my website here. Here goes: Chapter TenMemes, Magicians and Manichees … On the third day he rose again… Some years ago there was an Anglican bishop who was asked his [Read More...]

Pius XII on the Throne

Here’s the sort of cheerful grumpiness that the Roving Medievalist does so well. He grubs up some wonderful old Catholic tradition and gives the trumpets a toot. There is a magazine in England called The Oldie which does this sort of ‘grumpy old timer’ thing perfectly. I nominate Roving Medievalist as an honorary columnist. [Read more...]

Of Relics and the Resurrection

In the reliquary on the left you can see the finger bone of St Thomas the Apostle. On this day when the gospel recounts the story of his challenge to ‘put my fingers in the nail prints’ it’s sweet to see that the finger in question has been preserved as an everlasting memorial to the [Read More...]

Resurrection Perspective

What gives your life focus and direction? Death. Without faith, everything the natural man thinks, says and does is conditioned by the fact of death. In the face of our ultimate death we are, by default, either Epicureans or Stoics. The first face death and determine to gather from this life what little morsels of [Read More...]

Snoring or Adoring?

What do you do when you go to your local chapel of perpetual adoration in the wee hours of the morning only to find a smelly old tramp snoring in the back row? Onion Boy blogs about it here. [Read more...]

Lutheran Pastor’s Conversion Story

Here’s a blogged converson story/journey of a Lutheran pastor and father of five from Australia [Read more...]

Altar Altered

Check out the Strong Woman for a cool video of an ugly modern altar being transformed before your eyes. [Read more...]

The Theological Pogo Stick

Kendall Harmon over at Titusonenine reports that Andrew Hutchinson, the head of the Canadian Anglican Church has knocked the Archbishop of Canterbury for not providing clear leadership. Geesh, if he wants clear leadership, why’s the guy an Anglican? Doesn’t he geddit? Archbishops of Canterbury are elected because they know how to compromise. As it used [Read More...]

Running the Race

This is one of my favorite religious paintings. It shows Peter and John running to the tomb on Easter morning. One of the striking features of the gospel readings for Eastertide is all the running that is going on. Mary Magdalene runs to tell the apostles about the resurrection. Peter and John run to the [Read More...]

Vatican 2 and the Shortage of Priests

A blog dedicated to promoting vocations in the Catholic Church has this post which chronicles the devastating shrinkage in the Catholic priesthood and religious orders in the USA. The numbers represent a reduction of about 90% since the mid 1960s. What’s up? There are so many different reasons for the seminaries and religious houses reducing [Read More...]

Church of the Nazarene member comes Home to Rome

Among the 154,000 received into the Church at Easter is a former Nazarene minister who blogs here. [Read more...]

Bringing in the Sheaves

…or herding in the sheep, or rescuing the perishing, or exercising the ministry of reconciliation, or soul winning… whatever image you use, the Catholic Church in the United States estimates that about 154,000 adults were baptized or received into the Church at Easter this year. Statistics are slippery things. What do these numbers mean in [Read More...]