Jack and the Beanstalk

Today is the forty third anniversary of the death of C.S. Lewis. Known to his friends as ‘Jack’. Lewis’ legacy has continued to grow and prosper. His work, fallen into the ground like a magic bean has grown to one of the largest plants in the world–reaching to the clouds. The irony of this is [Read More...]

Whiter than White

I am to be ordained as a deacon in the cathedral in Charleston on 29 November, and as a priest at St Mary Church in Greenville on 14 December. So I have been shopping around for clerical clobber. This is obviously a niche market, and not a shopping spree for the faint hearted. What does [Read More...]

The Temple in the Temple

Today is the feast of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the temple. She who was the temple of God is presented to live in the temple of God. The story of Mary’s childhood comes from an extra Biblical source called the Protoevangelium of James. This ‘gospel before the gospel’ tells us that [Read More...]

Many Crazinesses

Amy Welborn links to an interview with Ms Schori–the new head of the Episcopal Church who claims the plummeting numbers of Episcopalians is down to the fact that they are better educated than Catholics and Mormons who have ‘theological reasons’ for having more babies. Below is my email to Mrs. Schori: Deer Bishup Shorey, I [Read More...]

Italian Cooking

Something’s cooking in Rome. An article in The Sunday Times suggests that Pope Benedict is drawing up plans to encourage Anglicans to come home to Rome. In my post a few days ago I noted the Pastoral Provision’s snazzy new website, and rumblings from various quarters that Rome was trying to make it as easy [Read More...]


It has been brought to my attention that yesterday’spost contained a number of errors. The person whois visiting the Roman pontiff is not, in fact, the Druid Archpriest Rowan Atkinson, but the famous Anglican clergyman, Archbishop of Canterbury, and leader of the worldwide Anglican communion, The Right Reverend Rowan Williams, pictured here. The man pictured [Read More...]

Druid to Meet Pope

Druid Archpriest Rowan Atkinson will meet Pope Benedict XVI next week in Rome. The archpriest will seek the support of the supreme pontiff for his church’s plans to re-introduce human sacrifice in Britain. Archpriest Atkinson said, ‘Our most important shamans and witchdoctors are in favor of sacrificing disabled children. We believe this is an important [Read More...]

Married Priests?

Tomorrow there will be a Vatican meeting to discuss mandatory celibacy after the renegade Archbishop Milingo ‘ordained’ four married men. Pope Benedict has called a meeting to discuss the implications of Milingo’s actions. I expect Rome will take a hard line and continue to insist on mandatory clerical celibacy. To do anything else would look [Read More...]

The Anglican Right

Will the present melt down in the Anglican Church cause more Episcopalian priests and people to come home to Rome? It looks like the snazzy new website for the Pastoral Provision is making things easier. The Pastoral Provision is Rome’s procedure for allowing married former Episcopalian and Anglicans to be dispensed from the vow of [Read More...]

Machetes and Medical Missions

Last Thursday we flew from Greenville to Houston and connected to San Salvador. I was part of a small mission team associated with the Papal Foundation. We visited a village for the poor named Sideco. A dedicated group of lay people have started a new village to re-house the poorest of El Salvador’s poor. The [Read More...]

The Savior

I’m off to El Salvador tomorrow for a five day mission trip with a medical mission associated with the Papal foundation. I’ve never been to Central America before, but I remember telling the Lord when I was a college student that I would go anywhere, but I really didn’t want to be a missionary to [Read More...]

How Do I Love Thee?

Have you ever noticed that we love people for their faults and not their achievements? We might be impressed when someone sets a new world record, but we don’t love him for it. We might admire someone’s new face lift or promotion or increased salary, but we don’t love her for it. We might respect [Read More...]

Henry’s End

Paul Thigpen has a great new book out called Last Words: Final Thought of Catholic Saints and Sinners.On his deathbed, the man with the cruel, piggy eyes to the left cried, “All is lost. Monks, monks, monks. So, now, all is gone–empire, body, soul. Was this the final cry of a man who was lost, [Read More...]

Deep in History

Writing from Columbus, Ohio. Marcus Grodi’s Coming Home Network is an apostolate that ministers to non-Catholic clergy who are on their journey to the Catholic Church. Marcus is the host of the popular Journeys Home program on EWTN. This year’s conference is on the English Reformation. Next Autumn it will be on the history of [Read More...]

Anchors Aweigh

Julian of Norwich was a fourteenth century English mystic. One of the first female authors in English, she was an anchoress in a little church in the cathedral city of Norwich. She lived enclosed in her cell attached to the church where she received visitors, prayed and worshipped at Mass constantly. Her book Revelations of [Read More...]

Merry Old England…Not

I’m off to speak at Coming Home Network’s Deep in History conference this weekend. The topic is the English Reformation, and I’ll be on the platform with English friends, Jamie and Joanna Bogle and biographer Joseph Pearce as well as fellow former Anglican priest, Ray Ryland, Marcus Grodi, Scott Hahn and others. I’m giving an [Read More...]

The Silent Majority

I was a young Anglican priest and Father Richard was a venerable old man who had sacrificed much and suffered much as a priest. We had daily Eucharist in our parish at 8am, and on winter mornings the light would slant in through the stained glass set in the ancient stone walls. Very few people [Read More...]

Witches and Wizards

The other day my thirteen year old asked if witches were real. It’s a good question. In our society its difficult to discern between fact and fiction. Special effects in movies make the mot fantastic creatures seem very real indeed. Meanwhile, most of the media conspires to shield us from reality as effectively as possible. [Read More...]

Of Converts and Keyholes

The other evening I met with a couple of Evangelical Christians who have questions about the Catholic faith. Very sincere and honest seekers they were, but having been out of the apologetics ring for some time, I had forgotten how non-Catholic Christians view the faith. Time and again in our conversation I had the frustrating [Read More...]

Gritty Glory

When Cardinal Newman became a Catholic he said, ‘This is real religion.’ There is something hard about Catholicism, and ‘hard’ means both ‘concrete’ and ‘difficult’. Catholicism is a nitty gritty, down to earth, common sense sort of faith. Other versions of the Christian faith indulge in utopianism or fancy theories or some sort of good [Read More...]

Rebel with a Cause

What do you do with a rebellious teenager? Monsignor Guissani–founder of Communion and Liberation says go with the flow. Well, he doesn’t say that in so many words, but that’s what he means. In his book The Risk of Education he says that for education to be authentic a young person has to examine what [Read More...]

The Creative Conservative

Is this your image of a conservative? I’m not knocking stalwart ladies in tweed suits, but you needn’t be quite so prim to be a conservative. A conservative is not always a hatchet faced killjoy or a prim and parsimonious puritan. A conservative is simply someone who wants to conserve what’s good from the past [Read More...]