Twelve Reasons Why You Can’t Call God “Mother”

First CofE Woman Bishop Libby Lane

The feminist Anglicans have unveiled their latest campaign. Now that they’ve succeeded in getting women ordained as priests and bishops they’re pushing for the language of the liturgy to be changed to call God “Mother.” Here are twelve reasons why you can’t call God “Mother” 1. Jesus tells us to call God “Father” - The really big reason [Read More...]

Anglicans Push to Call God “Mother”

Anglican Women Priests

  This article in the Daily Telegraph is old news. It tells us how the feminists in the Church of England want to get rid of the patriarchal language in the Church and call God “Mother.” It is sort of a news item because it comes hard on the heels of the first ordinations of [Read More...]

American Atheistic Materialism


This week’s article at The Imaginative Conservative reveals how our materialistic habits are actually (beneath the surface) a form of atheistic ideology. At depth, materialism is that philosophy that assumes and asserts that there is nothing more than the material world. “What you see is what you get.” The true materialist does not believe in [Read More...]

The Holy Trinity, Feminists and a Nice Cuppa Tea


I’m living in England and the parish priest asks me to take a confirmation class. In the group of eighth graders preparing for confirmation, Jimmy was a not one of the brightest stars. He was a bit like vanilla pudding, sweet but thick. So when it came to discussion of the Holy Trinity I wasn’t [Read More...]

What’s Your Happiness Level?


Fr Robert Spitzer’s new volume Finding True Happiness: Satisfying Our Restless Hearts (Happiness, Suffering, and Transcendence) is excellent. I get umpteen books for review and my policy is, “If the book sits there and I have a desire (not a duty) to read it, then it makes the cut and I’ll read and review it) This [Read More...]

Big Hearted Francis

francis child

My article for Aleteia this week focusses on Pope Francis’ heart of compassion, and how this attractive trait can be both a strength and a seeming weakness. Sick children also draw his compassion, “This breaks my heart.” The pope said, “When I see those creatures I say to the Lord, ‘Why them and not me?’” [Read More...]

More on the Benedict Option

St Benedict - Church of the Atonement, San Antonio

  My latest article for the National Catholic Register explores how the Benedict Option I discussed here might be employed at parish level. A “Benedict Option” would undermine clericalism in a positive and creative way. There would be natural renewal of worship, religious education and service based on the needs of the local community rather [Read More...]

All Are Welcome….To What Exactly?


If you want to understand how the liberal Catholic views the world you can do no better than to take a moment to read this piece by Patrick Reardon at the National Catholic Reporter. It’s called “A Church Refreshed: A dispatch from an American Catholic Future.” The adolescent naivety (combined with graying hippie philosophy) of this [Read More...]

The Rise of Militant Catholic Men

Young man silently praying at his bedside with his rosary

Go here for my latest article for CRUX which highlights the rise of men’s conferences, seminars and parish groups in the American Catholic Church. Catholic men are arming themselves for battle. Spiritual battle. Behind the headlines and beneath the radar, a grassroots movement is growing among Catholic men in the United States. Spurred on by [Read More...]

Women Priests and Witches

Episcopal Presiding Bishop Katherine Schori

Church of England women priests have joined Episcopal Presiding Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori at a conference with a witch and a man married to a Muslim man. Ruth Gledhill reports here A leading witch and herbalist shared a Church of England platform last night with other women religious leaders including the Presiding Bishop of the [Read More...]

Catholic Marxism – The Sequel

cardinal marx

Conservative Catholics bite their nails when connections are made between Marxism and Pope Francis. They’re nervous about the recent beatification of Archbishop Romero because they worry that he was a secret devotee of liberation theology. They’re not very happy with some of Pope Francis’ appointments to his Vatican Fellowship of the Ring–the nine cardinals he [Read More...]

Cardinal Marx Holds Secret Vatican Conference to Sway Synod

Edward Pentin reports for National Catholic Register on what seems to be a secret Vatican Conference hosted by Cardinal Reinhard Marx on the topic of same sex marriage, re-married divorced Catholics and “the theology of love” which is to replace Pope St John Paul II’s “theology of the body” A one-day study meeting — open [Read More...]

How to Be a Creative Conservative


My latest article for Intercollegiate Review explains how to be a creative conservative I know, I know. Conservatives are harsh, judgmental, close-minded, homophobic, misogynist, creationist and fundamentalist Christians who have scrawny girls with buck teeth and meathead boys with zip-up Bibles. I know, I know. Conservatives are all slightly paranoid about “liberals” and are in [Read More...]

Is It Time to Hunker Down?

The Benedict Option

  As Ireland votes overwhelmingly for same sex marriage and the rest of the Western world, it seems, can’t wait to follow their example, is it time to throw in the towel in the cultural slugfest? As radical Islam advances giving us nightmares and as the economic “recovery” looks increasingly shaky is it time to [Read More...]

If You Believe in Fairies…


…clap your hands. You  may remember that episode in Peter Pan when Tinkerbell is about to perish and all the children in the audience are asked to clap their hands if they believe in fairies. Their clapping makes Tinkerbell come back to life. Tinkerbell seems to have invaded the mindset of modern man. That is to say, [Read More...]

Give More Money For Heaven’s Sake!


Stop and think for a moment. Why are we commanded (its not an option) to give sacrificially to the work of the church? Most people assume its because the church has to pay the bills, the priest needs a salary, the church needs a new roof and we have to help the poor people. Yes [Read More...]

It’s All or Nuthin’

therese and friedrich

My article at The Imaginative Conservative this week compares St Therese of Lisieux with Friedrich Nietzsche In the musical Oklahoma! Ado Annie and Will Parker sing, “With Me It’s All or Nuthin’ is it All or Nuthin’ With You?” I like to imagine the duet being sung by Thérèse of Lisieux and Friedrich Nietzsche. I can just [Read More...]

The Catholic Pentecostal Church


Is it ‘me and Jesus’ or ‘me and the Church’? This is the question of ecclesiology and the difference between Catholics and Protestants on this issue is illustrated by two different perspectives on Pentecost. I think it is fair to say that most Protestants do not have an ecclesiology, or if they have one they [Read More...]

Twelve Reasons Why I Never Argue With Internet Atheists

Businessmen fighting

Some atheists trying to pick a fight with padre, but I never argue with atheists Here’s why: 1. Most of the internet atheists I’ve come across are ignorant - I don’t mean they’re stupid necessarily, or that they are bad people. I don’t even mean they are uneducated in their particular field, but most of them are [Read More...]

Hilarity and Holiness


Earlier in the week I write a light hearted post saying that one of the most wearying things about atheism was simply how mind crushingly boring it is. The post is here. Atheism is Just So…Dull. I was tickled therefore, when an atheist blogger wrote a post about it, and of course, what was so [Read More...]

Why Do So Many People Misunderstand Pope Francis?

Pope Francis

My article at Aleteia this week explores the communications problems Pope Francis is having. This week Pope Francis found himself in yet another media firestorm. Did he really say that Palestinians leader Mahmoud Abbas was “an angel of peace”? CNN clarifies the controversy here. It turns out the Pope gave Abbas a commemorative medal just as [Read More...]

Pagans or Puritans…You Choose

Bacchus - The Roman God of Wine

You might remember that in C.S.Lewis’ Narnia stories Mr Tumnus the Faun recounts how they used to have jolly times with Bacchus and Silenus. Lewis was criticized for bringing such blatant paganism into his works. What was he thinking??!! In writing to Don Giovanni–a Catholic priest, Lewis commented on the matter and  observed that  modern man [Read More...]