Blessed Virgin Mary – Higher Than Any Created Being?

queen of angels

Catholic praise God that the Blessed Virgin Mary is higher than any other created being. Higher than the angels even. That’s why one of her titles is Queen of Angels But why is she exalted above all others? Because she was unique. No other created being was so intimate with God that she bore his [Read More...]

From the Pious Puppy Dog…


…Good Lord Deliver Us I hope you will excuse me from venting, but has anybody else noticed the rise of what I call “the pious puppy dog”? The pious puppy dog is the kind of Christian who seems to be nothing but fluffy sweetness and light and happiness and goodness all the time. 24-7. He [Read More...]

The Satanic Coloring Book for Kids?

Satanic Coloring Book

Last week a book arrived on my desk which is truly disturbing. It’s called The Satanic Children’s Big Book of Activities.  Produced by The Satanic Temple it is an eight page booklet featuring typical kid’s coloring book with activities like a maze, word search, puzzles and codes. What interests me most about The Satanic Children’s Big Book of [Read More...]

Five Reasons Why “Back to the Basics” Churches Stumble

Decaying Church

There’s always a tendency in religion to want to get back to the original–to return to the primitive form of religion–to get back to the basics. Big mistake. While Catholics groups sometimes fall into this trap it is one of the underlying foundations of the Protestant movement to go in for Primitivism and Restorationism. Primitivism is [Read More...]

Why Religious People Are Worse Than Darth Vader


The teacher in my screenwriting class said, “To create a believable villain you have to understand why he thinks he’s good.” In other words, nobody gets up in the morning deciding to be just as nasty, mean and murderous as possible. No. even Darth Vader thinks he’s a good guy, and to give George Lucas [Read More...]

Did I Become Catholic Because I Hate Women?

Catholic Women Priests?

In 1995 I resigned as a Vicar in the Church of England, and I and my family were received into full communion with the Catholic Church. I left the Church of England along with nearly 800 other priests. We joined the Catholic Church because the Church of England had voted to accept women as priests. Naturally [Read More...]

Is Catholic Anglican Ecumenism Over?

Members of ARCIC meet in Rome

My latest essay for CRUX takes a new slant on the possibilities facing Anglican Roman Catholic ecumenism. Short story: never give up hope. Last week, the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission (ARCIC) gathered in Rome for a further round of ecumenical discussion. Now that the Anglicans have female bishops, gay bishops, and are well along the path toward [Read More...]

Is Mary the Catholic Boy’s Pin Up?

About fifteen years ago I co-authored a dialogue book with Evangelical journalist John Martin. The book was called Challenging Catholics and it is now out of print. For Mary’s month of May I thought I’d publish here some of our dialogue about Mary. Here’s a particularly punchy passage: John: Let me spell out my three problems with [Read More...]

Infallible Me…


Non Catholic Christians often grumble about the Catholic doctrine of papal infallibility, but they miss the point that for any religion to be considered reliable somewhere along the line you have to have some sort of infallibility. To get what I mean we first have to understand what infallibility is. Infallibility is not sinless perfection. [Read More...]

Anti Catholic Spies Everywhere

As research for an exciting project I’m reading .The Watchers: A Secret History of the Reign of Elizabeth I Stephen Alford’s excellent study of the spy network in Elizabethan England. He does a great job in portraying the reality of the Elizabethan police state. We have got used to the version of English history in which [Read More...]

Blind Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin

This week’s article at Imaginative Conservative offers a critique of Benjamin Franklin’s rationalism Like most Freemasons, Franklin had a spiritual blind spot. There was nothing wild and mystical in his life. Passion and romance in religion were alien to him. His creed was one of common sense, mild-mannered good works and human virtue. As such [Read More...]

The Challenge of Chastity

old couple

One of my wisecracks is, “I used to be chaste, but she caught me.” Sorry. Bad joke. Another one liner on the subject that has changed my life is Pope St John Paul’s observation, “Chastity is the work of a lifetime.” Think of it like this: chastity is the work of a lifetime because it [Read More...]

We Are All to Blame for the Marriage Meltdown

marriage breakup

In the wake of the recent resounding  thumbs up to same sex marriage in Ireland, and as the Supreme Court debates the issue of same sex marriage and Pope Francis prepares for the second round of what promises to be a bruising Synod on the Family we should all wake up to the fact that [Read More...]

POTUS Candidates Reveal Two Catholic Churches

biden ryan

My article for Aleteia this week gives a sketch of the various Catholics who are, or may be, in the running for the White  House. There have never been as many Catholics stepping up for the top job and their backgrounds and opinions provide an accurate reflection of a diverse and divided American Catholic Church. [Read More...]

Screaming Kids and Urban Thugs

Demonstrators jump on a damaged Baltimore police department vehicle during clashes in Baltimore

When the kids were little I remember Mrs Longenecker telling me that she was in the family van with a friend and their infant was in the back seat screaming his head off. The mom countered by opening a lollipop and giving it to junior. Mrs Longenecker observed in her usual down to earth way, [Read More...]

Why Same Sex Marriage Is Impossible for Catholics

My article this week at the National Catholic Register explains the Catholic reasons why same sex marriage is an impossibility. This is the main reason why the Catholic Church will never allow same sex weddings — because we believe that marriage is a sacrament, and we can’t change the content of the sacrament. A sacramental marriage is [Read More...]

Sixteen Signs of True Authority Every Catholic Should Learn

Pope Francis in the Cathedra of St John Lateran

When faced with the multiplicity of religions its easy to think that they are all the same Its easy to think they are all either man made religions or that they are simply the accident of certain historical and cultural conditions. The question to ask when considering the validity of a religion is where its [Read More...]

Income Inequality is Not the Real Problem


A reader has asked me why I don’t write more on subjects like the environment and income inequality. I’m as shocked as the next ordinary person to see the vast inequality of income in the United States. I’m even more shocked to see the vast inequality of income between a “poor” American and someone in [Read More...]

Why Hillary Will Win


Readers may have picked up that I am not particularly delighted by the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency. No matter how much publicity there is for her record of scandals, incompetence, manipulation and lies, no matter how much publicity there is for her husbands slime ball behavior, abuse of women and louche lifestyle, no [Read More...]

The Quick C.S.Lewis List


Someone once asked my why I went to live in England for twenty five years and I answered. “It was C.S.Lewis’ fault. I discovered C.S.Lewis while at college and from his writings and the life of T.S.Eliot I became an avowed Anglophile. When I had the chance to study at Oxford for three years it [Read More...]

Peter and the Empty Promises of Progressives


Today’s Mass readings include the story from the Acts of the Apostles chapter 10 in which St Peter has a vision of a sheet full of unclean animals lowered from heaven. He is told to “Take and eat.” At first he refuses because to do so would be to break the Jewish law. However, the [Read More...]

Christian Bakers Fined $135,000

lesbian cake

The Klein family in Oregon have already had their family business destroyed by the State of Oregon. Now they are being fined $135,000 in damages to the lesbians who were denied a wedding cake. Go here to read this shocking story. Image via Bing [Read more...]