Of Hobbits and Hermits


There is a double yearning in me, and I suspect it is pretty much universal, and that is to be both a hobbit and a hermit. Give me the hobbit’s life of adventure. I want to shrug on my backpack, pick up my stick and set off on the open road. I want to sleep [Read More...]

Slubgrip Instructs – An Excerpt

Slubgrip-3D Stack

I’ll be posting some excerpts from my new book Slubgrip Instructs as tasters. Make sure you get this in time for your Lenten reading! There is a special pre-publication offer on for the rest of the month of January. Go here to learn more. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Bell clanging. Crowd voices and movement. Slubgrip’s voice is heard above the [Read More...]

Baby Rabbits Take Over Washington DC


Tens of thousands of baby rabbits have swamped downtown Washington DC today. Flooding out of the Verizon Center and many other venues across the nation’s capital hoards of little bunnies marched through the streets protesting against government plans to cull the rabbit population through abortion. For some years now Catholics and other Christians continue to [Read More...]

I’d Rather Be at March for Life

The Verizon Center Youth Mass Before This Year's MFL

This year I am missing the March for Life. I have attended almost every year since moving back to the United States in 2006, but this year I felt I needed to attend our diocesan priest’s convocation. With the greatest of respect for my bishop and fellow priests. I’d rather be at March for Life! [Read More...]

The Pope and those Airplane Talks

Pope Francis

A good number of Catholics are getting worked up by Pope Francis’ habit of giving informal interviews on airplanes. It was worrying me too, but I’m beginning to see the advantages of what he’s doing. This week’s article for Aleteia explains my thinking on the matter: When the pope meets with journalists on the plane [Read More...]

The Next Pope – Twelve Cardinals to Watch

A Future Pope?

Pope Francis has several times indicated that his will not be a long papacy.  During the press conference on his flight back from Korea he spoke about Pope Benedict’s retirement and said, “I would do the same. I would do the same. I will pray, but I would do the same. He [Benedict] opened a [Read More...]

Slubgrip’s Special Offer


During the month of January take advantage of a special pre-publication offer on my new book Slubgrip Instructs–the sequel to my previous Lent book The Gargoyle Code. In The Gargoyle Code master tempter Slubgrip writes daily to trainee devil Dogwart–advising him on the temptation of a confused young Catholic, while he struggles to control his own ‘patient’–an older man who [Read More...]

Abortion and Obi Wan Kenobi


In 1914 Agnes Cuff, a flighty and unstable young woman with few prospects and little money found herself pregnant. The father didn’t want to be involved. She was alone, shamed, poor and pregnant. Today she would be encouraged to get herself to an abortion clinic and end the unwanted pregnancy. Instead a little boy was born. English [Read More...]

Miss Sylvia Cotton Writes About Rabbits

alastair sim

Miss Sylvia Cotton is our latest guest blogger. Miss Cotton is Founder and Headmistress of St Felicity and Perpetua School for Girls in Upper Gusset, Rhode Island. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Home Economics, Miss Cotton is an avid sportswoman, sailor and world traveler. Author of several books on how to raise Catholic young ladies–among [Read More...]

On Priests and Pedestals


The other day I was asked what was the most difficult thing about being a priest and I said I thought it was the fact that people don’t really want you to be a real person. They want you to be Jesus Mary and Joseph. I was exaggerating. However. There is sometimes some pretty weird [Read More...]

The Secular Search for a Savior

crowds hitler

Now that Pope Francis has spoken out clearly against artificial contraception and same sex marriage we can hear the sighs of dismay from the disappointed secular humanists. Oh, how they latched on to this new hope from Argentina! It didn’t matter if they were Catholics or not. They wanted to love him. They wanted to [Read More...]

Catholicism – The Original Mega Church

Pope Francis in crowd

View image | gettyimages.com Pope Francis’ record breaking visit to the Philippines reminds the world of the sheer power of numbers when it comes to debates about religion. Let the Oxford intellectuals like Dawkins squawk all they want about the evils of religion and the goodness of atheism. They are a fly not even worth [Read More...]

Climbing the Spiritual El Capitan

rock climbing

These week two amazing guys did the first free climb of the Dawn Wall of El Capitan in Yosemite. Kevin J0rgeson and Tommy Cauldwell spent nineteen days on the cliff face ascending a granite wall twice the height of the Empire State Building. Read about it and see the interview here. One of the climber said [Read More...]

Satan and the Banality of Evil

Adolph Eichmann on Trial

  An article in the Daily Telegraph reports on a new film being made about the man who televised the trial of Nazi death camp criminal Adolph Eichmann. Eichmann was the chief organizer of Hitler’s “final solution” to exterminate the Jews. As the Nazis began the invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941, their Jewish policy changed [Read More...]

Pope Francis in the Phillipines

Pope Francis

View image | gettyimages.com The Daily Telegraph has a great photo gallery of the Pope in the Phillipines. Go here What I love about these big papal visits hit me when I learned that they are called “Apostolic Visits” This is the successor of Peter and Paul doing what Peter and Paul did. They travelled. [Read More...]

Ten Reasons Why I Am Grateful for Atheists

Brilliant Atheist?

Not long ago I was engaged in an email conversation with an atheist. He wrote to me out of the blue responding to a blog post I had written. He seemed friendly enough so I went along with the conversation, first assuring him that I don’t argue with anybody online. Arguments are out. Discussions are [Read More...]

Bruno the Bald

Mock Ye Not Bald Prophets

In attempting to collect a pantheon of bald headed saints we have come across the difficulty of the tonsure. Was the saint really bald headed or was his head shaved? A reader sent me this splendid photo of St Bruno–the founder of the Carthusian order, but we are uncertain if he is really bald or [Read More...]

Is This a Miraculous Image of the Divine Mercy?

divine mercy

This article reports a miraculous image of the Divine Mercy in the Northern Lights. Is this really what it is or we seeing things? This phenomenon is called pareidolia. Go here to check it out. It is the ability to “see things” or hear things that aren’t really there. Typical examples are seeing things in [Read More...]

No Mary? No Jesus

cowper madonna

This week’s article for Aleteia highlights the Holy Father’s homily for the solemnity of Mary, Mother of God In his homily for the Solemnity of the Mother of God on New Year’s Day Pope Francis made the very clear point that we cannot have Jesus without Mary.  The Pope taught, “The two were together, just [Read More...]

Myth and Magic in the Mundane


My article this week for the Imaginative Conservative discusses the way the ancient myths were embodied in the history of the Hebrew people What very few have stopped to realize is that in the midst pagans telling fantastical stories of star gods visiting earth and titanic struggles between the deities of their pantheons, the same [Read More...]

Dialogue with the Devil

Temptation of Eve

Some time ago a blogger wrote an “open letter” to me inviting me to engage in discussion on a topic where we disagreed. To avoid specifics and get down to the core issues, let’s say the topic was the pastoral care  of remarried divorced people in church. So I went to the blog and read the [Read More...]

Atheism or Catholicism – You Choose


I’ve got this gadget on my home page that generates quotable quotes. You don’t know what you’re going to get next. Some are funny, some wise, some rude, some silly, some stupid. My favorite silly one is from Groucho Marx: “Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.” Geddit? Anyway, there’s one from [Read More...]