Have You Seen This Amazing Video?

I will follow is a powerfully moving ten minute film in which two young priests tell how they ended up hearing and then following Christ’s call. Take ten minutes to watch this video, then share it on YouTube and social media. It deserves to be seen widely. The production values are high. The quality is [Read More...]

Ten Things Every Catholic Should Know About Sola Scriptura


Do you know how to answer a non Catholic Christian who challenges you about the Bible? Knowing how everybody loves lists, here are ten things every Catholic should know about Sola Scriptura: 1. Sola Scriptura means “only Scripture”. It is the Protestant belief that the Bible is the only source for teaching on doctrine and morality. [Read More...]

Pilgrimage to England with Joseph Pearce


Would you like to spend ten days in England with me and my good friend Catholic author and biographer Joseph Pearce? We’ll be conducting a pilgrimage together in June and you can still sign up, but do so  quickly because the deadline is approaching. The tour will focus on Catholic Literary figures and martyrs. Joseph [Read More...]

Catholicism, Sausages and the Roots of Religion


Celebrating daily Mass is a blessing because you can take more time to contemplate and ponder the mysteries before you. On a large Sunday Mass I am too often concerned with all that is going on around me and making sure everything is going smoothly. On Sunday night I had been reading Mircea Eliade’s history [Read More...]

Excerpt from Slubgrip Instructs


In Slubgrip Instructs the demon Slubgrip has been demoted to teach Popular Culture 101 at Bowelbages University. While he bullies and badgers his scrofulous students he is also plotting with his old friend Knobswart to take over the university administration. His daily Luciferian lectures are interspersed with guest lecturers like Zelnick–who lectures on how to [Read More...]

Why Is There Disaster not Disneyland?


The better question is “Why is there anything at all?” New blogger Ben Conroy attacks the problem in his post about English comedian Stephen Fry here. if I was arguing with Fry I might point to the fact that a universe without natural evil wouldn’t have Stephen Fry in it, because the very existence of [Read More...]

Tolkien, Tradition and Trees

tolkien tree

Joseph Pearce has a very perceptive and interesting article here on Tolkien and Trees. He talks about Ents and Tolkien’s love of language. It’s all about roots and time and tradition and the need to be well rooted… This deep understanding of language is analogous to an understanding of history. If we want to understand [Read More...]

It’s Not Easy Being Green…


This week’s post at Aleteia explains that stewardship of the environment has been part of the church’s teaching and the pope’s agenda for some time. Benedict XVI was actually dubbed “the Green Pope” during his reign. Pope Francis’ planned encyclical on the environment will build on the work of his two predecessors. If any recent [Read More...]

Why Does God Allow Bone Cancer in Children?

crucified lord

Stephen Fry’s passionate condemnation of God for creating a world with children’s bone cancer, flesh eating microbes and cannibalistic serial killers brings us to ponder the nature of evil in the world. While Stephen Fry’s complaint reveals more about Stephen Fry than God, it is still a very popular complaint and a question worth asking. [Read More...]

What the Archbishop Should Have Said to Stephen Fry


English homosexual activist and public atheist Stephen Fry has stirred the hornet’s nest with some juvenile comments about God and the Archbishop of Canterbury, in a speech defending religious freedom, has propped him up. Fry was a guest on an Irish TV show when he was asked what he would say to God at the [Read More...]

Are Anglicans Catholic?


My latest article for National Catholic Register online reviews the disastrous consequences for church unity of the Anglican decision to ordain women priests and bishops. If Anglicans proudly claim to be part of the ancient Catholic Church, why have they thumbed their noses at the Eastern-Orthodox and Roman-Catholic authorities over this matter? Many Anglicans consider [Read More...]

Ten Amazing Things You Should Know About Posts About Ten Things


Did you know that those posts about Ten Amazing Things you should know are not really about the ten things?! Here are ten things you should know about posts about ten things: 1. The Website posting them sells advertising. 2. The number of readers they have is measured by page views. 3. The more page [Read More...]

Catholic Like Me

black like me

Did you know that the author of Black Like Me the classic book about race relations in America, was a convert to Catholicism? This article from today’s Daily Telegraph tells the story of John Howard Griffin, a Texan who famously tried to cross the color line in the segregated South. Griffin was an extraordinary person. His mother was [Read More...]

My Doubts About Archbishop Romero


My latest article for CRUX is posted today. It recounts my introduction to El Salvadorean Archbishop and martyr Oscar Romero. Amid the high emotion aroused by liberation theology, I was one, conservative by nature, who assumed that Oscar Romero was a Marxist. It was difficult to avoid that conclusion once he had become a poster [Read More...]

Laughing at Lucifer with Lewis


My article at Imaginative Conservative this week reminisces about C.S.Lewis’ Screwtape Letters and discusses the need to take sin seriously but to be able to mock “that proud Spirit” Satan. For conservative Christians, Lent is not only the season to do good works, but it is also a holy season to engage in battle with [Read More...]

Francis and Benedict – Brothers in Arms

Benedict and Francis

John Allen’s Vatican round up is perceptive, objective and informed as usual. This week he focuses on the harmony between Pope Francis and Benedict. The secular press would have us believe the fanciful narrative that Francis is a radical reformer who is turning over the tables of the staid, strict and dour old codger Benedict. [Read More...]

If Charles and Diana Had Been Catholic…

Prince Charles and Lady Diana

…could their disastrous marriage have been declared invalid? This article in today’s Daily Telegraph reports from a recent biography of Prince Charles that both he and Diana got cold feet the week before the big wedding. The Prince of Wales was racked with such doubts about his doomed marriage to Diana, Princess of Wales that he told [Read More...]

Who Is the Pope?

Francis halo

In New York Review of Books Cambridge historian Eamon Duffy reviews three papal biographies and uses the opportunity to give a clear, objective and sharp analysis of Pope Francis and his papacy. On the one hand Pope Francis is a reformer One of Francis’s first major acts was the establishment of a commission of eight [Read More...]

Entertaining Slubgrip

Slubgrip-3D Stack

When writing Slubgrip Instructs I had the challenge of keeping the readers’ attention through fifty days worth of lectures in which a demonic professor teaches his students how to undermine human culture. So to introduce some comic relief I invented guest lecturers who appear on the weekends. Here’s the cast of characters: Guest Lecturers Zelnick [Read More...]

Mantilla the Hon on the Use of Incense


Guest blogger Mantilla Amontillado is the founder of Veritas Vestments. She holds a degree in Ecclesiastical Haberdashery from Salamanca University. She has done the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella three times on horseback and is engaged to the famous matador, Senor Augusto Torquemada. Hon, I am going to Mass last week and I hear everybody [Read More...]

Satan Be Muzzled!


Over at Sacred Page the Bible Scholars point out that when Jesus tells the unclean spirit in today’s gospel to “Be Quiet!” the language is stronger. Jesus’ simple response immediately drives him out: Quiet! Come out of him! In fact, the Greek term, phimōthēti, actually can be translated, “Be muzzled!” All of this further underscores Jesus’ unique power. I [Read More...]

Why I Did Not Ban Girl Altar Servers…

altar servers

…even though everyone thought I was going to. Meanwhile on the West coast Fr Illo–A priest in San Francisco has made the headlines this week for banning girl altar servers. Was he right to do so? He certainly has the right to do so, and I respect his reasons for making the decision. When I [Read More...]