Old Monk on Meditation


Old Monk: You should spend more time sitting still Novice: But you are always rushing about being busy! Old Monk: That is because I have learned how to sit still while rushing about. [Read more...]

Nancy Pelosi: Venom Masquerading as Virtue

Pope Pelosi

I have to hand it to Nancy Pelosi. The “Venom Masquerading as Virtue” line is a good one. I’m always a sucker for alliteration. That’s where my admiration ends. In this article Pope Pelosi, who last year received the Margaret Sanger Eugenicist of the Year Award, now presumes to correct Archbishop Salvator Cordileone for planning [Read More...]

Dads – Give Your Kids a Literary Kick Start


Here’s my article for the National Catholic Register on the importance of Dads reading stories to their kids. The reason children with active dads succeed is because the father helps the child to cope with the outside world. The mother is home-based. She helps a child know how to love and relate to others in [Read More...]

Time, Eternity and the Holy Trinity


This Sunday everyone will hear that the Holy Trinity is a mystery, and I’ll be reminded of my definition of a mystery: “A mystery is something that can be experienced even if it cannot be explained.” Therefore I have always found it best to discuss the mystery of the Holy Trinity through aspects of life [Read More...]

Do You Suffer From MTD?


Here is my latest article for Aleteia–which analyzes the theological disease MTD – Moralistic Therapeutic Deism. “MTD” is deadly because it eventually kills off true religion. Because “MTD” mimics true religion people think it is true religion, but then they draw the obvious conclusion: if religion is only about therapy and making the world a better place, [Read More...]

Seeing the Sacraments With X-Ray Vision


Remember those comic book ads for X-Ray vision glasses and you were worried that if someone used them they could see you naked? I never sent away to get a pair, but my friend Christian LeBlanc–who is probably one of the world’s best catechists–writes here about how he uses this idea to help teach kids [Read More...]

The War Over Pope Pius XII


Was Pope Pius XII – the pope during the second World War a Nazi sympathizer or a heroic savior of the Jews? The battle has raged over how much Pius XII knew, what he did or didn’t do and what he could have done and didn’t do. Those on the attack like John Cornwell (who [Read More...]

Understanding Iraq


To understand what’s going on in Iraq and Syria we really have to understand the religious dimension of the strife. Here’s a simple explanation: First we have to understand that the religious strife is totally linked with tribal loyalties. A good parallel is the strife in Northern Ireland. You had Irish Catholics in the South [Read More...]

Are We Living in the End Times?


In the fundamentalist Bible church I attended as a child we would regularly have long sermons about the “end times”. These were based on an interpretative system of the Bible called “Dispensationalism”. The roots of this theology were the idea that history could be broken down into various “dispensations” or time periods and that God [Read More...]

Obama Fiddles While the World Burns

Islamic Militants

Dan Henninger at the Wall Street Journal analyzes President Obama’s disastrous foreign policy here. The fall of Mosul, Iraq, to al Qaeda terrorists this week is as big in its implications as Russia’s annexation of Crimea. But from the Obama presidency, barely a peep. Barack Obama is fiddling while the world burns. Iraq, Pakistan, Ukraine, Russia, Nigeria, Kenya, [Read More...]

Serial Baby Killers in the UK


Serial abortion is on the rise in the UK with an increasing number of women using abortion as a means of contraception. This article for The Telegraph reveals statistics on the alarming growth of this killer of the future British population. Abortion is increasingly being used simply as a form of “contraception”, MPs claimed as [Read More...]

Christians Fleeing Before Muslim Fanatics in Iraq

Iraqi Christians

This article from ZENIT reports from Iraq on the Christians fleeing for their lives from the city of Mosul–once home to 35,000 Chaldean Christians. The Archbishop there says “There is probably not one Christian left.” Speaking today to Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need, Archbishop Amel Nona said he thought Mosul’s last remaining [Read More...]

Is Christian Culture Superior?


Once again the Daily Telegraph has the guts to publish a well written, clearly argued piece that cuts across the liberal orthodoxy. There’s a fuss in England at the moment because state funded schools in predominantly Asian communities are being taken over by Muslims with an agenda. They are loading the school board and attempting [Read More...]

Catholic Ghostbusters – It’s Not Always Big and Scary

School for Exorcists

An email today outlines some of the problems with the Catholic Church today: I read the article you wrote for This Rock re. the supernatural. I was somewhat disappointed because I live in a house that was once haunted(by human spirits, not demons). I wanted to learn the Churches teaching on paranormal activity, and was [Read More...]

A New Muslim Force For Unimaginable Terror

ISIS Jihadists

London’s Daily Telegraph really is the world’s best news source. Compared to the American papers and networks with their mix of shallow left wing ideologies and celebrity gossip, the Telegraph offers sensible conservative, sound and objective reporting. This article by Peter Osborne, combined with embedded links, explains succinctly and brilliantly the horrible morass in the [Read More...]

Catholicism: the True Mega Church

World Youth Day Rio 2013

Lest you are somewhat dismayed at times over the gloomy news of the state of our culture, be of good cheer. Deacon Kandra reports here that the Catholic Church ain’t going out of business anytime soon. Indeed, the church continues to grow around the world  and the twentieth century was boom time. Viewed globally the [Read More...]

So Can We Eat Oysters or Not?

Eating Lobster

A good question came up in the comment box regarding this post okaying a little tattoo for a Catholic boy. A parishioner asked if it was okay to get a tattoo since a verse in Leviticus forbids it. I explained that in Old Testament times pagan people had tattoos as a way of making a [Read More...]

Donne and Undone

John Donne

Now for a little break from the news, the fuss and the clamor of the world. Here is a favorite sonnet by John Donne. It knocks me dead every time. I memorized this poem in college and it still resonates in my mind today. Read the poem for a meditation and below it read my [Read More...]

Irish Priests Call For Women’s Ordination


The Association of Catholic Priests in Ireland have called for married priests and women’s ordination. This article outlines their appeal which is based on utilitarian arguments: ordinations are becoming increasingly rare in the Irish Church so married men should be ordained, priests should be allowed to marry, priests who left to get married should be [Read More...]

Catholic? Abortion? No Dissent Allowed


Patricia Miller writing here at the HuffPo blames the Catholic Church for stifling dissent on abortion. In recent years the U.S. Catholic bishops have been among the strongest proponents of “religious freedom,” by which they mean the right of Catholics to express values, such as opposition to same-sex marriage or contraception, in their daily lives. [Read More...]

Union Theological Seminary To Save the World

Video of an Ecumenical Meeting of Seminarians from UTS and the Staff of National Catholic Reporter This article from the HuffPo trumpets the news that New Yorks’ Union Theological Seminary has voted unanimously to divest from fossil fuels. For those who are unfamiliar with UTS, it bills itself as the flagship of American Progressive Protestant [Read More...]

Anglican Church Ladies Triumph!


Anglican Church ladies used to be stout matrons in tweed suits and sensible shoes. Manning the tea urn, setting up tables for the church bazaar and knocking some sense into the vicar, they were a formidable (if not monstrous) regiment of women. It’s all change now! The Anglican ladies are all being ordained and this [Read More...]