The Chick Fil A Revolution

We are hearing scare stories about US police forces, the National Guard and FBI preparing for civil unrest. Some people look forward–fearing violent scenes, riots in the streets and  revolution, but what if the revolution were to be like this–millions of ordinary, decent folks simply standing up and saying, “We’ve had enough.” We’re tired of being bullied by the politically correct crowd. We’re tired of being bullied by the self righteous minority who want to change our country and our way of life. We’re tired of having our religion mocked, our freedoms threatened and the future of our children destroyed. We have the right to speak our mind, to get involved politically, to defend our way of life and to do so with our voice, our money and our vote. We also defend the right for those who disagree with us to do the same. We’re going to make our voices heard by buying a sandwich.” The good humor, confidence and grace of it all showed simple genius.

It’s the American Way. It’s just as ordinary and wholesome and good as apple pie, a chicken sandwich and a cup of lemonade.

What if this form of ‘revolution’ were to continue? What if there were a group who monitored the bullying, intimidation and hate attacks from the pro-aborts, the pro-gays and the atheists? Then, what if we held a public picnic on the home of any person so attacked or any organization under threat? What if we bought the food from Chick-Fil-A? I can just see it: a Baptist pastor gets hate mail or has his church attacked for preaching in favor of traditional marriage, and before he knows it five thousand people show up with food from Chick-fil-A to have a picnic on his grounds.

Would you have the courage to take part in such a demonstration?

Or would you be chicken?