Hospitality and the Fruit of Your Lips

What if the fruit of lips that confess Jesus as Lord isn’t the words we speak or the songs we sing? What if those are the seeds that are supposed to bear fruit in a whole life’s devotion to God? The fruit, then, is the life of faithfulness. That’s a trail I run down this [Read More…]

Checking In on Sodom

The story of Sodom depicts the greatest threat to the church today. [Read more…]

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Prayer Olympics and the Deliverance of God

Reimagining praise of God and escaping the prayer Olympics. [Read more…]

Morality for the Common Good

Hope that we are becoming better as “they” become “us.” [Read more…]

There is Enough?

There is enough—but how do we believe that and live that as a people? [Read more…]

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Inestimable Human Worth

Making a claim for Jesus that is a hundred times more scandalous than his divinity. [Read more…]

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The Summons and the Warning

With God’s summoning us to justice there is a warning for deaf ears. [Read more…]

Four Ways to Miss God

We miss God precisely where we are most confident that we can find him. [Read more…]

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Is Meaningful Biblical Spirituality Possible?

Is the Bible too particular and specific to give us a meaningful spirituality? [Read more…]

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Opportunity in the Chaos

I want a world led by the blessed peacemakers. [Read more…]

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