The “T” Word

Good news is only good news if it’s true for everyone and if it works. [Read more…]

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Swing States: We Need You to Save Us from Trump

Sometimes “the same old” is better than the alternative. [Read more…]

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Can protests in Charlotte birth a moment of grace? [Read more…]

Scripture: Our Father & Mother’s Unruly Child

Scripture doesn’t replicate the theology of the church that birthed it. [Read more…]

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Gentile Transformation: In Conversation with Wesley Hill

Included people are invited to a transformed morality even as they transform the ethics of the church. [Read more…]

Wilberforce and Newbigin

What William Wilberforce can teach us about Lesslie Newbigin’s vision. [Read more…]

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On Making a REALLY Big Deal About Jesus’s Humanity

The human Jesus as a cure for our anemic Christology. [Read more…]

From C. S. Lewis to the Synoptic Jesus

Liar, Lunatic, Lord–or Messiah? Reimagining possibilities for Jesus. [Read more…]

Like a Child

Mark 10:15 means this. [Read more…]

Jesus the Key?

What difference does Jesus make for how we read the Old Testament? [Read more…]