The church’s challenge in the age of Trump, perhaps its biggest challenge, is to somehow follow Jesus as “light in the darkness” when light is shining out from every corner of our country and our world. For a people whose hero proclaimed release to the captives, recovery of sight to the blind, the advent of the justice of God, we find ourselves in very good company these days. The best Christian social movements have always been willing to work toward common aims… Read more

Who is my neighbor? Read more

Today is the day that many of us have been dreading. And, yes, many have been longing for it, counting down to it for the past months and years. But the majority of my people, even folks who aren’t sure that they’re my people anymore given my theological and political leanings, are not happy about today’s inauguration. Trump brings too much brutality. Too much instability. Too much inability to tell the truth. So what on earth could be the good news… Read more

Last week I went to a talk. And what I really, really wanted, more than anything else, was for the speaker to fire the silver bullet. I wanted him to convince me of what I have too long doubted. I wanted him to show me that the globalized world needs religion so that its people can flourish. In defense of the speaker, let me say that I’m not entirely sure that his goal was to offer the silver bullet I… Read more

A Litany of Confession & Peace Read more

We have failed each other. Read more

Webinar on A Man Attested by God now on YouTube. Read more

“White makes right” makes for bad readings of the Bible. Read more

Good news is only good news if it’s true for everyone and if it works. Read more

Sometimes “the same old” is better than the alternative. Read more

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