Leadership is Setting Strong Goals: 3 A’s of Strong Goals

Leaders set strong goals, particularly annual goals. There are three key qualities that strong annual goals have in common.

First, strong goals are authentic.

Strong goals are not based on theory. They are not simply adjustments or revisions of last year’s annual goals. They are not a consensus of what other people suggest your goals could be.

Strong goals reflect our core values and the leader we are becoming. Our goals are tangible steps to put our true selves into practice. Setting goals is an exercise in honestly and self-understanding. If our goals do not take us in the direction we want to go, they are not strong goals.

Second, strong goals are also achievable.

Goals are not dreams or fantasies. Goals are more measurable than intentions. Goals motivate us because they are steps that take us toward where we want to go.

Goals, particularly goals for the year, will not turn our entire vision into reality. They are steps forward, not the map of our entire journey.

Our goals challenge us and help us grow. They are not designed to overwhelm and discourage us.

We cannot hope to accomplish everything during the next 12 months. What would those goals leave for us to work on next year?

Third, strong goals are adaptable.

We will grow and learn during the year. The situations in which we live and work will change. We need goals, which guide and strengthen us, that will continue to develop throughout the year.

The lessons this year brings may give us what we need to accomplish all of our annual goals in a few months, or teach us that the goals we set were not as strong as we thought they were.

We need goals that give us the freedom to apply the lessons we learn throughout the year.

How strong are your goals for 2013?

Can I help you strengthen your goals?

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  • Peg Gillard (@gracinginfinity)

    Interesting that I should find this the day that I finished my rough draft of goal setting for my educator’s license renewal! My goals are all of the above. That makes me pretty happy as they are all goals that mean something to me and will interest, motivate and excite me for the next 7 years!

  • Strategic Monk

    Thank you, Peg!

    They sound like great goals. Just imagine all the ways they will help you learn and grow over seven years!