Leadership Lives in the Present Moment

Some people think leadership is all about the future.

These people are focused on their own vision for where they are going. They work hard to get themselves, and everyone else, moving in the direction they want to go. They do not want to be distracted by what has happened before, or what else is happening now. The future is their target and they are leading people forward, confident in their own vision.

Some people think leadership is all in the past.

These people bemoan the loss of great leaders who have gone before. They work hard to reinforce the standards that have been taught by earlier generations. They have anxiety about what is happening now, or could happen in the future. Their focus is on the past, and they lead people by following the examples and advise of traditional leaders. They are confident in the lessons and approaches that have proven effective historically.

Leadership lives in the present moment.

Fueled by the lessons of the past, the spark of our vision for the future ignites the fireworks of leadership in the present. Leadership lights up the darkness.

The leaders who inspire me, and motivate me to become a stronger leader, flash a light in the darkness. They help me recognize and appreciate myself more deeply in each moment. They respect my potential to lead for myself, and help me grow toward that potential. Their insight and leadership give me opportunities to see myself more clearly.

They are not looking to the past or to the future. They are looking into my eyes.

Is your leadership about the future or the past?

How does your leadership light up the present moment?

[Image by stephen_gunby]

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  • http://margaretfeinberg.com Margaret Feinberg

    What a spectacular photo! Thanks for challenging me today, Greg!

    • http://christtribe.com Bob Holmes

      Margaret, This is wild. I just discovered you and your 21 Days of Wonder today. It’s great to see you here. Greg has an old soul, quietly calling us into a deeper life.

    • http://christtribe.com Bob Holmes

      Greg, You’re always calling this reluctant leader to wake up to what’s right in front of my eyes…the present moment.

      Thanks Greg!

      • Strategic Monk

        Thank you, Bob!

        I spent quite a bit of time asleep to myself, and believe it is time to wake up and live the dream.

        We are not in a position to lead anyone else if we do not lead ourselves first.

  • Strategic Monk

    Thank you, Margaret!

    Happy 2013. It is a pleasure to share this present moment with you, and anticipate the moments that yet to come.

    Looking forward to it!