Leadership Transforms People

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Leadership is about transformation. If your leadership does not transform people, you are not meeting your potential.

The first person your leadership transforms is you.

Leading is not something that can be learned from books or in school. You cannot learn to be a leader by watching a movie. Your leadership comes from who you are.

Becoming the leader you have the potential to be is based in recognizing and appreciating who you are, your true self. Your leadership is not about who you daydream or fantasize about being; it is not about what you fear you will become.

Your leadership is about becoming your true self, the person you know you can be.

The first challenge of transformational leadership is knowing your deepest self. Knowing yourself transforms everything.

Your leadership transforms the people around you.

Being a leader is more than knowing yourself. You take the risk to share your truest self with the people around you. You, in your unique way, bring out the best in the people you know.

As you begin to see yourself more clearly, you become more authentic. You connect more honestly. You see the potential of the people with whom you work, the people with whom you go to school, the other people on the freeway or the train with you more clearly.

Your leadership helps them share their best with the people around them.

Your leadership sparks transformation beyond your community.

The leaders who inspire me spark transformation in me each day, whether I have ever met them or not. I read the words they wrote, even hundreds of years ago. They encourage me, and others, to do the deep work that will help us become the leaders we can be.

How is your leadership transforming you today?

When has your leadership transformed the people around you?

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  • http://www.adminrenegade.com Kem Foley

    Isn’t it amazing what we learn from others? Love this post, Greg.

    Not only is it great to connect with so many leaders, it is more fun to share this information and connect to those who may not be aware of the good karma, good info being shared in the digital universe.

    A friend once told me that it was important to share my stories because I may never know who needed to hear them. That’s my leadership. I don’t have to be a CEO. I have to be a COM. Chief-Of-Me.

    • Strategic Monk

      Thank you, Kem.

      Yes! We transform ourselves and the people around us as we do the deep work of exploring our true potential, and sharing what we discover throughout the day.

      Thank you for letting me be part of your story, and for being part of mine.