12 Ways Leadership is Like the Olympics


1. Leadership and the Olympics both combine and balance competition and cooperation.

2. The person out in front of the pack is not always the strongest leader.

3. Leaders bring out the best in the people around them in the same way the Olympics does.

4. Leadership and the Olympics both require a tremendous amount of practice, dedication, and creativity.

5. Leadership is about persisting to overcome obstacles, meet challenges, and exceed expectations.

6. Leadership can include events and people that we do not usually hear about, just like the Olympics.

7. Both leadership and the Olympics inspire people.

8. It is essential to explore and discover your potential, and to share your best self with the people around you, both to be a leader and in the Olympics.

9. People pay attention to you and what you do, both when you are a leader and when you are in the Olympics.

10. Leaders celebrate and recognize people’s achievements.

11. Leaders, like an Olympic team, help people recognize how their core values help them work together.

12. Leadership is filled with moments that take your breath away, bring a tear to your eye, and make you proud.

[Image by Benson Kua]