The Gleam of Chrome Is Irresistible

I’m definitely a Chrome person.

And it’s not just because I’m trying to tweak Raymond Loewy.

I think it’s a reflection of the fact that I’m right in Google’s wheelhouse: I love “one-stop shopping,” I’m almost completely oblivious (aka “recklessly indifferent”) when it comes to privacy concerns, and the ability to log in from various locations is a life-saver when shuttling between the office and home. Also, I’ll be honest: I love being the “cool kid” in the various browser mashups/humorous comparisons that pop up from time to time.

Those may not be particularly compelling reasons, I know. Thankfully, I now have “The 100,000 Stars Project” to add to the list — a webpage/ChromeWorkshop experiment that just might be the best use of the InterWebs to date. And which is only available on Chrome. (Take that, Loewy!)

YouTube Preview Image

I could spend a couple of hours on the “pan/tilt” function alone. But I’d probably be listening to this piece while I was doing it, and not Sam “Mass Effect” Hulick’s score.

Also, be sure not to miss this important bit of info from the Chrome folks:

Warning: Scientific accuracy is not guaranteed. Please do not use this visualization for interstellar navigation.

(If I had a single altruistic bone in my body, I’d point to this great OpenCulture post and its comprehensive overview. But then you’d know about OpenCulture, and I’m planning to poach 75%-80% of my future blogging content from there. Just forget I mentioned it, OK? And pay no attention to Frank Weathers. He’s just trying to steal my thunder.)

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