Chandeliering: The Strangest Thing You’ll See Today

This is amazing. …and sort of creepy, especially if you watch as many sci-fi shows as I do. (Somewhere out there, Roland Emmerich is screaming “I told you so!” at the top of his lungs.)

On a day in which spring made its return to Minnesota with a vengeance, Nadalie Thomas caught Old Man Winter making his last stand with an ice-shattering spectacle known to some as “chandeliering.”

Meteorologist Jerrid Sebesta was so impressed at the unusual occurrence that he showed Nadalie’s video on his weathercast at both 5 and 10 p.m. Jerrid says the remaining ice is very brittle due to the sun and warm temps, and at some point it reaches the state where ice first crystalizes.

The ice then splinters, creating a racket in the process.

You might have to sit through an ad or two, but don’t worry. It’s worth it.

Yet another tick on the “No, wonders will never cease. Why do you ask?” side of the ledger. The splintering would be amazing to experience, I’m sure, but it’s not the sound that makes this story pop; it’s the “growing.”  Gives me the chills.

…sorry. (Details here.)

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