Something like a socialist dream

Olivia Smith, Associate Minister Intern at a social justice-oriented church in South Seattle, tackles displacement in spiritual terms. Read more

An atheist and a deist walk into a bar…

John Draper, author of A Danger to God Himself, muses on having remarkably civil conversations about faith (and the not-so-civil ones he reads online). Read more

Beyond the Pulpit and the Prayers

A peek behind the pulpit from the perspective of a (millennial) associate minister. Read more

What does Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity look like?

Check out beautiful photos of a *huge* Ethiopian Orthodox celebration in Seattle. Read more

What do Christian (atheists) look like?

What do Christians look like? Find out in this photo series. Read more

What do Christians look like?

Want to see what Christians look like? Follow along in this photo series. Read more

Mind Blown: Why Alexander Foster gives away all of his income over $27k

Alexander Foster believes in giving away money. A lot. Why does this (Christian) entrepreneur donate most of his income? Read our interview to find out. Read more

My New Year’s Resolution: Don’t be a white moderate

Martin Luther King, Jr., once said that the “white moderate” is more dangerous to black communities than the Ku Klux Klanner. I’m making it my resolution to not remain a white moderate. Read more

The New Jim Crow book group: Week 6

The final post in a series on The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander. Read the entire series to get a model for running your *own* book group on this important, devastating book. Read more

The New Jim Crow book group: Week 5

I’m reading The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander with a group from my church. Join us as we connect spirituality to activism. Read more

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