Executive Order

  Matthew 25:35-40   My name is Max Wolff. The US turned me away at the border in 1939. I was murdered in Auschwitz. My name is Siegfried Wilmersdörfer. The US turned me away at the border in 1939. I was murdered in Belgium. My name is Regina Blumenstein. The US turned me away at [Read More…]

Pink Hats, Posters, and The Choice We Make Now

I ran into someone the other day who had just returned from the women’s march in Washington and she had with her a poster from the march.  As she unrolled it to show me she said, “I’m so glad I was there.  I’m going to put this poster in a safe place so my granddaughter [Read More…]


Exodus 1:8-20; Matthew 4:12-23 Here’s what I learned this week: sometimes being nasty is the same as being holy…and protest can be prayer. I returned late last night from a long day at the women’s march in Washington, D.C.  If you’re surprised to know I went, you should be.  This past week here at church has [Read More…]

Dawn Is Breaking

Isaiah 49:1-7 I was trying to think where I was on this night eight years ago. I remember.  I lived in DC, where it was very cold weather on the eve of the inauguration of America’s first African American president.  Around the church where I was pastor, which was located just four blocks from the [Read More…]


John 1:29-42 For these weeks on Sunday mornings we’re doing the work of worship: hoping to try to demystify different parts of the worship service.  You’ll notice your annotated bulletin; you heard the exegetical summary of the gospel text.  It only seems fair that at least one of these weeks you get a little bit [Read More…]

The Work of Worship, Matthew 3:13-17

When they teach us to plan worship and preach in seminary one of the first skills we learn is how to use the historical-critical method to exegete the text we’re working with.  That sounds very complicated, but what it essentially means is this: before creating liturgy and proclamation we look at the biblical text from several [Read More…]


We’re just over a week in to the new year and based on my Facebook feed all the resolutions that were made just nine days ago are facing some pretty big uphill obstacles — at least the ones that haven’t been abandoned already. And if your list looks anything like the one I would have [Read More…]


Matthew 3:13-17 A few years ago I went to a wedding shower at which all the guests walked in the door and someone slapped a nametag on our backs.  As an icebreaker we had to talk with folks and try to find out who our “match” was at the party.  I was delighted to finally [Read More…]

Again, A Meditation for Christmas Eve

(**This meditation was inspired by Bishop Will Willimon’s column Christmas: Herod in Trouble) Well, here we are, and it’s Christmas Eve, again. On the edge of yet another year, we hear the ancient story read, picture a peace-filled stable scene, and open our hearts to hope that all that sweetness we imagine in the story’s [Read More…]

As If…We Had the Courage to Go Somewhere New

  Matthew 1:18–25   On December 8, just 10 days ago, Senator John Glenn died and 2016 further cemented itself in our minds as a really terrible year. It’s tremendous, the list of things that John Glenn accomplished in his life.  But if anybody asked you what he was most famous for, you’d know the [Read More…]