“People knew how to drive the magical car, but didn’t know how it worked” – Day two of two of the Occult Conference 2018 in Glastonbury. Read more

Earthquakes, ancient grafitti porn, and Terry Pratchet references: day one of my trip to the Occult Conference 2018 in Glastonbury, featuring speakers such as Phil Hine, Janet Farrar, Gavin Bone, and Mogg Morgan. Read more

Hermes, god of travelers, guide of souls, messenger of the gods – and absolutely crucial to have a connection with as a Hellenist and/or occultist. Read more

A short primer in protection and uncrossing rituals. If you’ve been dealing with negative forces and/or people in your life, this could be helpful to you. Read more

Hexes, curses, and psychic attacks, do they happen? Sure! But how do you know if you’re dealing with one? Here are some helpful tips to figure it all out. Read more

Ever wanted a basic user manual for how-to, debugging, and troubleshooting for magical spells? This book is it. Read more

Why do so many people new to magic find themselves concerned with psychic attacks? Here are some good lessons for people learning how to handle new levels of awareness. Read more

Tips and tricks on doing financial magic based on lessons learned the very hard way. Magic the money! Read more

When should your rituals be ongoing versus a one time deal? Let’s talk about what you’re working on and why. Read more

Not taking yourself or your spiritual practice too seriously can help you in all areas of your life–magic included. Read more

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