What is divination, and why is it important? Most pagans and polytheists have heard of divination and might be familiar with a method or two, but this post will cover why it is an essential skill to have for any pagan, polytheist, or occultist. Read more

The time has come for women to be able to embrace their sexuality in whatever form or forms it does (or does not) come in without being objectified for it. Unfortunately too often “sex positive” culture has done just that under the guise of liberation. Read more

How to avoid unrealistic expectations from the gods and to have more realistic expectations for ourselves when calling upon them in our respective work(s). Read more

Witches are meant to be subversive, challenge the status quo, and act on behalf of the outcast, the disenfranchised, and the unfairly disadvantaged — and frequently witches are a part of these groups too. This frequently means that what is “politics” to someone else directly impacts our own lives and rights in living it. Read more

What is witchcraft? Is it a term which is interchangeable with magic, or does it have other implications? Are our attitudes towards the definition of this word modern, or are there ancient sources and ideas which back up our ideas on what witchcraft is? Read more

Some of the best magic you can work handles influencing the odds and increasing chances of success vs brute forcing a solution. When is this type of magic most beneficial and how do you take advantage of it? Read more

Being able to discern talking to spirits or deities from your ego is important, but what steps do you need to take in order to accomplish that? What should you look for in regards to either confirmation or red flags? Read more

Some practical tips on how to manage yourself during times of great stress, especially if you’re actively engaged in any spiritual or occult work that is long term on behalf of others. Read more

Are you feeling too overwhelmed to get your spiritual and/or magical practices done, or having issues doing them? Is doing work on the regular feeling either overwhelming or not accomplishing what you want it to? Here are some pointers to help with your day to day work. Read more

How does one do magic that impacts major world events? Is it even possible, and if so, has it ever been attempted in the past? What would possibly go into such a working in order to guarantee its success? Read more

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