The Witch’s Guide to Etiquette: Avoiding Witch Wars

The following are 8 guidelines to effective Witchcraft and working with any community in an intelligent capacity.  And keeping your broom clear of the dramallama. “Your word is your worth.”  We work with a lot of seemingly intangible things – spirits, deities, magick, and metaphysics.  But as we know they are real from our own [Read More…]

The Priestessing Witchery of Dance

“It’s like you become someone else when you’re leading a ritual.” One of the few compliments my ex-husband ever said to my face, after I led about 100 people through a lighted labyrinth ritual in the middle of downtown Providence in the late 1990’s. Then again, I’m not sure if he meant it as a [Read More…]

Stirring The Cauldron

I have officially reached a new and strange place.  I don’t quite have a name for it….perhaps I will refer to it as Booklandia. I have been a published writer for at least two decades, so that’s nothing new.  I had ideas for books back then, but I lost my main project in a motherboard [Read More…]

The Balance of Ritual, Performance, & Ego

Hi all!  I’m in Book Jail for Sigil Witchery, just a couple more days to go, so I’m pulling this post from the archives (2014) –  Relevant at any time! Where is the line between Ritual and Performance? Not only for Sacred Dance (which can be a hot topic along the lines of “Can or [Read More…]

The Gods Who Come With Us

I listened. Then I lay back on the table, hair sprawling out, and looked up at the sky/ceiling, then I answered . . . . [Read more…]

One God, A Multitude of Jerks?

A few months ago, probably in response to an onslaught of political insanity and world news, I had the thought: “There’s all the proof you need that there are multiple gods in the world.  How could there be so much insanity and chaos if there was just one god, one plan?” Of course, someone could [Read More…]

What’s In A Pword?

The other day I spotted a friend using “pword” in their vernacular, another friend messaged me to ask what it meant in my blog post, while another friend discussed why they didn’t identify with “Pagan.” And I thought: This blog really needs to have it’s own FAQ or guide to the weird words and phrases I [Read More…]

Harpooning Harpies While Dancing With Dragons

Dear subconscious mind, don’t talk to me about dragons at 3am.  Actually, that should probably be extended to nearly everyone at most times. (Woe to the guy at a recent festival who was intent on telling me which kind of dragon “controlled” my body as I danced, and if I spent some more time with him, [Read More…]

The Dork Witch: The Art of Humor in the Craft

I’m just going to lay this on the line. I’m a dork. A big one.  I’m a mix of awkward, earnest, silly, passionate, scholarly, artistic, and an octopus for good measure. I’ve always been this way, but the biggest difference between 20-something me and 40-something me is that I’ve learned to embrace it.  And it [Read More…]

The Importance of Convening

A few blog posts back, I talked about my lack of confidence in the idea of covens – in a historical sense.  But I did express my belief in the convening of witches to come together, share ideas and concepts, gossip, tricks, and the usual – then everyone went back to their respective corners. And [Read More…]