So here are some things that I constantly run across online where people are often mistaking or misusing something.  Read more

Kitten wisdom: A kitten in hand is worth more than no kittens. But really, this post is about upcoming events! Read more

“Sometimes you have to read between the Blavatsky.” Read more

Human beings have a tendency to view things as either being A or Z, black or white, good or bad, positive or negative. The brain wants to categorize something, be done with it and move on to the next thing. It says: “There! That’s where you belong! I don’t have to think about you anymore!” The reality is that in most instances, there is an infinite amount of possibilities and variations between the two extremes. Read more

I know Aradia was real. Read more

What is the seed of greatness? The occult world is full of myth and folklore distilling the signs of greatness. Being born under an auspicious astrological or astronomical event perhaps… Read more

Here are some more new(ish) podcasts that I recommend having a listen to! Read more

Want a Mother Matrix, Power Sigil, or #WeAreAradia shirt? Pre-Orders are now open until 1/16 for pick-up at Pantheacon or to ship anywhere in the US! Read more

When turmoil happens in the macrocosm, so goes the microcosm as well. So it’s not surprising that there has been a lot of “drama” in the Pword community in recent years (and days). Read more

Are we asking ourselves: what’s working, what’s not working, and where do we want to go with this? Or are we tossing people up onto pedestals or into the trash? Read more

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