Following up with yesterday’s post  of #WeAreAradia (also be sure to also check out Storm’s post here), I was inspired to create a modern tradition-inspired charge of Aradia. Technical note: The translation I was working from didn’t rhyme, and despite my Italian roots, I can’t say with confidence the original Italian did either. But as I worked in free verse, it pushed for couplets instead.  This makes it easier to remember, to sing, and to chant. I hope that you… Read more

Late this past Friday (January 20th, technically the wee hours of the 21st),  I was in bed battling a cloud of uncertainty.  And scrolling away on my phone, like you do.  There I spied the following tweet from my friend Storm Faerywolf, that was a snippet of a conversation: “Feeling like we need a real life Aradia right now.” “I guess we need to be Aradia for each other.” #WeAreAradia” I nearly sent cats and Nathan flying out of bed with my… Read more

It’s been a bit of a rough week, mainly of my own doing.  You see, it seems no matter how much I try to get a book done a little each day, there’s a point close to the deadline when it starts “downloading” en masse.  Where ideas I didn’t even think to include in my original outline start pouring forth constantly, my sleep schedule shifts completely, and I’m writing for hours upon hours nonstop.  I even start dreaming about the… Read more

Hi everybody!  Great news!  The first draft of my second book, “Sigil Witchery,” is off the publisher.  I’m recovering and getting back on track with the normal patterns of my weird life, so here is one more post from the archives.  It was originally published in June 2015, and with the exception of a few minor details, seems like it could have been written today.  I think the major issue with most “codes/laws” presented by religions is that they are… Read more

I’m still in “book jail” for a few more days, so here is another post from the original blog archives, this one dates from October 2015. Enjoy! I feel like lately I’ve been seeing a lot of commentary about how the Gods aren’t nice.  The basis of the discussion roots in the “realness” of the gods, and that they aren’t all sugar and spice, made of just pretty statues and paper cutouts, waiting to grant our wishes and desires. As… Read more

I’m eye-ball deep in finalizing the first draft of my second book (Sigil Witchery), due in to the publisher shortly, but I wanted to make sure y’all still got some material. The following is from my archived blog, published in late February of 2016 there, but wasn’t transferred over here to Patheos – so it’s probably new to you! Even though I have been easing myself back into the realm of the Pagan community for a couple of years now,… Read more

Here we are, about to traverse the invisible line into the New Year.  I’m not one for resolutions, but I’m all for making shit happen.  So to round out the year, I figured I’d share with you one of my evolving mantras. I’ve always had a fascination with the word “manifest.”  Of course, my first introduction to it was via a grade school history class.  There, it was coupled with “destiny” – which sounded amazing and dreamy, but in actual… Read more

For years, I have written some meditative and inspiring pieces about the transitioning energy of the Winter Solstice.  How to guide yourself through the darkness, to see it as a metaphorical womb for the rise of new art and possibilities, to use it as a time to reflect and replenish. Y’all, I’m just not feeling it this year. You could blame the tire fire that was 2016, but that’s not quite it.  Sure, it was a horrible mess of a… Read more

Welcome to part 3 in a series of posts exploring the essence of being a Witch, from a Modern Tradition perspective.  I’ll be tackling some sticky yet interwoven topics that create and define the Witch – including solo vs. group work, examining religion and spirituality, commerce, morals and ethics, etc.  Read part 1 here and part 2 here. The participant asked: “How do you know the difference between when you’re fearful of change and when it’s legitimate danger?  Like when a new deity… Read more

The exhibition opened on Ash Wednesday.  That wasn’t intentionally planned, but simply how the gallery schedule worked out.  Regardless, it did seem fated, for as you entered the gallery, the hand-painted words “Flesh to ashes…ashes to flesh” stood out on the bare white wall. As you walked further into the space, you came face to face with small mixed media pieces.  Diminutive in scale, they pulled you in to show you quotes and images of torture and related devices from centuries ago.  They… Read more

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