You’re Not a Real Witch

What I do is far more important than what I call myself or what others may call me, and the same goes for everyone else. People’s actions are more important than their labels. Read more

Crossroad Vision – Or – We’re All Naked At The End

If you find yourself swept up into the next big “best/worst ever,” take a moment to step back and position yourself on the crossroads. Take a good long look in all directions, and breathe in deep. Read more

The Evolution of Gods

It was not religious ideas that separated us first, but simply survival. When a group of people thrived in a given area (despite of or in the face of weather, illness, and other propensities of nature), eventually there would come a point where the balance between people and resources would become in jeopardy, and part of the group would need to splinter off and go to a new area.  Being nomadic – migrating with the seasons and animals,  was one… Read more

The Voice of the Witch

  The way of the Witch is not an easy one – nor despite the cyclical brushes of culture limelight, a truly popular one. To be a Witch is to be of the marginal, and for the marginal of society.  This path is often iconoclastic, drawing a route against the grain of the majority.  This truth is nothing new, it’s been this way for centuries, and I would hazard to suspect longer than that, given the patterns of human nature. The… Read more

The Age of Secrets

I believe that there are no secrets, only revelations. Read more

Living Tradition

Our Witches’ Almanac* lives in the bathroom. This location is pretty much the only guarantee that I will look at it regularly, instead of losing it in my studio.  (Seriously, in a former life, I misplaced past issues for nearly a year, so the bathroom placement is a revelation.) I tend to check in with the monthly calendar, but I particularly revel in opening it to any page and see what comes up – and am nearly always finding new… Read more

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