It was the middle of the night and I was battling the onslaught of a nasty cold.  The pain of a swollen throat and waves of fever and chills were overtaking most of my waking thoughts, which had been in deep contemplation about the future of the country.  And at that moment, the strangest thought appeared in my head, as if from a voice out of nowhere.  It said “The answer to all of this conflict is in The Field… Read more

This morning, as I put inked brush to paper, my hand trembled.  I’ve been using brushes for over 35 years, and I can’t remember a time when my hand shook like this, from the emotions welling within.  I could have probably used a Micron pen to offset it, but my gut said ink and brush. So much is at stake, at risk, and in danger – yet these are the times we were made for.  I seek to exchange my tears… Read more

I get out to the movies maybe 2 times a year.  Actually, this year I think we managed to go 3 times, starting off the year seeing a special theater release of an episode of Sherlock with friends last January.  At that showing, there was a preview for The Witch.  After the trailer was finished, all four of us (3 graphic designers/artists + 1 musician who has been in relationships with at least two of those designers) whispered aloud in unison, “What’s up with… Read more

“You can only weave and repair the webs so much before you eventually run out of silk.  Before you have to say, ‘Damn, my spider butt is tired!'” – These words came flowing out of my mouth the other day while in a discussion with one of my best friends about things.  Technically, we were discussing another friend’s situation, but I definitely was relating as well.  (And yes, I know the silk doesn’t exactly come out of the spider’s butt, I’m… Read more

My various worlds are often colliding in interesting ways.  Sometimes they run parallel, sometime perpendicular, and sometimes they resemble overlapping EKG patterns. I just finished producing the 5th Waking Persephone Festival here in Seattle.  It’s a bellydance event with the subtitle of “a different kind of dance experience” and features three dozen workshops over 3 days, 3 shows, vendors, and much more.  There are a lot of things that make it different from the standard bellydance event, but one of the… Read more

“My Witchcraft Is…” -a poem by Laura Tempest Zakroff ©2016 My witchcraft is rooted in memories, myths, and stories. My witchcraft looks ever toward the folklore of the future. My witchcraft is messy, unable to be contained in pristine neat rows and tidy jars. My witchcraft has a precise pattern, an order woven unto itself. My witchcraft talks to gods in many forms. My witchcraft depends not on the gods to function. My witchcraft lives within the hum of the bones of a… Read more

I guess it was a little over 2 years ago now that I spied a biography on Doreen Valiente at the Seattle Esoteric Book Conference and promptly did a little dance on the spot as I bought it.  I luckily had found Doreen very early in my journey, so to say I was thrilled to finally see a bio on her is an understatement.  However, my joy changed to frustration as I dove in, finding the language clunky and editing leaving much… Read more

Immediately following my last post, people started talking about their favorite occult shops, which I think is a fantastic idea.  People also asked me about what specific shops I like the best.  So I figured I’d team the ideas up in a new post: a survey of favorite shops I have visited in the last year, and the opportunity for you to share your favs in the comments. A couple notes and ground rules before we get to that:  … Read more

I have a bit of a confession to make: I love visiting metaphysical stores and occult shops. Twenty years ago, when I was a very young enthusiastic Witch, armed with a more-rust-than-paintjob car and a miniscule budget, I managed to hit every shop I could find in a 1-2 hour radius from Providence, RI – usually in careful alignment with some other trip that would bring in some money (psychic fairs, art shows, dance things, etc).  When I moved/began to travel more, usually… Read more

It doesn’t matter how many of the young and the hip are truly into witchcraft, or just momentarily fascinated with it as a hot trend. What does matter is that the witch is surfacing again in our collective consciousness, even stronger than before – and it’s inspiring a LOT of people. Read more

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