I will openly admit that I have some baggage originating from my Catholic upbringing – despite having some pretty radical/forward/progressive concepts instilled upon me by my parents (and their mixed religion marriage) and certain Catholic school teachers over the years.  It mainly involves my hackles getting raised when people insist on dictating about practice and what my relationship to the Gods should apparently be. As I have previously mentioned, at a very early age I did not respond well to the… Read more

The subtitle is mine, not the event’s, but it sure does make for some hilarious movie trailers in my head. First, here’s what I wrote about last year’s event. What I remember most fondly about it is the quality time I got to spend with one of my best friends Anaar, and meeting a wonderful group of people who I now consider good, dear friends. Despite that overall positive experience, I had been a bit on the fence about attending this… Read more

A few years ago in 2012, I said to the world: I’m returning to being an artist.  Many voices responded, “But you’re already an artist! Your dance is art! You draw and make stuff! You design things! I love your work!” But for over a decade, I didn’t feel like I was really making art.  That’s not to dismiss anything I made that others said and felt was art, but more about me being able to more fully realize myself and… Read more

I just got back from a fabulous weekend of participating in Many Gods West, and I’ll be talking about that soon, but first, this… I wasn’t online much over the last few days, but at some point I sat down to decompress a bit and scroll through my feed.  The announcement of a new blog caught my eye, and I clicked for more info.  The writer was introducing themselves and the rather problematic area they would be addressing as their… Read more

Whether deliberate and precise or made while in trance, movement has the power to unite body, mind, and spirit. Read more

I learned to surf when I was 6 years old, on the real deal – a 5′ long fiberglass single-fin board that was my brother’s. Still in the family today, the board sports a multi-color shooting star followed by a rainbow stream.  The first time that I managed to stand up, I road that wave all the way triumphantly from the far breakers to the shore. As I grew up, I still surfed on the star board, but more frequently… Read more

The wisdom of the ocean says that no matter how hard we try to forge a lasting mark on the earth, eventually everything is erased and forgotten. Read more

In a former life, in a previous marriage, when a friend would announce to me and my spouse that they were getting married, our typical response was, “Sorry to hear that.”  It was meant primarily as a joke, but I had a whole different view on marriage then I do now. Sure, there were the traditional concepts of honor, dedication, oaths of in sickness and in health, for better or for worse – which is the main reason why it managed… Read more

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” This childhood retort never really solved anything, did it? In fact, it pretty much was a declaration that someone had indeed hurt you through their words. Because at the root of it all, words have power.  In ritual, we speak words to declare our intent, to create sacred space, to acknowledge spirits and deities.  Spellcraft often involves the uttering of words to bring a working together -… Read more

Dear Mothers & Grandmothers of Paganism, You whose books and articles I have bought, read, collected, and reflected upon throughout my spiritual journey spanning two decades… You who have fought for the recognition of women’s spirituality and rights, to be able to practice, to be respected and accepted, to rebuild the mysteries, to reclaim personal power… You whose websites I have designed, products I have reviewed, rituals I have attended – and in turn you have supported my work and… Read more

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