6 Minutes of Witchcraft: Effective Sigil Witchery & Magick

6 Minutes of Witchcraft: Effective Sigil Witchery & Magick October 22, 2019

What makes the Sigil Witchery method so effective? What are other steps you can take to make your sigils more effective? We take a 6 minute dive into getting quicker, better results.  (This is the first of several videos I’ll be posting regarding my method of crafting sigils.)  

Post-video notes below.

Note 1: There are MANY methods for crafting sigils – ceremonial, chaos, charts, etc – they all work, and how well they may work for you depends a lot on what suits your mind and abilities best. A lot of them you might consider a bit easier/faster than my method, at least when you’re first learning it. But generally that initial speed up front vs. having more thorough/effective results balances out in the end – the classic story of the hare vs. the tortoise again.

Note 2: I started talking about the “stuff” of sympathetic magic and got a bit sidetracked – where I was going with that was these physical/tactile things help our brain visualize better – they give form/correlation to what we’re looking for, which helps the process. The power doesn’t reside solely in those objects, colors, oils, herbs, etc – though they definitely have an essence of their own.  The root of the power lays within us.  But in a society that constantly tells us not to trust our gut, follow our intuition, or believe in metaphysics, that can be a battle to fully grasp. The visual and tactile things can help stimulate our brain and make the work more “real” for us.

Note 3: Be wary of folks who claim to be teaching sigil magick, but don’t advocate for understanding where sigils come from and why.

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Also!  “Sigil Witchery” won the COVR Gold Award in the Witchcraft category this past June at INATS!

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