“Happy Morning! Sleep when you are dead!”

A most unusual coffee commerical.

It could have been so funny, had it been done right. Although, I don’t know how you would do it right.

Instead it’s just…really, really odd. And that guy in the shower reminds me of the disturbed guy who whacked Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense. (“I see dead people!”)

Your thoughts, folks? Honestly, I can’t think of a thing to say…

UPDATE: I was struck so dumb by the thing I turned to Ann Althouse for help articulating a thought on it; not surprisingly, she has a witty and interesting take that you’ll enjoy.

I’d like to see this on TV, preferably HDTV, widescreen, to get the full effect, but even just looking at that YouTube-ish rectangle, I’m going to give this commercial the Althouse Seal of Approval… and not just because it’s cleverly creating web buzz. I approve because it’s hilariously engaging and entertaining — enough not only to prevent fast-forwarding but to inspire replaying and even conversation. And that conversation is engaging and entertaining: What the hell was that? How is that a commercial for coffee?

She has more thoughts, (and good comments!) so go over and read ‘em!

I must admit, on repeated viewings the thing has grown on me, and I just drove Buster to his last classes singing “you can sleep when you are dead…” so the tune is catchy enough. And I rather like the way they use wigs on the dead people…dead hair, after all…but I’m not ready yet to totally embrace it! I still prefer sunshine and white mugs over dead people. :-)

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