D-day by today's media standards

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  • jakewashere

    I think Harry Turtledove wrote an alternate-history short story something like this called “News From The Front”, in which D-Day was dissected by the 40′s-era mainstream media in the same way that the modern MSM dissected the Iraq invasion. (Actually, in Turtledove’s story, the New York Times plasters its front page with an “EXCLUSIVE!” scoop about D-Day on the morning of 5 June 1944–which of course blows the Allies’ chances of success in Normandy. Sound familiar?)

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  • Myssi

    God bless the soul of my uncle, whose body lies on Normandy’s shores. And the souls of all who fought with him for the cause of Freedom – before on and since that day.
    This is exactly what today’s media would do. It’s sad…

  • Acer Palmatum

    Thank you to all who saved us in WWII and especially, considering the day, in Normandy. My God Almighty give his grace and forgiveness to those who served the forces of good in that struggle. Amen.

  • Acer Palmatum

    And thank you to those who served in wars following WWII. We thank those for their service and sacrifice. Amen