Old Comments System Restored

I’ve asked several times over the past few weeks whether folks preferred the Disqus comments style of the usual and via comments and emails, the majority have made it clear that they preferred the older version.

So, because I am nothing if not reasonable, we have restored the old commenting system to the blog. Now, you will be able to see the number of comments by looking at the bottom of the post, but you will not be able to respond easily to another commenter.

And, since we’re back to the old way, you’ll have to remember that if you slip a naked url into the comments section, you’ll be thrown into moderation, and my mean old spam filters are back in place.

You may commence with the dialoguing, once more!

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  • http://sailorette.blogspot.com Foxfier


    (Reminds me… I know a lot of folks don’t like Disqus because it enables harassment– they can go everywhere you’ve commented.)

  • Old Fan

    It really is not important to me. Most comments are only to encourage and thank the author.

    The old or new is fine.

    But it is nice to know the Author cares about her readers.

    On another note, something I find far more important…

    Seeing the hypocrisy, contradictions, lies growing by the minute from the Democratic Partisans in the MSM, in the Senate, in the House, and in the Obama Administration (with Libya as the ultimate symbol of the ‘con).

    The ditch the Democratic Partisans have dug for themselves, desperately clinging to laughable denials about embracing Bush Administration policies they once vilified, while they are consistently forced to embrace the sound policies once provided by Republicans – is no longer just a comedy. Whether it be the Patriot Act, GITMO, Wiretaps, Military Force, etc., etc., the joke has become an epidemic of fraud.

    For example, just today, Hillary Clinton (someone who claimed the dictator of Syria is a ‘reformer’ – yuck yuck), again said the US cannot tell the Libyan People “what to do”. Another desperate attempt to again stab at the Bush Administration and distance the Democrats from the overt contradictions in their actions today vs. their prior ugly diatribe which endlessly condemned the Bush Administration.

    Isn’t it laughable? This is the same Obama Administration which obsessed about Israel building on it’s own land. Mrs. Clinton and the Obama Administration did not just try to control Israel, they even repeatedly tried to tell the Afghani People “what to do”. Hillary Clinton was the one who led the attempt to politically debase the Bush Administration success in Afghanistan, by repeatedly condemning the democratically elected Karzai Government as being ‘corrupt’ (the first election in this regard). Ironically, Mrs. Clinton unwittingly began to destabilize the Afghanistan Government friendly to the USA, by demanding the President’s removal and pushing for reform in Afghanistan. It was another example of gross ‘meddling’ internationally for the sake of Domestic Political exploitation – and foolishly began President Karzai’s entertaining the despots of Iran.

    Yet today, these same “meddling” Democrats, who are waging war in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya, etc., are saying they cannot tell people “what to do” ???

    Oh my…

    You cannot make this sophistry up. It is a comedy of ugly errors. A complete farce. To be expected from those who lied about “sniper dodging” and joked about serious issues being “above my pay grade”. The same Partisans who once made it their policy to lie about the genocide in Rwanda, for personal political rationale.

    All we see today is overt partisan garbage, nothing else. There is no “hope” in this smart power mess.

    Thank you.

  • Cheryl

    At another site that uses Disqus for comments, I was banned from leaving a comment. I found that kind of funny since I was submitting a comment at that site for the first time. I said something about enjoying the photography and wishing the writer to have a good day.

    Glad the “old method” is back. And, BTW, have a good day.

  • Bridget N

    Thanks for restoring the old way! Disqus would not let me comment yesterday.

    [I had Disqus set to close comments after 3 or 4 days, can't recall which. It's possible you were trying to comment on a closed thread -admin]

  • Old Fan

    PS: Do you mind more ranting?

    I was just thinking of Hillary’s ugly implication of telling others “what to do”.

    The Bush Administration never truly told the Afghani or Iraqi People “what to do”. This is nonsense.

    The USA led by the Bush Administration, helped the formerly oppressed People of Afghanistan and Iraq create their own self rule.

    The Afghani and Iraq People alike, wrote their own constitutions, created their own democracies, voted for their own people to govern themselves. There was never any unseemly “CONTROL” effort, being implied by the unethical partisans like Mrs. Clinton.

    The people of Iraq and Afghanistan were clearly given their freedom led by the Bush Administration along with the aid of Poland, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, South Korea, Romania, Australia, etc. Twice as many other Nations than we see involved in this farce today.

    In fact, the Bush Administration even got US Congressional Approval for “telling others what to do” – Hillary and Biden once voted for it, and this is more than what Team Obama has even tried.

    It is just so ugly, so pathetic.

  • Joe C

    Yay! Couldn’t comment until now!

  • Mandy P.

    Old Comments System Restored..

    …and there was much rejoicing.

  • Teresa

    The “old method” is just fine. I won’t rant but do have a prediction. Kadafi (sp?) will remain in power unless he complies with the “request” to leave. If he leaves, the Muslim Brotherhood or another terrorist group will take over just as is happening in Egypt right now. Christians will be slaughtered and nobody will care.

  • Bertha

    Hurray! Thanks for bringing back the old system.

  • alexandrag

    Yay. Thanks so much. It’s a mid-Lent treat.

  • Mutnodjmet

    Thank you so much!

  • Mary W

    Thank you! I am so PC inept and D wouldn’t accept me for some reason.

  • http://caitesdayatthebeach.blogspot.com caite@a lovely shore breeze

    I tries Disqus in my blog and had to remove it.
    I like the format and the ease of replying, but I just had too, too many problems, that could not seem to be solved.
    On the other hand, I read a number of blogs that use it, with no problems at all.

  • newton

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You, Woman!!!

    I didn’t like how Disqus was set up. It discouraged me for a while, but I’m happy now!