Mark Shea and Katrina Fernandez

If you missed the news over the weekend:

Mark Shea’s “Catholic and Enjoying It” can now be found, Here at Patheos.

And Katrina Fernandez (“The Crescat”) can be found Here…at Patheos, along with her essay, Shrews, the debut of her column, “More than Mortal Beauty”

And the Patheos Book Club is talking two big books, with lots of new material being added each day. — So check back each afternoon!

Don’t miss my interviews with Fr. Robert Barron and Brandon Vogt!

Read Chapter One of Catholicism, here.

And and excerpt from Church and New Media

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  • John Farrell

    It does not appear that Mark’s new blog has an RSS feed. Will that be coming soon?

    [Yes. A little dusting around the corners, in the set up, that's all. -admin]

  • Sue from Buffalo

    I’m still learning about all this stuff. What is an RSS feed?